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3 reasons why you might not have hit your income goal

September 19th, 2016 | no comments

Being off track from a goal you set at the start of the year is not the nicest feeling.

And it’s not entirely your fault. We get fed lies or mistruths during our ‘working lives’ and are in a bit of a haze about how money actually shows up in our bank account. Think about it.. when you worked for someone else, you had a paycheck that was pretty much guaranteed, and whether you got it every week, fortnight or month, you probably hardly had to think about it. You showed up to work and you got paid.

When we bring this thinking into our business though.. we can really shoot ourselves in the foot especially when we don’t see the truth about how money actually comes into your business.



If you don’t consciously realise what needs to happen for money to keep flowing in, you can be really busy working on your branding or messaging or tweaking things on your services but ultimately what gets you paid is the facilitation of a sales conversation.

Now that conversation can happen online or offline via the phone. If the activity to allow this to happen is not worked on , on a consistent basis then it Will affect your income.

2. Consistency is key. Not once in a while or when you Feel like it. The problem when sales conversations don’t happen consistently is that you may get some months where the volume is really high and other months where it’s not so great. If you’ve planned for this and have seen a pattern within your financials where certain seasons and months tend to be your best , then you can allow this money to support you over time. The problem lies in the instance that this isn’t planned for.

3. Habit – when an activity in your business is a habit – it’s something that doesn’t require conscious thought. We usually think that highly successful people must lead really disciplined lives  – but really , what these people have mastered is to prioritise the areas in their lives that requires just enough will power and discpline and persistance in order for a Habit to kick in.

Once habit takes over you pretty much start cruising along until perhaps something happens whether consicously or unconsciously that breaks the habit. Eg, relatives come to stay and you may have temporarily given up your morning routine or ritual that would keep you in a good space mentally.. and then you realise why you’re not so “on your game”…

If you have been experiencing a gap with the income goal you set yourself at the start of the year, do not worry – you can still make it! You just need the right kind of  guidance and support that allows you to make this a key focus for you.

If you’d like my help to get you to your income goal , I would love to invite you to my 60 day income goal reset programme. You can find out about it here >>



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