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What if, what I have to offer is not good enough?

May 31st, 2012 | no comments

 “What if, what I have to offer is not good enough?”  By Nadhira Razack








The fear that what you have to offer isn’t good enough if you’re a coach or big hearted entrepreneur can be quite debilitating. I want to speak to this fear today with the intention that you receive little nuggets in here that will help you move through it.

It’s quite common to have this fear lurking at the back of your mind when you’ve just created a programme or a package that in your heart you feel is The programme for your clients. You’ve done something that’s outside your comfort zone and then BHAM your ego comes up with all sorts of questions like


  • “Who do you think you are?”
  •  “There are loads of programmes and coaches out there, so people aren’t going to buy myprogramme or want to invest with me” ,
  • “What if it doesn’t sell?” ,
  • “What if..??”
  • You start to compare yourself with other people doing similar things and you look at your own programmes and go , “Oh gosh I don’t know if this is really good enough. Will people pay for something like this? “

Whenever you’re confronted by limiting thoughts and beliefs like this, you can always rely on using Universal Law to move through the issue you’re facing because it gets you to truth. When you’re operating from your ego and you’re feeling anxious, stressed or worried.. then it’s the opposite of truth.

The Universal Law of Sufficiency and Abundance helps us shed light on this concept of ‘not feeling like you’re good enough or your creations not being good enough’

The law of sufficiency works in unison with The Law of Attraction. When you are in a place of feeling that you are not enough, you are in a place of lack so you end up attracting more lack and ‘not enough’ into your life.

So whenever you’re thinking thoughts of “I’m not good enough” or “Will I attract enough of the right clients for me?”   , then you’re thinking in terms of lack and limitation or Not enough. You’re basically telling yourself a lie. It’s a lie that you created inside of you.

So what’s the opposite of not good enough?  You guessed it : ) Enough! Or Sufficiency and Abundance – i.e. More than Enough.

Let’s look at the definition of Abundance : it is defined as “all sufficiency of supply, a full measure of infinite good”. So if you look at your true nature – which is connected to Everything, All That Is, God, or Source – that spirit in you is always thinking and vibrating in thoughts of abundance.  What does that mean? It means you can get connected to that feeling that you Are enough, just as you are. You have everything inside of you already to do what you need to do – you just might not have connected with it yet..

So how do you get connected to that feeling  that you Are enough?


  1. .     You need to start from the inside out. You start from a place of certainty and conviction inside. Having that conviction starts with connecting to the greatness inside of you and knowing that it is beyond your ego, it’s far bigger than you, it’s far bigger than any of us, and that you deserve to be here, you are very, very valuable. What you do is worth having and people need someone to value it.
  2. .      When it comes to conveying your value to someone else, you need to have 100% congruency in your bones, in your being, in your fibre and your essence, that you are worth it, that you know what you are doing and that you can help this person (potential client perhaps), otherwise you are never going to be able to convey that to the other person, no matter what words you use.
  3. .     Think about all the investments you’ve made in yourself, the time, money, energy you put in to learning your craft. Perhaps it was all the experiences you’ve had along the way that led you to this path where you now know you’re meant to be serving a particular group of people. Feel grateful to yourself for even taking baby steps towards your vision – the more you’re grateful to yourself and love yourself for it – by the law of attraction and abundance, you’ll receive opportunities to feel More of those good feelings.
  4. .     When you’re feeling good and your “beingness” is in a state of sufficiency and abundance -then the actions you take carry a certain sense of certainty and congruence about them. They will feel Full and abundant and bring you the results you’re seeking.


You can start with spending some time in the morning in meditation or connection to All That Is.. or request a mentor to help you connect with that knowing inside of you. Watch this video I created for you in Arizona if you want to know more: Click here to watch the video



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