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How to create white space so that you can hear your own Spiritual Guidance

So What if You are a Dreamer?

November 22nd, 2012 | no comments

I’ve been loving the weather in Melbourne this week : ) Spring is soo alive! I just snapped a photo of these beautiful jasmines blooming outside my front door. A beautiful sensual scent that ignites your senses as you walk in. I was soo happy to see them when they started to blossom as soon as the sun started to come out. I didn’t realise how much I’d missed them through the winter months : )

In last week’s newsletter I covered Lesson 1 from my swim with wild dolphins with Dana Richardson in Kona, Hawaii.

This week you’ll find Lesson 2. It explains what I went through internally before reaching out to Dana in the first place. In our society we can be often told to be cautious about who we share our ideas and desires with. To some extent I agree. There’s some people who tend to dampen every single idea you’ve ever had or tend to look at the worst that can happen if you executed XYZ.

Below is a lesson on the opposite. It’s about the Power of Sharing your Desires. It does have a place in bringing you what you most want quickly and efficiently : )

If you missed the last lesson scroll down to: What The Dolphins Taught Me About Business – Lesson 1



What the Dolphins Taught me about Business –

Lesson 2: The Power of Sharing your Desires

by Nadhira Razack

I had to really be allowing for Lesson 2 to come to me. Without judging or controlling.. like..was this really Lesson 2?

Here it is, just allowing it to come from Me to You. The experience of leaning into my desire and following through so I could at least get connected with Dana Mermaid meant that I had a chance to voice my desire.

You know what can happen sometimes? We’re so scared about our secret desires not coming to pass, that we don’t share it. We keep it hidden, keep it under wraps because we don’t want to feel ‘stupid’ . I know one of the judgements that I used to be really afraid of.. I didn’t want to be seen as a ‘dreamer’ – somehow I thought that would mean that I was a weak person, that I wasn’t grounded or ‘realistic’.

So, what if you were really a dreamer? How bad can that be? Dreamers are usually visionaries.. they see things as they could be rather than as they are. Isn’t that how all change takes place? You get a vision for how things could be.. and that spurs you on to take the steps to change your path or get you on the path to create that vision you get glimpses of.

Getting back to the importance of sharing your desires: I found myself saying out loud to my surprise, “I’d really love to go swimming with wild dolphins with Dana Mermaid”. I said this in front of a group of conscious business owners in Denver, Colorado in September when I flew there for a retreat. See photo I wrote it out and declared it to a group of women in a class I took called The Feminine Art of Manifesting. I posted it somewhere else on facebook so every time I shared my desire, it got stronger.

(Here’s myself and Hibah in Denver, Colorado) – flew here when I was 7 months pregnant to attend a retreat (again, my Truth was calling – I knew I needed to be there).

Desires get stronger as they are shared. There were other women in these circles who cheered me on as we were on the same path with really going for it in our lives.

Then I also experienced the opposite of being cheered on. When I shared with someone that I had this desire to want to swim with dolphins in Kona, Hawaii she mentioned that a lot of pregnant women can have fantasies about what they would like to experience. That maybe I could just go to Frankston beach (a suburb in Victoria) and go for a walk there and that might be all I need to feel connected to the ocean.

I could feel my body tense up..knowing that in this case my very fear was being validated. “What if this desire was just some crazy fantasy?”

” What if I am making this all up?” (Remember earlier, I was afraid of being judged for being a dreamer?) – In this experience I felt I was being judged. You’ll find people in your environment mirroring your fears back to you. The crazy thing is, people don’t even mean to put you off sometimes.. you attract the exact experience you require to grow through.

Thank goodness I was conscious at the time to be aware that, that’s what was happening. I knew that I had a fear around “What if I’m making this up” so when I received that comment, I was able to see it for what it was.. and let it go. To most people, it’s not ‘realistic’ to get on a plane at 8 months pregnant and fly to Kona, Hawaii for a 2 day experience, especially when you’re travelling from Australia – a 10+ hour journey.

And if you think about it, what has being “realistic” gotten you? Are you happy with what you created, being realistic?

Lesson 2:
Your desires grow stronger as they are shared. What are your ‘secret’ desires? The desires I’m referring to are the ones you’re too afraid to share because you’re afraid people will judge you for having such “unrealistic” visions of what you want to accomplish or experience. Or you’re busy thinking about what it makes of you to even be thinking that big. Eg. Feeling guilty that you even have such big visions for yourself.

How to apply Lesson 2:
If you’re feeling the call to go somewhere, whether it’s travel to a particular place or have an experience like creating your own venture or birth a cool creative project, then Share that desire with people you feel called to share it with. Keeping it inside is almost like telling the Universe you don’t believe it can happen and you don’t trust that it will come to pass.

That can certainly stop us eh? Thoughts of “Oh what if it doesn’t happen?”, then “people are going to think I’m ‘stupid’ for even thinkingI could do that”. “Other people are going to be watching me to see if I did create it and then I’m going to have all this pressure on me to make it happen.”

The beauty of sharing your desires is that you don’t know who is listening. The person you share it with, might have just the resource you required to help you get on the path.

What desires do you need to start sharing? Let’s build some energy around those desires!! Share them with me!! Share them on facebook. Go on.. xx : ).

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