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Are you Connecting or Following a Script? by Nadhira Razack

June 7th, 2016 | no comments
Are you connecting or are you following the script?

I have been on the receiving end of conversations of late and have been acutely aware of what works vs what doesn’t.

If you’ve learned Sales and how to have a sales conversation and you’re following a script to the tee.. but you’re not aware of connection.. it can totally miss the mark.

Yesterday I had one lady who is so credible and I already knew she could help me and I just wanted to connect with her about working together and she took me through the general questions you would “so where are you at currently with this” , “what’s your vision for how you like it to be”
“what’s getting in the way”

I love these questions because no matter your background when someone asks you these.. the privilege of having a space to speak into and hear yourself speak and hear yourself speak your Truth is so previous and valuable.

So where did it bomb?  We didn’t really “connect”

I had another conversation and it was only 30 minutes ( half the time the prev convo took).. and this time from the moment we said hello.. we just connected…

It came from a different place.. we met at an event and the lady started with “so what did you think of the event?” … so got some common ground sorted there..

Which was a great segue for me to let her know what really drew me to her anyway..
And our convo was sprinkled with beautiful stories from this chic’s work with other clients who either had similar challenges to me.. and in her sharing.. I could go “oh wow this woman gets me” and we didn’t go through a process like “here’s what we do first and then we do this and this and this”

My prev convo.. we went throught the steps and I have a feeling what was getting in the way was “Trying to get it Right”   versus Connecting.

I feel like underlying that Connecting feeling is a feeling of “Sufficiency”, Self Acceptance. I am enough. There is enough. So I can just show up and Be me.. and in that there’s a huge amount of I’m here.. so let’s roll.

Where as the contrast to that is.. “I’m thinking of what to say next or the perfect thing to say. I need to say the right thing”. This can totally take you off course.

So my tip: What if there’s never a right thing to say? Who would you be in that call?

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