I’m coming Out – not in the way you think…

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With so many people lured into taking online courses to get them somewhere.. sometimes taking a course can  give us that feeling like we’re doing something..

But if taking the course isn’t making you take the action that actually gets you paying clients and allowing you to do the work that  makes your heart light up.. then it isn’t what you need.

In my 2.5 years on the phone cold calling business owners everyday in  my side gig whilst I built my business on the side.. I had to pick up that phone even after I got hung up on, got rejected multiple times.. even when I knew the guy I was speaking with really needed to get in the room with my  business coach boss.. but for some reason just gave me yet another reason why he couldn’t free up 3 hours at night to come to a workshop. I knew that everytime I picked up that phone I was winning.. each phone call taught me something.

I knew we had turned around so many businesses where our clients were taking extended vacations, exploded their business growth because they were implementing marketing strategy that their neighbours weren’t doing.. they walked a little taller, they were having fun in their businesses.. I believed in the work we did.. I also had an innate sense of the type of business owner it was for..

I think we can be sold all sorts “this will be really easy.. go this route..” to get paying clients. Often we’re sold ways of marketing online just so we can get away with not speaking to people!

In my experience, it takes more than that.

It takes being witnessed, being validated, in takes knowing what’s right for you..and how to allow you to be On a roll and Feel Good so you can put your best foot forward each day.

It takes talking it out with someone who only sees the best in you so you can align with your most high vibrating self and let the stories be heard and then dissolve.. so that the new stories can emerge..

Whilst I have planted my flag as someone who helps women find that heartbeat within their business , or that real jewel inside of them that’s so precious and needs to be valued. Yes I help my clients market themselves, help them sell to their most ideal clients, help them quadruple their rates or more.. yet underneath all that I’m coming out as a healer.


My clients heal their hearts, their creative centres, they start voicing things they used to keep hidden..   that frees up a whole lots of stuck energy.. energy that’s now available to dance with life..  they become attractive to themselves.. they feel turned on and people notice : ) and they’re not afraid of picking up the phone either or reaching out 1:1 and making offers to people they know they can serve. So  Yes .. they learn how to make good money doing what turns them on.

They have a kind of fiestyness to them and a bit of rebel : ) I Love ‘em : ) and they are just beautiful creatures who want the best for their clients and whose protective instincts to fight for what’s right is just part of their being.

I think the only reason you don’t often do what you’re guided to do.. is that you fear you’ll lose something.. what if that didn’t even cross your radar? What cool things would you get up to in your business?

Do you want to run your business from this energy? An energy that is creative, filled with joy, innocence, wonder and “I have nothing to lose” .. and go create that way : )

If that is you, I have a few 1:1 spaces for this special time of the year to get your energy aligned so you can be free to burst wide open and go get your favourite clients , and make some waves in your industry. Xx Hit Reply to me if you’re feeling the pull : ) I can tell you  more xx

Guess what … having fun in your business.. is so attractive that your people will notice..

Much love,

How to set soul inspired visions

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Just click play : )

My Gift to you x Set aside an hour and bring your visions to life so they can pull you through – training class.

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Rock Your Routines!

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Routines! BAH! You say :  )

Being a creative Rebel knowing what I’m going to do ahead of time doesn’t always work for me. I’m someone who does need to follow a feeling .. but how do you just lead with feeling when there’s stuff that needs to get done ?

I’ve been reading a lot about rebels and how they can function when it’s really hard for them to follow other people’s expectations of them. On the other hand they also resist keeping inner expectations and self made rules.

When it comes to business, routines are things in the business that need to be done on a timely basis. There are some things that need to  be done daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly , annually.

When you’ve got routines set up and  you know what they are.. life gets easier to manage.

Here’s a sample of things that need to get done to have things run smoothly in the business:

  • Client service
  • Sales conversations
  • Content creation/marketing/engagement
  • Admin/financials/paperwork

You can experiment with what you call each of the activities that run on routines to suit you. For example if you find that you constantly put off doing paperwork because inside you don’t feel it’s not that important.. then you need to find a way to use language to change how you feel about doing paperwork. You can name it something completely different  : )

Language > drives meaning > which drives emotion > emotion determines what you can/can’t do.

The best explanation I’ve seen so far is Tony Robbins taking this business owner through a process to help her change the way she views paperwork.

If you want more depth about this concept of helping you keep agreements with yourself check out Tony Robbins clip here >> https://youtu.be/-VWgMfyPS48  Scroll to 50 minutes into the clip. I love how he links the six human needs to help you find a pathway to do things you know need to be done, but you might not like to do.

Let me know what you found most eye opening : ) Can’t wait to hear your thoughts xx

Do you find that you keep putting off the routine activity of talking to new people about your work? Or introducing new people to your business? Then come to class here >> http://learn.consciouswomaninbusiness.com/masterclass/




Don’t Skip This Step for a Business and Life that’s Ridiculously Engaging!

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I’ve been in deep enquiry over the past week..and have learned not to push when I am in receiving mode.. just listening to the messages that are coming my way after having set a potent intention about creating something juicy and beautiful in my life.

I have been so creative over the past few weeks and last week I really wanted to share with you on a Facebook Live, something that I upcycled in my home that I was really proud of and what it means for your Visions. Didn’t get to do the FB Live just yet so below is a pic of it.


Okay so don’t laugh – the pic I had taken back then was on a day that I’d just purchased my favourite brand of chai in Melbourne.


A buffet table left on the sidewalk at my old place and I saw it’s potential so I took it in..

Gave it a breath of life with a sample pot of paint in Smoulder Red.. just through following my visions and the pictures in my head about the colours I wanted.. the kind of cabinet knobs and the look and feel I wanted in my dining/family room..

This was Creativity working through me.. really listening to what pleases me and how I receive pleasure and enjoyment in my life..

The weeks prior I had picked up a gorgeous book from the library called Casa Bohemia.. and it contained interiors of homes in Hollywood, New Mexico, and different architectural homes that had Spanish and Moroccan influences in their design.

And something sparked.

I got inspired then to purchase Dhurrie rugs for my couch in my office and for my bedroom.. and I knew I wanted to spend $200 on an update.. and the Universe delivered. I got 5 items for that price – and was so pleased with how warm and cosy they made me feel.

Why am I sharing this?
It’s cuz I want you to know that there is a Creative force working through you that can call you fourth to do some really cool stuff..

While doing this thing that had nothing to do with my business, I suddenly got the inspiration for what I really wanted to bring in the money for.. the possibly of owning a Tiny Luxury House on wheels : ) (This idea – inspired by daytime Television)

I could soo feel the aliveness in my belly at the thought of it.

If there was a phenomenon that I am deeply aware of.. it would be an epidemic of women who do Not know what their visions are!

How on earth are you expected to go create and bring in the money and the clients when you don’t even know what it is you’re wanting to create for your life and your calling in this lifetime?

This is where I believe a lot of business coaching and mainstream business advice can fall flat. It’s just a bunch of strategies to “grow your list” or “create and fill your programmes”  …

..but you know what I’m interested in?

I’m interested in why that even matters to you. So what if the people come for your event and they happen to become a client of yours.. WHY does that matter? WHY does it matter that you have a 1000 people on your list or 10,000?

Can you answer that?  – The answer will be in your Vision for your Life.. and Your Business.

Even if you haven’t got words to it yet, does it stir up a really strong feeling in you?

Does it expand you just thinking about it? Or does it just fall flat? Does it feel .. Numb?

Numbness, Apathy, Boredom, a complete lack of Focus and aliveness – they are all Symptoms.

Symptoms of a woman who hasn’t been taught or learned how to create deeply Compelling, Fulfilling Visions that move her forward.

Visions Pull You Forward. It summons a part of you that is asleep, to awaken.. THAT is stuff of potency my friends.

When you Create Compelling Visions…  the amount of Focus you will have! WOO!

The amount of energy output and what you get done in that time! Phenomenal.

The last 15-30 mins? I wrote all of the above.

The kind of output you generate when you’re on this stuff.. is just mindblowing.. and I want you to be able to experience it.

Imagine getting to your desk and knowing exactly what you needed to do that morning. A Higher self driven Priorities List  actually scratch that out.. It’s usually One Thing she gets you to focus on with so Much energy and intensity.. that the Thing.. done in a Certain Way.. creates the results you’re looking for..

More than any kind of headless chook kind of activity ..where you’re flitting from one thing to the next.. half arsed, spreading yourself so thin, Result? = Exhaustion. Worse than that? You want to Quit! And then after that ? Urgh.. Apathy..and what’s the point of this whole thing anyway?

You are So in the right place if this is you..

I want to show you a way that you can FLIP this thing!

And experience an opportunity to Vision like you may never have before..

I am going to take you by the hand and connect with the heart of you So deep that your Visions Have to fall off that shelf! They Will Appear.. in your Minds Eye..

Such is the Power of Joining this class.. my dear.

I want you here.. it’s a beautiful place. It’s a place of Peace, of All if Well.. and Your Soul, Higher Self, The Universe. God, Angels.. with you saying “We’ve got work to do .. “ Let’s get on with it shall we?
Meet me On Wednesday November 9th for this Epic Masterclass on how You can Vision your life into Being.. 

Pen and Notepad required. Your Presence – Required. Your Soul will Thank you xx

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How to make the most of a sticky situation in your business and your life so you can Reset!

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In this video I share what you Can do to make things right in your business, even if it feels like you’ve been off track with your goals for the year. There is still an opportunity to have a really strong finish to 2016 and be proud of what you’ve created.



If you need some personal support to have an incredible finish to 2016, here’s where you can go next: a 60 day reset to get back on track with your income goals and have a strong finish to the year. I can’t wait to support you!

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3 reasons why you might not have hit your income goal

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Being off track from a goal you set at the start of the year is not the nicest feeling.

And it’s not entirely your fault. We get fed lies or mistruths during our ‘working lives’ and are in a bit of a haze about how money actually shows up in our bank account. Think about it.. when you worked for someone else, you had a paycheck that was pretty much guaranteed, and whether you got it every week, fortnight or month, you probably hardly had to think about it. You showed up to work and you got paid.

When we bring this thinking into our business though.. we can really shoot ourselves in the foot especially when we don’t see the truth about how money actually comes into your business.



If you don’t consciously realise what needs to happen for money to keep flowing in, you can be really busy working on your branding or messaging or tweaking things on your services but ultimately what gets you paid is the facilitation of a sales conversation.

Now that conversation can happen online or offline via the phone. If the activity to allow this to happen is not worked on , on a consistent basis then it Will affect your income.

2. Consistency is key. Not once in a while or when you Feel like it. The problem when sales conversations don’t happen consistently is that you may get some months where the volume is really high and other months where it’s not so great. If you’ve planned for this and have seen a pattern within your financials where certain seasons and months tend to be your best , then you can allow this money to support you over time. The problem lies in the instance that this isn’t planned for.

3. Habit – when an activity in your business is a habit – it’s something that doesn’t require conscious thought. We usually think that highly successful people must lead really disciplined lives  – but really , what these people have mastered is to prioritise the areas in their lives that requires just enough will power and discpline and persistance in order for a Habit to kick in.

Once habit takes over you pretty much start cruising along until perhaps something happens whether consicously or unconsciously that breaks the habit. Eg, relatives come to stay and you may have temporarily given up your morning routine or ritual that would keep you in a good space mentally.. and then you realise why you’re not so “on your game”…

If you have been experiencing a gap with the income goal you set yourself at the start of the year, do not worry – you can still make it! You just need the right kind of  guidance and support that allows you to make this a key focus for you.

If you’d like my help to get you to your income goal , I would love to invite you to my 60 day income goal reset programme. You can find out about it here >>



What No One Tells You About Following Your Inner Knowing..

September 2nd, 2016 | 6 comments

I had a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach like something wasn’t right. My inner knowing had been feeling this in short bursts in the last few months but I couldn’t really put words to it. So I finally said it ,

“I feel like our relationship has reached completion” I just have this knowing like it’s not going to work.

And I was soo afraid I was going to be wrong… like what if my knowing is completely Wrong? What’s going to happen to the kids? Where would we live? Will my husband just suddenly withdraw emotionally and be just be cold as ice? I didn’t want all that tension in the house.

What happened next actually surprised me.. and I want to let you in.

Here was an experience of Saying / expressing what I was feeling regardless of whether it was right or wrong. (Your ego always worries about being right)

It’s a Feeling.

When we attach to whether the feeling is right or wrong.. we automatically go into judgement. Did I say the Right  Thing? Oh gosh.. now what’s going to happen because I said That?

The thing that really matters is that You deeply listened to yourself and what You were feeling so the feeling could be expressed via a unique sound.. which is your voice.

What this does to your sense of receiving.. is mindblowing.. it just opens you up.. because you’re following  the guidance of Source through your life.. deeply listening to your Higher self.. the way she speaks, the notes and the resonance will become richer as you practice Listening..

There’s no right or wrong anymore.. it’s just what’s Right for You in that moment.

It was funny because I felt like when I expressed the feeling.. I noticed that I was “Given” more love.

So I said to my husband.. “hmm.. I’m a little confused and curious. I felt like suddenly you were being all loving towards me after I said what I said.. so what’s up with that?”

But my husband just lovingly and matter of factly said , “My Love has actually been constant.. it’s just that you suddenly became more receptive.. so I wanted to give more.That was probably what you were experiencing..”


Breathe Nadhira..

It was one of those beautiful moments when I felt like time stopped just so I could sit still and Receive the Opportunity in that moment. It felt like I got something in my cells.. a deep knowing that I’d been yearning to learn and uncover for a while but it had alluded me.

I just lay there… going.. this is life altering for me… so deeply content in that moment that a deep realisation was just dropped in my lap.

So in the past few days I’ve been listening for the process around this and what it means for you as you navigate your business. 

Receiving has Everything to do with your desires and your business. If you cannot develop receptivity to life , your yearnings… then even when opportunities stare you in the face you won’t even know they’re there.. because you weren’t really listening in the first place.


You need to be In Receiving.. so you receive your visions.. How?

Through deep listening.

Phase I – Listening

Usually that means paying attention to the music behind what you’re actually saying or just getting quiet and still enough to hear the whispers and the tones and the melody.

All it requires is deep listening.. there’s no attachment or judgement as to whether it’s a right feeling or a wrong feeling.. it’s just a Feeling! Your feeling : ) it’s right for you at this time..

Here’s my scribbles so far of how I understand it..


Desire expressed via feeling needs to pass through the heart and up through your voice


You feel your desire/longing or Feeling inside your womb space.. this area is usually two fingers below your belly button..

You can access this space through your Breath and breathing in a particular way (I practiced this a lot with my gorgeous voice coach Maryanne).

The breath connects you with this feeling realm.. brings you down and into your body.

Action step for Phase I: In order to even know what you’re feeling.. you could practice saying “I am feeling this.. I am feeling Sad. I am feeling hurt. Tip: you may  need to talk it out loud.. so you can give Voice to the feeling inside.. a friend or a confidante or a coach might help.


Phase II  – Courage

Then comes the bit that can get uncomfortable, because It requires Courage.

Courage to have to take action.. like Voicing it to someone who is involved in the situation at hand.

I feel like courage is the realm of the heart.

Heard people say “Oh gosh.. I don’t have the heart to say that”..  it’s because the heart gifts you the courage.

The more you know who you are and what matters to you and that your intentions are clear, the more easily you will navigate this step.

Action step for Phase II – Courage:

You can write an intention here before actually letting the notes sing through your Throat.

Write An intention because it can gift you the courage.. and you can let go of the outcome and just surrender to the fact that you listened and took the step that was right in front of you, knowing that your next step and the steps after that will be revealed to you with more clarity.

So instead of feeling like you’re going to say the “wrong thing” or you’re nervous about it coming out the “wrong way” you can just gift yourself permission to express yourself with love and acceptance of yourself and your own truth in the moment.

Whether someone understands it, agrees with it or not.. is now not really in your hands.

If you would like help discerning what needs to happen next in your business and/or life by deeply listening and then having the courage to take your next right actions, I invite you to  schedule a session with me here where we will connect 1:1 to work out your exact next steps so you walk away with a plan after truly having listened to your soul. For a limited time I am offering these session at $197AUD, you can find out more by clicking here

The Best Way to Create Content by Nadhira Razack

August 19th, 2016 | no comments


Ever sat down to write that blog or create content for your audience and experienced writers block?

Me too!

Just like these string of beads, getting your writing out is a multi step process, I have found that it takes about 5 steps.

Just like these string of beads, getting your writing out is a multi step process

Just like these string of beads, getting your writing out is a multi step process

In order to Write Content:

 You need to be reading/listening/ taking in Inspiration 

This is Part 1.

Pay attention to what you gravitate towards. I would usually just intuitively be guided to read something or a podcast title will catch my eye and I’d just play it.

I have found that my mornings are where I do this when I wake up before the rest of the household.

 Then there’s Part 2 of 5 :That’s where it’s white space for me.  Just thinking time.. where those ideas collide with my own perceptions, filters and my beingness.  For me I noticed my biggest insights come when I am moving my body, just engaged in being.. doing life.. like “having my fingers in soapy water doing the dishes.. or out with the kids on the grass.. the matching of ideas and insights come when I am not forcing it… “

Which means I might have a few days in between consuming.. and then white space.

and then Part 3 of 5 – The creation piece. This is where you engage in the action of writing the piece of content or recording the video or audio that you want to share with your audience.

Here’s where I used to get hung up:

My mistake used to be expecting all of these steps to come out at once and then of course I experienced writers block! Understanding  my own creative process has given me so much freedom to just be me and kind to myself too. I learn that I need a lot of time to marinade : ) and that’s my own creative process.

When I wasn’t aware of my process, I would wake up early thinking some magical piece of content will just flow through me; not understanding that there were these sub parts that had to happen too. On the odd occasion I would just be in the flow and something would just come through..but I wasn’t consciously aware that there were these other steps that preceded it on the days that I was in the flow. Make sense?

When you link up these steps together like a string of beads.. you can then complete the loop.

  • Part 4 of 5 : Then comes the habit of doing these 3 steps consistently.

For me, the habit of waking up early is the underlying habit that even allows me to do this. Or doing the thing that triggers the habit.. like making sure my feet hit the floor when my alarm goes off.. instead of thinking I can shut my eyes for 5 more minutes.. because I know what happens then.. it hits 6am and my whole household is awake!

Then what do you need to Write? What preparation steps need to take place in order for you to be ready to be in Creation ? That’s Part 5 of 5

For me it’s definitely early mornings. As a momma of 2 little ones, my oldest is 3 1/2 and my little one just turned 1.  I am in response mode to them as soon as they wake up.. so waking up early is the only way I have carved out time for me to just be in Part 1 (just beingness.. listening to whatever I want, reading, journaling.. or just enjoying my coffee and company with myself.. enjoying the silence. Or I will just put Pandora on and have that in the background.

My morning prayers are also happening in these early hours..

So what needs to happen the night before so I can wake up early? I need to be in bed by 9:30pm! Most times my body is naturally ready to wake up at this time so I tend to wake up before my alarm goes off.

And sometimes folks,, I am not doing anything “creative” except really enjoying having a shower or washing my hair without the kids waltzing into the bathroom : ) And water is a really sensual element anyway so I get some really good ideas in the shower : ) Or people I need to connect with.. they come to me.. when I am not trying or forcing : )

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It’s Time To Make Some Money Honey.. By Nadhira Razack

August 3rd, 2016 | no comments

If you’re a woman in a service based business and you’re challenge is getting clients in, i.e. you have no sales coming in and not hitting your revenue goals I’ve got something for you today.

You’ve got loads of passion and drive for your business. You may have even left a soul sucking job in order to dedicate your energy and resources to make your business work. You may even have potential clients coming your way but it just doesn’t seem to convert.

Either you have a conversation about what you can do for someone and they say “send me something” and you go back n fourth via email a few times and at the end of this, they say they’re not interested. Or people are quite happy to pick your brains when you’re out networking but when it comes to actually hiring  you  – they say no.  It’s frustrating and confidence destroying!

The biggest piece though is the sadness you carry that you’re not living at your potential.. like part of you is going to wither away if this part of your life doesn’t receive the activation it so desires.

It’s not like you haven’t tried though.  You’re smart and capable and got a huge huge heart! You’ve invested in your personal development, you’re probably even seeing a kinesiologist or acupuncturist. You meditate. You may even eat healthy and move your body. You’ve taken online business courses by the big wigs and done work on your “money mindset”.

But why isn’t it working then?? i.e. how come the sales haven’t flowed in or the clients? At least the kind of clients that  pay you well and respect your work.

It might seem glaringly obvious as I state this but mayybe.. just mayybe you never gave yourself an opportunity to learn how to sell!  Sales has just never been a Focus for you up until this point.

It’s not your fault either. Especially if you’ve shied away from focusing on it because you’ve seen it done badly or being in business is never really about the money for you but making a difference.

The thing is.. in order to make the difference you came here to make, you need people to work with. Without sales, you never get to make the impact you were born to make and that’s sad!

Here’s what I know to be true.

In order to have a business that works, you need to know how to sell.

There’s a couple of key pieces you need to know.

  • You need to know your Gift – Your one thing that can bring others the biggest results
  • You need to know how to package your transformation for maximum impact and big results.
  • You need to get it out there: finding the perfect clients and get them to yes (I.e. Sales)
  • And be able to tap into this flow and energy field consistently by being the woman and leader you were born to be.

If one or more of these steps is missing it can seem like hard work.

I’ve been helping lightworkers create a pathway to conscious profits in this way for four years now. Having trained to be a Life coach I then transitioned into working for a business coach in his sales team and made it a point to master sales. During this time embarking on NLP training and investing heavily in my own training by the best in the industry I developed my own style and learned how to tune into energy and an individual’s higher self for guidance. Whilst I shied away from calling myself a business coach , I’ve been nicknamed people’s business coach because of the results we’ve gotten and so have now embraced calling myself that too.

At heart I am a teacher and guide. I Love teaching people the language of sales and the art and energy of it. I find it an incredibly creative force and just as one would teach dance or performing arts .. I bring that to sales. I went from not having a sales bone in my body to a path of mastery and I invite you to step on the path so you can discover for yourself a way to sell that’s right for you. It’s not sales in a box.. it comes through doing.. and experiential learning.

Yes there are some fundamentals that you can pick up in a training call..  for the majority of us.. the real learning comes through doing.. through making a few mistakes and uncovering what worked and what doesn’t so you create your own template for how this stuff works. It’s with you for life. It’s a fundamental life skill.

My clients end up getting this transmission and use this information for life. You cannot unlearn it.

My absolute Love is teaching this stuff to hungry learners and getting to see the insights and the sparks fly. I believe that change can happen in an instant with a sudden new lightning bolt of insight. With the right training and the right guidance you Can Do this!

If you’ve been sitting and asking for guidance on how you can master this sales thing – consider this a sign.  I encourage you to hit reply so we can connect 1:1 in a complimentary consult. If I feel that a small group approach could work for you I can tell you more about it and you can feel into if it’s right for you. If on the other hand you are more a 1:1 type of learner, then we can discuss that option for you on the call.

Much love





Cocooning versus getting into Conversation by Nadhira Razack

July 20th, 2016 | no comments



Sometimes although as much as you’d like to ruminate and stay inside in your cocoon while something different is cooking up, the real work comes when you put that out there and get real life feedback: In the form of picking up the phone, speaking to people, being in conversation.

Even discerning when something is a skill to be learned via a formal course versus needing help, a guide to get you where you want to go.

Setting goals and intentions is great because it gives you a direction. The point of all of it though is never the goal but who you become along the way to having that in your life.

Here’s what I know:

That I just love the whole journey that is entrepreneurship,

The journey that you go through to bring something from idea into form.. from scratch.

“The roller coaster ride that is Bringing something into the world that doesn’t exist because you said so”  quoting my writing teacher Stella Orange.

We have to learn when we’re just studying and studying versus putting the learning into action. It’s through action that you really learn what actually works versus what doesn’t.

I remember what it was like going from having one child aged 2.5 years old to having another baby and I was so overwhelmed. My older one refused to go to occasional care and I didn’t quite have the skills or knowing how to BE in order to get him out of the house.

I called a parent support hotline from our local council and just having this lady talk me through my options of how to cope after having my second and we realised “you know what honey.. if he  misses one day.. just let it go”. Even for this woman to tell me “what you’re going through is so normal”

And I remember sitting on the couch with my older one still in his PJs and feeling like such a failure.. tears streaming down my face and holding my baby in my arms too going.. “when is this going to get easier?” I rang occasional care and told the teacher in tears that I can’t bring him in .. and they said.. you know what.. bring him in his PJs and we’ll pick him up from the car park.. and change him inside.  I had angels supporting me get through that transition : )

And now my second one is turning 1 at the end of this month and boy how far we’ve come! I got the help when it showed up and it felt right. I took the guidance in the form of a 9 month mentorship by a lady who managed to do it all with 5 kids in tow and I was soo curious as to how on earth she did it. For me it was a 9 month journey of knowing how to do soul’s calling, have a great partnership And raise kids that thrive.

My mentor in her very Dutch way just said “Nadhira, you can’t get your son late for school it’s just become a habit and it’s not good for him or you.. so do his lunch the night before, make sure you have breakfast together (I actually began to have breakfast with him by lighting a candle at the dining table so he had some food in his belly) –

The me Before the guidance.. I was rushing , getting  him in the car.. and he never liked being rushed.. all because I hadn’t organised myself.

In a 30 minute phone call we figured out where my blind spots were just by talking it over and having someone outside who had figured this out tell me “do this. Try this”.

And I Loved it. I remember relaying to my mentor how freaking proud I was of myself.. not from a conceited way but such a joyful childlike.. OOooh my gosh I DID it!! My 3 year old is soo happy going to kinder now too and he brushes his teeth, picks out his clothes and is ready to go all because my family structure started to work better.

Here’s what I see that works:

  • Talking into a space for clarity.. sometimes you don’t even know what you need until you speak it out loud.
  • Not in circles in your own head.. but out loud into an intentional space. A space that’s just filled with curiosity and non judgement so we can catch these magical moments of truth and clarity so you can take your next step.

I had so much fun with this last week, that I decided I want to do it again. I’m opening up 3 spots to speak with me about what’s going on in your  business and life and figuring out your next step. Hit reply : email: nadhira@consciouswomaninbusiness.com if you get a gut yes or a leaning in.. and I will let you know what to do next so we can set up a time if I feel I could be the right space for you.