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Are you resisting promoting yourself in your business?

August 29th, 2012 | no comments

I had to create a video for you whilst I was outside today  because I needed to share with you what’s been coming up for some of my clients in the last two weeks. It’s been incredibly healing to watch them release some deep seated pain to really get to the activities in their business that will make the biggest difference in allowing them to serve the people they were meant to serve and also love themselves through the process : )

Here’s the video! :

What are you resisting?

If you’ve ever found yourself resisting promoting yourself or sending those emails, getting on the phone – this might be for you : ) xx

Much love

p.s. reach out and say hello if you’re experiencing something similar x Would love to hear from you.

My head in the sand, bum up moment!

October 29th, 2011 | 2 comments

My head in the sand moment - wonder what part of my anatomy is exposed?? : )


I wanted to share with you why I have been so quiet since my first blog where I let you know about my story and what I’m up to. I figured this picture totally captures my learnings and realisations over the past few weeks and I know that you will find some golden nuggets in here that you can relate to that will help you in your journey.

In my six years of living in Australia this was the first time I had actually seen a Koala in the wild – can you believe it?? My husband and I celebrated our 1st anniversary recently and snapped this photo on our way back from seeing the magnificent lighthouse in the Otways.

The Lighthouse - Otways

So what’s the connection between the Koala and what I want to share with you? It’s about my head in the sand moment in relating to my vision and my business and I wanted to be transparent in sharing it with you because I believe if it can happen to me, then it is likely to come up for you as well. My intention for sharing this story is so that you’re Aware of the different emotions that come up for you as your vision for your business unfolds – awareness is key – because instead of reacting you can notice what’s coming up and in that moment decide how you will respond to that emotion. 

Have you ever noticed that when you say “YES!!” to your vision, there’s a part of you that starts resisting? I’ve had to move through a lot of resistance these past few weeks and wanted to find out what was really going on inside.

So I got really  clear about who I wanted to help and started to get out there and have had amazing success with the coaches I’m working with and yet there was more to do – reaching a bigger audience. Just as I was about to hit the accelerator to go bigger – I was hit with resistance  and found myself sabotaging myself as soon as I said Yes to part of my vision. It’s interesting to note that resistance can come up in different forms – it can creep up on you in the form of procrastinating, putting off important activities and phone calls that are required to get you moving. Resistance also rears its ugly head in the form of self doubt – doubting that my vision can really come about. Doubting that what I was creating was what I really wanted.


Part of my vision is to wake up to a view of the ocean - this was the view from The Lighthouse

Society teaches us to utilise resistance as a way out; as an excuse mechanism.





For example, if you get sick when you’re about to take part in something really important – you can say to yourself “Oh I wasn’t meant to be really doing that anyway, so that’s probably why I got sick” and then you take yourself out of the game. One of my mentors  Tara Marino shared with me that:

Resistance = rebirth and regrowth and I’m so glad I allowed this new definition to stick with me because I had a huge learning this week around resistance. My new definition of resistance has taught me that..

The more we resist something, the more this vision means to us, the more we desire it. So now I can look at resistance and go “Wow! This must mean there’s something Really Big on the other side of this”.  Resistance is a Gift. So next time you experience resistance – it’s a sign that there must be something there that your heart is really desiring.

Generally we’re programmed to figure out Why we’re resisting something instead of just doing what we have to do to move through the resistance and get the gold that’s waiting on the other side of this invisible fence. I had my ‘moment’ of trying  to figure out why I was resisting something – and let me tell you, it can be very exhausting.

I came up with all these excuses for why I didn’t want to continue to work with a group of people who are actually really special to me. I fabricated things in my head thinking I’m different from them and that I didn’t see how we’re aligned.-It just hit me that I had made it all up so I can give myself an excuse to leave through the back door; leaving at the moment when I was about to learn something that would really make a difference to my business and something my soul had been craving for.

So there you go..that was my head in the sand moment where I was in denial that I was actually resisting something. And of course when your head’s in the sand, you know that the only part of your anatomy that’s exposed is your bum  😉

I’d love to hear from you about your journey:

What are You still resisting ?

Ask yourself the question “Why have I allowed resistance to hold me still?”.

You can comment here or write to me at  – I love reading your thoughts and comments.

Remember..when you’re not resisting.. you’re more open to Receiving..

With love,