Dear Sister, Assalamu alaikum,

Have you ever looked at your life and gone, “Is this it”? Or said,  “This is Not how I thought it was going to be”. It might feel like you’re drifting or you’re in limbo.

It’s a frustrating feeling when you can’t see the way through especially because you are a Doer. You may be plugging into amazing Islamic podcasts and even deepened your knowledge of Quran, done what scholars ask you to do like get back to the basics – make sure you prioritise your Salah and Ibadah.  Strengthen your connection with Allah and the rest should work out right?

But salah and dua alone when we are a society that has become so addicted and connected to our devices is not enough. We have become a society that has become increasingly unavailable to be good “receivers” so we find it difficult to even hear or receive our own Spiritual Guidance coming in, in the form of our intuition because we have forgotten how to connect to ourselves.

Our lives are so crammed and so full that what we really need is a deep connection to our own hearts. We need to carve out intentional “cave time” to pause, reflect and think about what it is we want. To connect with ourselves in a way that causes us to have the willingness to transform – just like the Guidance in the Quran intended for us. To Change to become better versions of ourselves. Without the space to pause, reflect and think about what it is we want to change we become people who Know, but don’t DO.

My name’s Nadhira Razack and I’m a Life and Spiritual Coach for Muslim Women.

I help women to prioritise listening to their Spiritual guidance so they can begin to create the remarkable visions that Allah (swt) put in their hearts and actually get to experience them.

Finishing my Bachelor of Commerce at Melbourne Uni, I knew I wanted to become a Life Coach at 22. I had a knack for listening to my heart and I knew the corporate world was not for me. I eventually built a successful international business where I was sought out by healers and coaches in the personal development industry to help them create premium programmes in their business.  I did that for seven years as a sales and business coach. My clients got amazing results like making their annual incomes their monthly incomes. These healers paid me well for my work. I created the material Success and recognition I was seeking, yet internally my heart felt dead. As I became a more reconnected Muslim, I started taking all the knowledge gained from hiring top coaches in the personal development industry and grounding it in the Spiritual Truths we find in the Quran and Seerah.  I wanted to take that knowledge and serve my own community so in 2019 I began to go back to my life coaching roots.

Listening to the guidance of my heart after the Duas, recognising opportunity and having the courage to follow it has been a distinction of mine and I am so passionate about passing this on to the women in my community. I am a wife, a mother of 3 boys ages 7, 4 and 19 months. I have created a way of life that allows me to be there for them and also pursue my own calling and love sharing how to connect with that part of you that allows you to do the same.

I would love you to download my “FREE Video Guide” and checklist which teaches you how to craft white space in your life so you can hear your own Spiritual Guidance. I look forward to our paths crossing Insha Allah. 

Love and Salams,


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