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How to listen to your inner wisdom and reawaken your creativity with Analesa Berg

February 10th, 2015 | no comments

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In a Palladian mansion nestled in the beautiful countryside in Somerset UK, we shared a meal and drink by a real live crackling fire.  We shared stories about life, marriage, kids and I felt like I was talking to someone who was like a Momma figure to me but also a best friend. Her warmth and presence drew me in.  We clicked.

Analesa Berg is not only an artist, singer and author, she’s also a cross cultural communications consultant turned international retreat host and a thought leader on Expansive Leadership. You can find out all about Analesa here at analesaberg.com

If you’ve ever wondered how to listen to your inner wisdom so you can lean into the direction of your wise woman be it in life or business then you’ll love this interview.

Analesa and I talked about the different ways in which your intuition and inner wisdom can speak to you.

  • How you can joyfully navigate unfamiliar territory or cross roads in your life when you know something’s “not working”
  • 18 minutes into the interview you can actually SEE Analesa’s artwork and a book she created just by following her leanings.
  • 30 minutes in:  Find out about an opportunity to join Analesa in Bali.
  • Stay right to the end to receive an energetic transmission when Analesa literally sings the interview to a close : )

Analesa and I would love to hear from you in the comments below:

How does your inner wise woman speak to you?

Is there something that’s not quite working which you know needs to change? If so, what is it. Be as specific as you can x Trust that voice/leaning/knowing x

Thank you for sharing your comments.

Much love


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If you liked this content, opt in here to keep updated
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