When you spend time and money on your priorities, you’ll always have enough time and money to live out your priorities.

There you are… watching your life.. from above.. pretending to be that fly that just got in the door (you can tell it’s summer over here), and this little critter is keeping an eye on you ; ) What’s little betty seeing? Is she seeing you dive onto the floor cleaning up that mashed pumpkin with a paper towel for the fourth time after your cute little 9 month old just decided to show you his brand spanking new milestone? I can drop this mamma!! : )

You weren’t meant to be picking up scraps off the floor and chauffering your kids to their “activities” were you mamma?

You do know that you can create the white space you so desire to work on the projects and activities that really get your blood pumpkin (haha) . I meant pumping!.. You can tell what’s in my fridge this week can’t you?

When you’re on fire inside, and you’re in right relationship with everything and everyone in your life, you have that spring in your step and a special twinkle in your eye smile that people notice because your heart is happy..

My name’s Nadhira and I love making people’s hearts happy. It’s the feeling of going to bed at night feeling fullfilled.. where you know you played full out that day.. and not in a rah rah way.. but in a way where you just took action and made progress on the things that you decided ahead of time were your priorities. I help you decide on your priorities that are in alignment with your life stage so you can carry on with the business of living them in a way that’s uniquely crafted to fit you.

Need some eyes navigating a life situation and would like some perspective so you can see the forest from the trees? Schedule a free taster session with me. I promise it won’t taste like bland pumpkin. There’ll be plenty of spice n heat n textures n flavours to enjoy in this conversation. A real treat. Email me here >>  nadhira@consciouswomaninbusiness.com


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