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The times when you don’t need or want clients or money – How to give yourself what you REALLY need!

February 8th, 2015 | 1 comment
You know.. when I had just given birth to my son Aqeel, I hadn’t even allowed myself to ask myself what I really wanted..

I thought I needed and wanted money that December (my first month after he was born) so I could feel supported. In the 3 months prior to his birth, I went out networking and was creating opportunities in my business to serve some new clients.. and the conversations that would come out of it.. were not so soul satisfying..

It felt like something was “off”

I had also just joined a high level mastermind and participated in a sales challenge with the group because I thought it was something that was productive at the time.. so I participated in it.. but my heart wasn’t in it. I just didn’t want to miss out. I didn’t want to lose on “breakthroughs”, “life lessons” if I didn’t join in.

Did I ask myself what I really wanted? No.

The result? I had sales conversations that weren’t going anywhere.. I felt like I was putting all this energy out and there was nothing coming out of it.. I was tired.

I was even making prospecting calls when I had mild contractions : ) My baby arrived the following night at 10:30pm on a full moon and lunar eclipse.

But because I wasn’t aware of what my real needs were or what I really wanted..

I thought I’d ask The Universe for Money.
I thought that would solve everything.

Yet that wasn’t what I really wanted.. And The Great Momma.. The Universe in all Her wisdom totally knew that : )  So of course she wouldn’t let me have it.. I wasn’t meant to sign on new clients. So what did I get? Lots of No’s. Or, “it’s not the right time”.. or some people who just didn’t see how I could help them. Frankly they weren’t a fit for me. My life at the time was just reflecting back to me the size of my faith.. the total lack of trust that I would be supported no matter what.

So all this energy Out. Very little in.

My recurrent theme in my sessions with my mentor was: “I am tired”. She pointed out to me that I was saying that an awful lot. And then her tone changed slightly and she asked me “What is it you Really want Nadhira?”

The tears started to roll down my cheeks. Probably because it was the first time I had connected back in with my Truth again and all this emotion was just energy in motion – energy needing to move through my system:  I said after a few seconds of silence:

 “I just want to have a break”

My coach said: “Then maybe you should ask for that. Allow yourself to gift yourself what you need.”

Hmm.. so much wisdom in that. It hit me like a ton of bricks! I felt sadness as I realised how much I must have be withholding from myself. Like how many other desires I had kept myself from experiencing. In this instance, a basic human need to rest after a period of exertion.  I hadn’t viewed childbirth as “work” or how much mental, emotional and physical endurance was required through that period.

When I got clear that what I really wanted was a break, my whole body just relaxed. I could stop focusing on doing income generating activities for that moment and shift my focus to what it is I really needed.

The cool thing is.. when you really listen and you gift yourself what you need.. after you have your break and really enjoy it.. guess what? You’re thrilled to be back : ) You have fresh energy and new insights and a ton of beautiful, loving energy to share!

1. Begin with voicing what it is you really want in the moment. Is it peace? Is it excitement and aliveness? Perhaps it’s “I would like to have a really good sleep” : ) Then allow yourself to have it. Take that nap! Go move your body if it’s feeling a bit sluggish or tight.

2. Journal and answer the question “How can I gift myself…………? (what you wrote in 1.)

3. Be open to what your intuition guides you with.

Now I’d like to hear from you in the comments.

Where have you been asking for Money or clients perhaps when what you really wanted and needed was something completely different?

This past holiday season I took the month of December and January off. I had One beautiful VIP day in December with gorgeous twin sisters and then just being there for my private client whilst she went through a website overhaul felt so nice and nurturing : )

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Are you resisting promoting yourself in your business?

August 29th, 2012 | no comments

I had to create a video for you whilst I was outside today  because I needed to share with you what’s been coming up for some of my clients in the last two weeks. It’s been incredibly healing to watch them release some deep seated pain to really get to the activities in their business that will make the biggest difference in allowing them to serve the people they were meant to serve and also love themselves through the process : )

Here’s the video! :

What are you resisting?

If you’ve ever found yourself resisting promoting yourself or sending those emails, getting on the phone – this might be for you : ) xx

Much love

p.s. reach out and say hello if you’re experiencing something similar x Would love to hear from you.

How I got the house of my dreams in 2 weeks – and how you too can get exactly what you want

February 3rd, 2012 | 4 comments


It’s been exactly a week since my husband and I moved in to our new home and I decided I really needed to share some of what I learned in this process because it’s something that directly relates to you getting what you want and having your desires met whether that’s in your business or your life in general.

Why am I sharing this with you? Moving house has been one of the things I desired for myself because the place I lived in previously was a tad too little for my liking and once my husband migrated over to Australia there was myself, my mum And my husband all trying to share a two bedroom unit – which became quite stressful because  we were getting in each others way.

There was part of me that longed for peace and quiet , that needed a beautiful space for myself, because as much as I like company – I also very much enjoy being by myself – left to my own devices to play with creative projects – work on my business and just enjoy my space.

Internally I made a decision that I’d like to move to a bigger place, have my own office room, and in my mind I had a picture of what that would look like.  I also knew I wanted to do it fairly soon.

BUT I didn’t quite know how it would work.. the places I was looking at were twice as much as the rent of the 2 bedroom unit I was staying in.. how was I going to afford it? What about my mum? Will she be okay? All these questions swept through my mind.

So how did I manifest this move to a beautiful home in such a short period of time?

I’d like to share with you how I did it so you can start to implement some of the teachings in your own life to bring about a change of environment if that’s what you’re wanting, or a client if that’s what you’re desiring.

When I was little, I knew I always imagined myself succeeding , somewhere along the line I lost my spice! I stopped imagining that I was the winner in my own fantasy..  I didn’t even give myself permission to dream about what my life could look like.

With the manifesting of this house though – something inside me had switched  – switched to the way I operated when I was a child. My husband Taariq and I were scouring the internet looking at different properties in the suburb that we wanted. We found one that we really really liked! It had a big beautiful kitchen with stone benches, wooden floorboards in the family room, a verandah so you could have a lovely drink in summer  in a private area with lots of plants and trees outside.

Little didn't I know I had a Jasmine bush at the front door : )

Ever since I saw the pictures on the internet I already started dreaming and imagining myself living in that space, what it would Feel like to bake little treats in that kitchen, what it would feel like to have family and friends over, laughing and enjoying ourselves over a BBQ and drinks in the courtyard. What it would feel like, having my own office space filled with inspirational pieces and my beautiful wooden desk.

Taariq and I hadn’t been to see the place yet, but because we had already decided we were moving we started to do things like visit the shops to have a look at furniture, white goods – already prepping for our move (before we even got an email saying the house was open for inspection).

I did this visualising constantly even if I wasn’t totally conscious that I was doing it. We then saw the place on an open for inspection .. loved it, put in our application over the weekend and on the Tuesday, got a call from the agent to say our application was accepted! We got the keys the following weekend and moved in on Thursday last week!  It happened so easily!

How did this happen and how can you apply this art to manifest the things that you’re really wanting in your business and in your life?

  1. Know what you really want – get into alignment with your desire
  2. Only allow good stuff in – focus entirely on what it is you want – whether that’s imagining what it’s like to own that car, move to that new place, work with that new client. Don’t make room for the ‘what if it doesn’t happen?’ scenario to enter your mind.
  3. Do something right now to get in touch with that desire – can you take even a small step in that direction from where you are right now?
  4. Be in state of gratitude all along even after you get what you want.

I find myself looking up and saying thank you to the Big Man – (God) for making this all possible and also giving myself a little cuddle for allowing myself to dream, gifting myself permission to stretch and dream about what I want so that I could create that experience in my life.

What do you need to do to give yourself permission to dream? This is what I do with my private clients. Women constantly giving themselves permission to say Yes to their desires, Yes to the kind of clients that they would Love to work with, and then learning the tools they need to keep their fears at bay while they take imperfect action all along to get what they want. A client of mine recently just filled her group class in a matter of days once she decided that she was going to make it happen and she took action all the way and even bigger things came into her experience like the opportunity to appear on national tv in 2 weeks time.

I’m opening up 6 spaces to help women just like you to open up to that dream of getting new clients, making your sales more easy and graceful. It all starts with taking a small step, like gifting yourself permission to even reach out and request for an appointment to see if this is right for you. So if you’d like to have a chat on how we can make that happen for you I’m opening up my calendar this month for you to explore your options and see for yourself . I invite you to send an email to

Look forward to connecting with you !

Much love,