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Part II – How to price your packages so they are aligned with your heart – Nadhira Razack

May 29th, 2015 | no comments

So On Tuesday I sent you an article about how to create your pricing so that it’s aligned with your heart and the assignment was to add up the figures for your needs and desires so you have a clear idea of your monthly financial number. Do this step so when you do price your packages the money actually has meaning. If you missed it you can Read Part I here

How did that exercise go if you’ve just done it? Watch out for what can come up to distract you when you get to the exercise.. any patterns that show up whilst you do it is really telling of where you stop. For some of you.. you  may have found yourself googling away at all your desires.. and finding out how much things cost.. but at the same time feeling like.. Oh gosh.. how can I receive that into my life?

Or you may have thoughts like “no matter how much I make it’ll never be enough” … no judging those voices.. just be a witness to those thoughts..

Let’s get rolling with Part II of this exercise:

Having a package for your services is One thing. Learning how to price them in a way that’s aligned for you is a Game changer!


To come up with the price of your packages for your service: here’s where we start:

  • Step 1: Think about your package and the time you have to service clients so you get a clear view of how many ideal clients you’d like to serve in these packages per month.
  • Step 2:  Get your Monthly Financial Number and divide it by the number of ideal clients you would like to serve each  month for a particular package. For Example: Let’s say your monthly financial number is $5000 and you want to work with 4 clients at a time in a 3 month package. $5000 divided by 4 = $1250 per month. This is your monthly rate you would be charging per client.
  • Step 3: See formula you can use to work out the ideal package price for your service. Here I’m assuming that there is only one package in this business.

The Math:

Your monthly financial goal number multiplied by the # of months you’d like to work with someone  , divided by the ideal # of clients you’d like to work with:

In this example: Monthly Financial goal number = $5000.     The duration of the package is 3 months. Ideal # of clients to have in your schedule at any time = 4.


($5000 x 3  months) divided by [ideal # of clients which is 4] = $3750/= is your package price.


So to allow the $$ in, you need to find 4 people you can help. If each of the 4 clients paid $1250 per month for 3 months, you receive your $5000/=.

Always make sure the value you deliver exceeds the investment you are requesting from your clients.

Your only job now is to go get 4 clients at this rate.

If you’re going.. “Great.. but How do I do that Nadhira?” – and you may have questions like “where do I find these clients?” or “how do I ask them to work with me?” or “I can’t possibly see myself charging those rates! Can people really afford to pay me that?” or “I’m scared that I can’t deliver that much value..”

Then I’d love to invite you to come join me for a One day workshop next Wednesday 3rd June where we will be huddling and getting this sort of thing looked at in your business. You can even apply for hot seats and laser coaching when you’re there so we can experience a breakthrough in this area.

Get your ticket here!:

You will have to get out behind your laptop and come join me for a day. Do what you need to do to create space so you can make it.

Can’t wait to see you and work through this with you!



p.s. contact if you have any questions.

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How to price your packages so they are aligned with your heart – by Nadhira Razack

May 26th, 2015 | 1 comment

Pricing! Aah one area that can trip us up in the service space if we’re not careful.

Price based on what your package can do for another individual.


My take on pricing is pretty simple actually and one thing to note is that:

  • It doesn’t cause you to go outside yourself and look at what the ‘competition’ is charging before you decide on your rates. I say competition in ” ” because I don’t actually believe we compete with other service providers. Our biggest competition is inertia in our own perfect prospects who want to stay put when they know they need you.

Okay.. before you gasp and go “Are you serious?” I don’t have to go scouring the internet for other people who do similar work to me to find out what the going rate is for their services. Yes, you heard me : )

It’s okay for you to have an awareness.. but this is not about you researching and researching until you get into a tail spin and then start comparing yourself and getting nowhere.


So where do we start?

Step 1:

We need to start with your Heart.. and ask it what it wants for you in this coming year.

Before you delve into pricing, you need to know what your needs and your hearts desires are in the next 12 months:

You need a $$ figure, not just “I want to go on holiday for 3 weeks”

Get more specific, where is it that you would like to go? Asia? Europe? If so, what country in particular? Where would you like to stay?  How much spending money would you like to have on this trip to experience all the sights and sounds you crave? Here’s where the research comes in: google it.

Step 2:

Once you have a $$ figure attached to your desires. Then add that to your Needs Number : this includes things like rent/mortgage + utilities + car payment + petrol + insurances + groceries.. anything that you spend on per month to make your life run and your business run.

Step 3:

The other piece to this is knowing how much time you want to be working in the year. Would you like to be working 5 days a week? 3 days?

Factor in your time off in the year.


It’s only once you know the answer to all these key pieces can you be fully equipped to start pricing your packages. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog so you can put these pieces together x

If you want to learn more about how to do this with your individual packages , then I invite you to join me next week: June 3rd for a One Day Workshop:  where we will be going deeper into this aspect of pricing, so when you do set your prices, you know they are aligned for you. It doesn’t come from looking outside yourself. If you experience any hiccups in this exercise, I will be there with you to hold your hand through it.

Stay tuned for more tips on pricing tomorrow x

If you feel this is an area you need to nail in your business so you can create the kind of income that can sustain you and your family, then register and get your ticket here.

Can’t wait to see you!


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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Quit Your Business Just Yet – My Lessons learned investing in coaching

April 22nd, 2015 | no comments

Luxury to me was spending $4.50 on an organic mocha once a week as my treat.

At the time I had my day job on the side making sales calls on behalf of a business coach about 25 – 30 hours a week

In my heart though I knew I was being called to get my own gifts out in a way that felt authentic to me.

So I attracted in an opportunity to have a session with a coach whom after listening to me and what I needed, extended her hand and said she would love to help me.

The investment? $25,000 to work with her for a year.  Shit!

The most I’d invested at that point was $4k, $6k and $5k, on my training to become a coach and various $997 courses that gave lots of great training and info.. but never had I had invested this much to have weekly handholding by someone who had already done it. Someone who had broken through and offered to help me in a way that actually resonated.

I couldn’t deny that my heart really wanted to do this.. and so I dug deep and with palms sweating, taking deep breaths, heart racing – took out my card to make my deposit.

Did I make a whole heap of money all at once? No.

For me.. that discomfort looked like going without much of a social life whilst I built my business that year.  My coaching investment per month was bigger than all of my personal expenses combined.  Passing on beautiful shoes I saw in the window or having to be okay that I hadn’t updated my wardrobe in a while. My priority was learning to get my gift out.. so that’s where my money went.  I let myself have a little bit of guilty pleasure (that was my weekly mocha in Elsternwick).

We often talk about the ROI in coaching.. and sometimes expect it to be immediate. It wasn’t always immediate for me. At least not in the beginning when there were still things that needed to be learned in the muscle, experiences to be had.


When you make an investment in yourself.. you can never lose. You can never lose the learning, the lessons. Your value goes up – you’re an ever increasing asset as you pay into that account to be who you need to be.












Lesson 1: After a while though you reach a tipping point.. where everything you ever learned before.. suddenly has the right environment in which to make a massive breakthrough.

That happened when another special mentor entered my life by which point I had racked up some credit card debt doing even more investing. I could have gone “oh well I’ve invested so much already and if it still hasn’t worked then maybe I’m done.. I may as well just try and do the whole 9-5 thing”

Yet I knew that wasn’t meant to be my path. I came here to be a Light and my vehicle was Business.

Fastforward 2 years later from hiring my first coach, I experienced getting to 40k in under 4 months. And getting to 13k in sales in 3 days. For the first time it felt like “wow..this is what I’d been desiring all along! To have a business that sustained me and my lifestyle” – it wasn’t a hobby anymore. It felt real.

…. Yet how often is it that we quit way too soon?

Either we quit right before the breakthrough or expect so much of ourselves that we want to become an overnight success and when it doesn’t happen like those glowing testimonials we see.. we think something is wrong with us!

Let me tell you what my experience has taught me:

Do you want to know what happened when I decided to invest the $25k with my coach back in 2010 – where I was almost thinking I had to give up on my coaching dream?


I was completing my pro bono sessions, my first client actually paid me $1997/= to continue working with me. To me that was significant.

Shortly after that I created my first ½ day Private Day..  it was $497/ = .

For someone who was earning $20/hour at her day job to receive $497/= for ½ a days work that was in my gift zone.. was mindblowing to me.

My system was getting used to what it’s like to exchange my services and receive something in return. My cells were reorganising and re-arranging themselves afterwards because something shifted in me that day.


So ROI you ask?

Not as much as $25k right at the start – but that investment has paid back countless times because there are still lessons that I draw from it to this day.

.. but what I learned that year set the foundation for a myriad of things to come, like:

  • What it meant to build a boutique coaching business,
  • What it meant to carry that level of “Being”-ness,
  • Who I needed to Be in order to create that.

That year in 2010 I also sold my first $4k package : ) it was to a personal training studio that I was working out in at the time. I remember ordering a chamomile tea in order to calm my nerves whilst in that sales meeting. I had just turned 24 years old , naiive to boot – I wanted to train their entire studio and came up with a Huge programme and later realised you’re meant to ask Companies if they had a budget : ) Yet.. the owner saw enough in me to give him the confidence that I was their person to train their main sales guy.

Did $4k sort out all my bills at the time? Nope. What it did for my confidence in myself was “priceless”. The lessons it taught me whilst I went through that experience was priceless. I had to get a visceral experience of what that was like.

I had a special spring in my step. I look up at the blue sky in the city of Melbourne  that day and said Thank you to the Big Guy watching over me. Because to Me.. that was a victory.

Lesson 2:

When we ask God to help us get our gift out or we ask for a certain amount of money to come into our lives for our exchange in the world.. He is Soo Loving that He doesn’t just drop it into your lap.

What happens instead is you get an arm reaching out … a life line.. the help comes disguised as Opportunity – that you can choose to step up and bring into your life.

When we pray to God to ask for help, usually the "help" comes disguised as an Opportunity

When we pray to God to ask for help, usually the “help” comes disguised as an Opportunity

(In my case.. I had prayed for help.. and then soon after I attracted in my coach). I wanted to invest a day with  my coach in France and then a couple of days later I received an opportunity to serve my PT studio. I had to be open to the signs to see it and invite it in. I was soo uncomfortable and yet I knew I could help them.

For some of you it could look like sponsoring an event or deciding to have your own event and the costs associated with it might be scary to you.

Usually these Opportunities come at a step or two above where you’re at.. so you need to move through the discomfort you’re feeling to even take it. (Remember the investment? It was way above where I was at or even earning at the time)

Yet there was a knowing inside that it was the right step for me and a journey of “earning the right” to receive for my own exchange in the world because I knew what it meant to dig deep and invest in that way, to learn the ropes, to get the learning in my muscle.

For me, my biggest returns have been :

  • My self value going through the roof,
  • My consciousness expanding rapidly.
  • Having believing eyes on my side.
  • Someone I could share my ups and downs with as I took a step each week in the direction of where I wanted to go.
  • Knowing that I am living my purpose each day.. doing the work, showing up for the work working with the exact people I decided I wanted to work with.


 If you’re still reading this and you’ve been on your path for a while.. I want to look you in the eye and tell you ..


Lesson 3: you still Can do this.. there is a way…And the only way is Through.

Going through that little bit of struggle you might be experiencing right now.. that little bit of grit in your system.. that grain of sand.. it’s just grating, polishing this Jewel that is You.

And if you have the staying power to have faith and keep breathing through any discomfort you are feeling as you uplevel, make scary decisions.. you Will come out the other side.. shining.. radiant. That Star you came here to be.. and your people will thank you.. You will thank you.. for staying true to you and what you came here to do xx

Big hugs to you from me today xx

If you’d like to comment or share.. I would love to hear from  you. Hit reply and let me know what’s on your mind.

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How do I charge what I’m worth and not become fearful that my clients won’t pay my price?

December 12th, 2011 | no comments

You’re a natural medicine practitioner, graduated from college, really excited about the prospect of planting your feet in a field that you’re passionate about. You can’t wait to get your message into the hands of the people who most need your help. So you start to get the word out to your family and friends that you’re ready and available to take on new clients. You start your own practice by renting a space in a clinic and now wait for the clients to arrive. Your marketing efforts (flyers, word of mouth and emails) have started to generate some people who are interested in meeting with you about their problem which you’re here to help heal.

It’s an exciting time isn’t it? People are coming into your practice and you have your initial consultation with them. You name a price and you’re on your way to having your first couple of conversations with potential clients. People start reacting to your pricing “Why is it That expensive???!!?” , “I can’t afford that!”. They don’t come back for subsequent sessions and then you’re thinking “Maybe my prices are too high, I need to lower my rates”. Sound familiar?


So you lower your rates. You think you need to learn some magic script that will make people see the value in what you do so they would work with you. The though may have crossed your mind to even give up your practice and go get a job. You feel sick in your stomach at the thought of it.  You might think you just need to advertise more so you see more potential clients – yet the results aren’t there yet. For the purposes of this article, let’s explore the first option that most practitioners take – lowering their rates.

Practitioners lower their rates thinking more people will say ‘yes’ to their service. Why doesn’t this approach work? Because the reason they are lowering their rates is rooted in believing in scarcity i.e. that there aren’t enough clients out there who will pay them what they’re worth; that people don’t have the money to afford their services. Do you see how that belief can be totally debilitating for a practitioner?  It also usually means that you tend to attract the people who are always looking for a deal or a discount – who match that frequency. You attract the kind of clients who also believe in lack if you lower your rates from the belief in lack or scarcity. Nobody wins in this scenario.

Lowering your rates is not the answer because when you do this from a space of uncertainty within yourself; your potential client picks up on it. You forget all the investments you’ve made in yourself to become a master of your field; the countless hours of study, practice sessions, time and money that you put in, to become a professional.  If you’re not sure in your bones and every fibre of your being that what you do for people is valuable and that you’re worth it, you will never be able to convince other people of that no matter what words you use! That’s why traditional sales scripts out there usually don’t work for you when you’re selling yourself because people are sensitive; they mirror back to you what’s going on internally for you.

If your internal self talk is that of uncertainty and self doubt then people will pick up on that. This is why you can be your own worst enemy when it comes to selling your own services. If on the other hand you have an inner knowing that “People want and need what you have” and every cell in your body can feel the truth of that statement; that’s when you will start to allow things to shift for you.


See if you can allow this statement to sit with you:


“I am valuable, and people appreciate and need and want what I have”.


Let that really land in every cell of your being because often times we run outside in the world trying to make sales, trying to get business yet there is no amount of action that can compensate for knowing your own worth in every fibre of your being.


So how do we let that truth in if we have difficulty allowing it to assimilate into our consciousness? You just need to breathe it in, allowing yourself to know that you’re going to be okay. That you are loved, you are valuable and you’re safe.  Even if it’s five minutes in the morning everyday sitting in this place of allowing, this place of self appreciation, truth and grace; let this be the place that you birth your business from. Not from stress, not from worry or scarcity, not from fear; but from a place of life, love and faith. From this space you choose a rate that feels solid to you and then go out with confidence to name your rate and claim it.