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My baby’s here!!

December 9th, 2012 | no comments

My baby is here : ) My husband and I welcomed our little baby boy this time last week in our home supported by my midwife and doula. It was a 39 hour labour which began early morning on Tuesday and our little angel arrived on Wednesday night – exactly a week ago as I write this note.


Having a new born at home certainly reminds you of what it means to be supported and how much it can help you adjust, transition and generally take good care of yourself and your baby.

I remember one thing that I wanted to manifest was plenty of support so I can focus on getting better and healing and also spend as much time as possible Being with my baby instead of having to worry about household chores that need to get done for us to function.

My husband got time off during this time so we can spend as much time together with the baby. My mum was able to take a few days off to help with cooking and cleaning.

As I was dreaming of the kind of support I’d like to have my mum’s friend called on me and wanted to know what she can do to help me. That was so beautiful. I hadn’t even reached out to Ask, and the call was answered. I could not have managed that without some Divine help. Turns out she’s got six weeks of forced leave and she totally wants to be my post natal doula.

In today’s article I share Lesson 3 of what the dolphins taught me about business – it’s about being supported. You’ll find it resonate with you if you’ve ever wanted to do something really bold or adventurous for yourself and wonder if you’ll ever be able to make it happen.. It’s for you also if you tend to worry about the How a lot : ) xx

Much love,
p.s. If you missed lesson 1: scroll down below, lesson 2: look for the blog entry titled “So what if you are a dreamer?”


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What the Dolphins Taught me about Business – Lesson 3:

Being Supported

by Nadhira Razack

When something is in your highest good.. if your soul needs to experience something in this lifetime, then.. the Universe must support you to make it happen.

When I wanted to fly to Kona to have the experience of swimming with wild dolphins – part of me already knew it was a real calling of my soul to have this experience. I knew because I handed it over to God when I asked, “where would you have me go?”

Once I took the first step and reached out to Dana Mermaid (See lesson 1) and we found that it was really something I wanted to experience, the next ‘masculine’ thing to do was to come up with the way to make it happen. I knew the investment in the experience, I then needed to look at flights, accommodation.

When I knew what the investment was I didn’t just have the funds sitting in my bank account ready to be used for this experience. (Certainly hadn’t planned for this one). This can happen with your desires too. Some of your desires require you to step up to the plate by doing something outside of your comfort zone to have what you want come to pass. Creating funds to go on this adventure was one of my tasks.

In this case, I had a sense of urgency to create the funds in a matter of days because if I waited too long, the airlines may not let me on board. Most people would just stop there, going “Well I don’t have the money for this, so I guess it’s not meant to be”.

From my study of Universal Law, especially The Law of Polarity, I knew better. I know that when the desire is there, the way to make it happen exists simultaneously. You can’t have one without the other. It’s having trust in the law, knowing it works every single time without fail, that I could say Yes to my heart and go manifest the funds.

From a nice clear space when I knew my heart was in alignment with the decision to go on this trip – I knew I could go make it happen. The first step was to be really clear that this was an experience God/Spirit wanted me to have. We’d already established that. I had received multiple signs that this was for me.

If you look out in nature, take a tiger lily for example, -everything in nature organises itself so that tiger lily can really blossom. It will be brought nutrients in the right amount, sunlight, water and it doesn’t for one moment doubt that its needs will be taken care of. The tiger lily doesn’t exclaim “Oh well I think I’m orange enough today, I’m good thanks”. You are no different from that Tiger Lily.

You look at us humans though and we tend to worry all the time about whether our needs will be taken care of. I had to remember in this moment that I am no different than that tiger lily. If my soul has been calling me to this experience and I heard the call, then I Must be supported – no question. I could lean into that feeling and let go of the worry..but just start to practice faith and listen to my intuitive voice about what I could do to manifest the funds.

Stay tuned to find out what happened in a future article.

Lesson 3:
If you make a decision to go for something that is in alignment with your heart, then trust that you will be supported no matter what. Before thinking about the How.. eg. “How will I find the funds? How can it be possible?” , just revel in the feeling that the Universe has got your back. It’s almost like this hand.. picture a strong firm hand on your root chakra, holding you like the strong, loving hand of a father who’s got his baby in the bath – you’re not going to slip.. he’s not going to let you sink.. you can relax and float.. knowing He’s got you.

Whatever your relationship to your father has been.. just knowing that The Universe has got your back can be really healing. Hint: Part of my journey to see the dolphins became possible because I healed even further my relationship with my own father.

How to Apply Lesson 3:
You can often think you’re alone in bringing a solution to your ‘problem’ – if you apply The Law of Polarity.. you could rest in knowing that to any ‘problem’ , there is always a solution.

You just need to ask for it and keep closely attuned to your heart to hear the response. Typically if you’re an entrepreneur and you require the funds for a specific need, the easiest thing to do is to create an offer and then take it to the people who need it the most. It doesn’t mean that’s always the answer though. My answers to manifest the funds came in a different form and it led to my own growth. It taught me about the power of receiving and being open to receiving assistance because I had to reach out and ask for help.

So next time you find yourself facing a specific ‘issue’ – just receive a nice full breath.. (oxygen always helps : ) , be in a quiet space and ask for help – just listen to the answers you get.. and start to action each item on the list. You’re always at choice..

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