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Could you be playing it safe?

October 8th, 2012 | no comments

If you’ve ever caught yourself thinking you need to play it safe , this video is for you:

Maybe you’ve been thinking about taking the leap and going for that new opportunity in your business and that little voice says “It’s not the responsible thing to do right now”. You’ll have a version of this thought process playing in your head – most times , it’s not even your thoughts, it’s the voices of well meaning people in your life – you may have heard your parents, teachers and caretakers drill this into you whilst growing up – , “Cut your coat according to your cloth”, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” , “Do the right thing, the responsible thing”.

I know that in growing my business, I didn’t do the responsible thing and leave my job when my business was at a certain point. I had to quit my job even when I had no ‘visible’ signs of the income coming – because I realised it (my job) was holding me back. It was too comfortable to have my job and grow my business at the same time. Was it the responsible thing to do; was it safe? It may not look like it.

Yet, it was exactly what I needed to do to bring in what seemed like a miracle. The instant I made that decision everything shifted.

If you’re really listening to the desires of your heart, then there is no risk, especially when every cell in your body knows it’s right for you. The greater risk is that you go through life never quite living the life you were meant to live.

Here are two questions for you to answer:

What would you create in your life if you didn’t have to play it safe?
What risks would you take if you knew that the desires you have and visions that you have came from your heart, from God/Spirit?
The Universe wants you to have those desires come to pass.

“The thinking stuff is friendly to you and is more anxious to give you what you want than you are to get it.” – Wallace Wattles

Watch the video and share your comments with me.

Much love,