“Don’t help from your wound – help from your gift,”
said my mentor.

“And your gift is… sales.”


Sales? You’re kidding, right?

Not so long before this conversation, I was selling outdoor gear at a camping store in Melbourne. Actually, the truth is I wasn’t selling it.

I’d never camped, knew nothing about the adventure industry, and couldn’t talk about a hiking shoe to save my life. I spent my time at work attempting to look busy folding tradesman clothes while praying that no one would ask me any questions. My whole life, ever since I was a little girl in Sri Lanka who loved to entertain all the guests my dad brought home, I’d been a sparkly person who could start a conversation with anyone. But there I was, hiding in the back of the store, petrified that someone might want to buy anything from me.

(My aunt had gotten me that sales job because she felt sorry for me having to work at my previous position at the Pancake Parlour. By the way, I sucked at that job, too, because I couldn’t balance three plates at a time like they wanted me to.) 

I felt like a total fraud and made a decision that being a salesperson was NOT my thing.


And then I had a big a-ha.


I found myself at a transformational weekend where I saw a man actually change people’s lives from the stage. They were having huge breakthroughs. I could see myself up there—and made the decision right then to be a life coach. To pay for the program, I used the money I’d been saving for a car.

Off I went to coaching school. I loved it, was very good at it and it was a way better fit for my personality than sales. (But I made sure to hold onto a job so I’d have money to pay the bills.)

We were given a sales challenge one day. Our task was to head out at lunchtime in Sydney and get the names and numbers of 10 people by telling them we were a “success coach.”

I mustered the courage to open my mouth and start a conversation with a man who was halfway into his sandwich. I can’t even remember what I said (I was shaking inside).


I can remember what he said:

“Why would I want to work with you?
You don’t look like a picture of success to me!”


Already insecure, now I just felt rejected and embarrassed that I even tried. My future wasn’t pretty. So, then came the day we started working with our own clients. And we had to tell them what our fee was. Ugh. Because I couldn’t fathom asking for the $120 hourly rate our instructor said we should charge, I started at $20. That was a lot closer to the $15/hour I made in retail, so was much more comfortable.


But here’s how it worked out. I had one client. I paid $10 for a 60-minute train ride into the city where I spent 90 minutes with that client, who paid me $20.


One day I did the math. I was making $4 an hour.


I had a bigger a-ha. 


I knew that I had to master sales or I would never be able to work with clients (or make any money). I wanted to help people badly enough that I made a decision to get over all this fear and dread of sales I had.

I was working with another mentor at this point who gave me two weeks to quit the job I had so I could finally learn how to sell. I saw an ad for a business coach looking for a sales “gun” to help him fill workshops. I was about as far from a “gun” as you could get, but managed to leave a coherent enough phone message that he called me back.

He had already hired two salespeople, but I told him I really wanted to get on the phones because I knew it would be a breakthrough for me. I got the job, and in my sales support role made 40 cold calls a day. At the beginning, I loved talking to people but was so scared of the rejection that I couldn’t close.

I was there to learn, though, so I decided to do whatever it took to get good at this. I also hired mentors and took as many sales and marketing trainings as my schedule could fit.


I’d created my very own University of Sales.

I’d set out to master my gift… and eventually I got good (at selling for someone else.)


But I still wasn’t getting any coaching clients of my own. That really bothered me.

And that’s when I had one of my biggest a-has ever. I learned about making a decision and trusting myself.

I met an amazing business coach. I just knew I was supposed to work with her even though I didn’t have the money to pay her. But I made the decision and trusted that the decision was right. I hired her.

Working with her, I quit my sales job. And in that year, I made $58,000 in my business and gave birth to my first child, a beautiful boy.


I also let go of my belief that the mentor has all the answers. I learned to fully pay attention to my inner knowing. The more I did it, the better I did in my business. The more I walked into those big, scary, dark areas and transformed them into light, the more I could help my clients do that, too.

And just like it was happening with me, my clients who had the most success were the ones connecting to Source and to the laws of the universe. They simply cleared the flow and got out of the way. They trusted their gut. When they aligned with those things (even if they never had done so before) they were able to work in partnership with the universe and not just themselves… and making sales got a whole lot simpler.


Recently I birthed another baby, this one called Conscious Woman in Business.


I work with conscious women who provide powerful transformation—coaches, shamans, healers—who don’t see their value. Uncomfortable talking about money, they charge too little and don’t attract their ideal clients. Though they are so good at what they do, they’re not fully committed to their business because something is stopping them. They have not made a real decision. I simply help them see what’s in the way and move beyond it.


I help you decide to decide.

And when you do everything changes.

—Nadhira Razack


As my business evolved, I trusted my gut (my connection to Source) to tell me which events to attend, what to offer and who to work with. I trusted enough to hire several high-end coaches even when I had no income in sight. I now trust that I will be able to bring in the money I need when I need it. And that’s what I teach my clients to do.

There are a lot of things I love about my life today that I would have killed to have just a few years ago:

  • I live with my husband and two boys in my dream home.
  • I work with the most amazing healers and lightworkers and help them see their value in a Divine way.
  • I get to work in my area of genius and only work 15 hours a week yet make good money doing what I love.
  • I honour the season I am in and honour my life force and teach my clients to do the same.
  • I trust my gut, listen to Source and know I am being shown the way.

Teaching you how to sell powerfully and beautifully is my space… it is my sanctuary.


I’d love to invite you inside.