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What can bears teach us about sales?

December 16th, 2013 | no comments

I’ve been seeing Bears in my visions of late and I had this hunch that I needed to create a video with bears in them and this is where it led me. Why is this important to you? Because I believe Bears have a lot to teach us about sales. In particular the two qualities below :

Confidence and Authority
By its physical presence, the bear reminds us we can be larger than life if we raise ourselves up to our inherent status. Moreover, no one questions the bear. This kind of authoritative presence will be a lesson the bear can impart.

So how can we bring Confidence and Authority into our sales conversations? You can check out the video here where I talk about ‘quiet confidence’ and ‘authority’:

I also have a resource for you – something from the vault – a resource I created back in the day when I started this whole journey of teaching sales. I want to gift it to you because it’s not available on my trustyourgut website.

You can download it here:

What is it? An 8 minute guided visualisation/meditation/sound track that you can play before a sales conversation to get you in the right energy and frame of mind.

It will help with your confidence for sure .

If you’re in business and you’ve been ‘hibernating’ with your ideas and projects and really hanging out in your cave, I have an invitation for you.

If you would like to explore what this is like – getting to that place of quiet confidence and authority with your work, so that money, clients come knocking on your door – then I would love to speak with you:

Email:  and say “I want to be Beary Confident”

brown-bear-attitudeSee, the energy of being an authority doesn’t come from some ‘ra ra’ – ‘look at me’ attitude. I feel it’s a real groundedness and sense of certainty and ‘mamma bear’ wisdom that really shines through when you can stop allowing sales and marketing to be something ‘out there’ and instead – look at it like a sacred meeting of two souls – curious to see if there’s potential for growth from working together.

So you’re not auditioning for your clients and saying “pick me” “pick me” from the sea of coaches and healers out there. Instead you see that connection with a potential client as sacred and allow that person to come to a decision of Yes or No and allow yourself to be unattached in the process. Because there’s more where that came from you know? Money, clients.. Your good comes from One Source – i.e. God/The Universe. It comes to you through people.

More on that later   : )


p.s. Email:  and say “I want to be Beary Confident” if you would like to connect about working together..

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