Prioritise to Pivot – Prioritise your God-given Gifts – Make Your Pivot.


Here’s who it’s for and why you should join:


Usually when we have been peddled a message about what Success looks like, it’s come from the outside in. Our dreams have been taken over by other people, the media, perhaps the people your parents hung out with, to tell you who you should be or need to be.

Finding out who You are.. and then designing your life to create your own sense of adventure and fulfilment can only come if you get to know who you really are.

We spend time dialling in on that aspect of you in the coaching we do together.

What’s the point of spending your whole life focusing on your career and getting to the top of your field if your relationships are crap and you have forgotten who you really are in the process because you haven’t really slowed down to think about it?

Prioritise to Pivot is a space to escape to, to think about your life. To reflect and then act upon those reflections and revelations from your soul.


When you are clear about your role and your purpose, you know what you need to be doing and why and when and it gets done. Your own values and priorities are clear to you and you act and live in accordance with them. Your life becomes a beautiful, unique reflection of your values.

Once you know that.. and when you can tap into who you came here to Be.. magic starts to happen… It’s like having clothes that finally fit you! You’re not in someone else’s skin. All these personas and ways of being that you developed as a coping mechanism to cope with the personalities around you.. those masks.. start to fall away.

You let love in for who you really are. Despite the flaws. You develop the courage to stop doing things that no longer serve you or fuel you because you deeply respect yourself. You begin to own your uniqueness, the contribution you have to make. You begin to trust yourself again. You begin to trust the desires of your heart and develop the courage to just go after it.                                                                                                                                                                                                              You will see and light up dreams that have been in your heart for a while.. that you may have forgotten because you have put them on the back burner to work on them “someday”. Or you might not even have thought they were possible. Once we ignite them.. by speaking them into being.. you will also take the practical actions to bring those to fruition. 

You will just start doing the things you were procrastinating on because you’ll just have this burst of energy fueling you. You have clarity about where you are going and what you’re accomplishing in this season of life.. and you’re happy to do things that you used to think were hard or complicated.. but the things that you knew if you did them.. your life would just be so different.


Here are some of the things clients from Prioritise to Pivot have accomplished by going through the process:

  • You’ll book that holiday
  • Apply for that consulting gig
  • Start your own private practice
  • Declutter your home
  • Make arrangements to have that Tiny House
  • Spend less time at work and deliberately make conscious time to connect with your teenage daughter
  • Reconnect with your partner and invest in your relationship
  • Prioritise couple time and intimacy with your partner
  • Stop just co-parenting and start being a couple again
  • Start that side project
  • Re-ignite visions of building an amazing community around you
  • Starting your own “Village”
  • Re-ignited childhood dreams and career paths- reskill, make pivots.
  • Enjoy the interests you had bc (before kids)
  • Complete that thesis
  • Complete their divorce paperwork
  • Make special date days with Mum
  • Prioritise their professional development
  • Create space in their schedule to grow their own practice and book clients
  • Start on a savings goal for a big trip overseas and lifestyle change
  • Creatively use their wealth so they no longer have to “work for money”


Your heart will thank you because its needs are being met. The things that you used to neglect that you value, you now give them the priority treatment they deserve.

That ladies = Fulfilment. You hit the pillow at night so stoked, so thrilled about the day you had, the woman you are. So grateful for all the opportunities you are creating. You’re actually excited about your life and what you’re creating. There’s a sense of excitement about the future and what you’re creating. You look back with reverence to the past and what got you here and you take charge of the present like nobody’s business. You will feel it, your kids will feel it. You will be more at ease, less stressed. The word frazzled will be so 1990’s to you.


Here’s what you get:

We’re going to spend 3 weeks together to Ignite Your Visions for your life personally and professionally. We will then dial into the season you’re in whether you’re in “momma of young kids” stage or single or raising kids on your own and custom design your life to live out the visions that you tapped into. You will voice a personal and professional vision that’s calling to you and you will build the framework to allow that vision to come to fruition.

We get together online via teleconference so you call in using your phone or skype to share and get your questions answered in a group environment. All you need is phone or internet access to join this course.

The course will be capped at 12 ladies max.

  • You listen to 6 audio lessons for Prioritise to Pivot to get you in the zone for the work we are doing.
  • You show up for group coaching calls held twice a week LIVE. I lead the call and you come and participate with the other ladies on the course. See dates below. If you miss one, you can send me your questions beforehand via email or WhatsApp Voice memo and I will answer it on the call. You get recordings of all the live calls to download. 
  • You have private WhatsApp Voice memo access to me during the 3 weeks.
  • At the end of the 3 weeks, you write up a Planning Brief with your Personal and Professional Visions written down and your very own custom actionable plan of how you’re bringing it to life. 
SPRING INTAKE: October 22nd – November 8th, 2019
TUESDAYS AND FRIDAYS 8:00 pm Melbourne Australia for the Live Coaching Calls. 

This is where you bring your questions, come and share where you are at in a small group environment.

No more than 12 ladies. 

$297 AUD for the group coaching intensive.

Let’s chat Sign me up!







“During the first call – I was madly taking notes and having what Nadhira calls ‘ah-ha moments’. The first results were learning to say no; learning to make space for myself and my family; not over committing to things; working on habits I wanted to change (eg being late – note this is still a work in progress); creating a family and personal plan I can use to keep space for myself and share my goals and plans with my partner; creating plans for future career paths I wish to explore and taking first steps to get there (EG, plan to attend Women on Boards information night next week); now feel more empowered to take time I need for self, family and partner; I am more focused; not trying to do too much; learning what to prioritise and what to put in my ‘someday’ plan (ah ha!) I feel calmer, more empowered, more focused, organised and even when I have a bad day I know I have the skills and tools and energy to continue on my chosen path. If you feel you need some help with creating more space in your life, narrowing down your choices and starting on a positive path; managing your ‘to do’ list and you have a positive attitude and are open to new ideas and points of view – spend some time with Nadhira” Diane Melbourne, Australia

90 days since completing Prioritise to Pivot, Diane scheduled a hike with her husband (something they used to enjoy before kids). She joined Women on Boards (in line with exploring her contribution as a board member on a Not for Profit), she scheduled community events in her neighbourhood in line with her vision to build community, and she landed a 5 month contract that uses her skills as an Organisational Change Consultant and used her creativity to make the work fit around the kids, without the use of long day care : )

Before taking part in Prioritise to Pivot with Nadhira my life felt like it was in a state of limbo. I felt like something needed to change and the old ways were not working anymore. Although my career was on a great path, I felt the rest of my life was not quite right. I felt I had changed a great deal in the last five years; becoming a mother had a profound effect on me. It made me learn so much about myself that I quite wasn’t ready for. I wasn’t sure where my new self was headed but thought that fixing external things would solve the issues. Prioritise to Pivot taught me that the priorities and goals I had set were based on the old me. The workshop taught me to look deeper and listen to my voice within, that had been there all along. I learnt to create white space for the duration of the workshop to create a living vision for myself. This was an absolutely powerful and beautiful process that really helped answer a lot of the problems I was facing. With Nadhira’s guidance, I was able to explore these visions to create goals then breaking these down further to smaller actions. Nadhira has a remarkable intuition which she uses to identify problem areas and was able to guide and provide resources as to how I can overcome them. By the end of the three weeks, I was honestly a different person. I felt like all the cobwebs in my head had been dusted away and a clear path to living the life I want was set before me. I have made dramatic changes in the way I carry out my daily activities and I am seeing the results of this change not only in me but the people I am in close contact with. Prioritise to Pivot has been a game-changer in my life. It is just what I needed and at the right time. All this time I thought I didn’t need a life coach. Now, I have enrolled in a follow up seasonal workshop to pursue my goals further. I have loved every minute of this workshop. It has been a gift to myself that has been well overdue. Thank you Nadhira you are worth your weight in gold! Ameera Mahmood|  Architect |Sydney
Prioritise to Pivot helped me shift my frustration with where I was at. I felt like I had to ‘do more and be more’. The course helped me slow down and focus on the part of my future here and now and enabled me to articulate some visions for my future. Nadhira is amazing and such a delight to work with. She intuited and understood where I was coming from with incredible accuracy. Her extensive experience as a life and business coach shines in this course. I would highly recommend this course for anyone seeking to better define their vision, purpose and next steps in life or work – Kristie Howes | Senior Policy Analyst | Founder, Measday Design | Melbourne
The day before Nadhira contacted me about the group, I was searching for thinking space and listening to a Youtube clip on solitude. I don’t think I knew exactly what I was looking for, but I knew that I needed help to find clarity. I had unfinished business as well as visions for my future career and lifestyle. In hindsight I needed the space for completion; to finalise my divorce, finish my thesis and make room so that I could to begin a new career path working for myself and in collaboration with others. Before Prioritise to Pivot, I didn’t have the space – emotional or psychological space. Professionally I was seeking satisfaction in terms of aligning my work life with my values. By Nadhira sharing the process she goes through herself to make a pivot, she was modelling the process for us it inspired me. It made the process tangible. Listening to that inner voice has become clearer for me. Prioritise to Pivot showed me how to make things happen, in a conscious, deliberate way. There was space in the course to REFLECT AND ACT. To make Goals a Reality. I also learned tools to pin my ideas down. The spiritual dimension in the course also helped with re-aligning my life with what it needs to be and where I want it to go. I feel like I’ve had a life chiropractic adjustment. My life feels so On track! Monique Zoete | Psychologist | Melbourne.
I would say things were already in motion before the group began and that they intensified and sped up once we connected as a group. I think the first most powerful thing I did was to create a strong boundary. I broke up with a guy I was seeing, who while he had been a tremendous friend and support was sapping my energy in many ways – physically, emotionally, psychologically etc. Reflecting on priorities and decision making as well as sacrifices made it clear to me that to achieve my purpose things needed to change quite drastically. I ended an unhealthy relationship. I am decluttering my house. I made physical space and refurnished my living room so that I can see clients from home. I have completed an intensive facilitation course. My divorce has progressed as well as communication with my ex-partner. I have developed a broad business plan including my offerings; therapeutic counselling and group work. I am further developing skills so that I can expand my work to more diverse group facilitation, coaching and mentoring (building on my counselling skills). I have identified and am in communication with mentors, who are helping me move into coaching work. I am continuing to develop the PACT group and have a plan to run the first group for free at the local community house. I have found a co-facilitator. I am in contact with the developer of the PACT group and hope to support her in establishing a network of services and individuals who are implementing this model in different ways. I am writing my thesis – with assistance from colleagues. The first stage of the Tiny House project is accessing the finances – connected with finalising my divorce and increasing my revenue streams. I am also exploring different unique ways I can practice as a Psychologist in the community (watch this space). I plan to explore creating a social enterprise to connect young people to employment. I am part of a facilitation group that will continue to develop together via zoom. I hope that Nadhira’s group has the capacity to turn into a women’s circle. I am very busy overall turning my ideas into actions (not to mention being a full-time Mum – with excellent support from my Mum 🙂 If you’re thinking about doing Prioritise to Pivot, Just Do It!



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