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How do I charge what I’m worth and not become fearful that my clients won’t pay my price?

December 12th, 2011 | no comments

You’re a natural medicine practitioner, graduated from college, really excited about the prospect of planting your feet in a field that you’re passionate about. You can’t wait to get your message into the hands of the people who most need your help. So you start to get the word out to your family and friends that you’re ready and available to take on new clients. You start your own practice by renting a space in a clinic and now wait for the clients to arrive. Your marketing efforts (flyers, word of mouth and emails) have started to generate some people who are interested in meeting with you about their problem which you’re here to help heal.

It’s an exciting time isn’t it? People are coming into your practice and you have your initial consultation with them. You name a price and you’re on your way to having your first couple of conversations with potential clients. People start reacting to your pricing “Why is it That expensive???!!?” , “I can’t afford that!”. They don’t come back for subsequent sessions and then you’re thinking “Maybe my prices are too high, I need to lower my rates”. Sound familiar?


So you lower your rates. You think you need to learn some magic script that will make people see the value in what you do so they would work with you. The though may have crossed your mind to even give up your practice and go get a job. You feel sick in your stomach at the thought of it.  You might think you just need to advertise more so you see more potential clients – yet the results aren’t there yet. For the purposes of this article, let’s explore the first option that most practitioners take – lowering their rates.

Practitioners lower their rates thinking more people will say ‘yes’ to their service. Why doesn’t this approach work? Because the reason they are lowering their rates is rooted in believing in scarcity i.e. that there aren’t enough clients out there who will pay them what they’re worth; that people don’t have the money to afford their services. Do you see how that belief can be totally debilitating for a practitioner?  It also usually means that you tend to attract the people who are always looking for a deal or a discount – who match that frequency. You attract the kind of clients who also believe in lack if you lower your rates from the belief in lack or scarcity. Nobody wins in this scenario.

Lowering your rates is not the answer because when you do this from a space of uncertainty within yourself; your potential client picks up on it. You forget all the investments you’ve made in yourself to become a master of your field; the countless hours of study, practice sessions, time and money that you put in, to become a professional.  If you’re not sure in your bones and every fibre of your being that what you do for people is valuable and that you’re worth it, you will never be able to convince other people of that no matter what words you use! That’s why traditional sales scripts out there usually don’t work for you when you’re selling yourself because people are sensitive; they mirror back to you what’s going on internally for you.

If your internal self talk is that of uncertainty and self doubt then people will pick up on that. This is why you can be your own worst enemy when it comes to selling your own services. If on the other hand you have an inner knowing that “People want and need what you have” and every cell in your body can feel the truth of that statement; that’s when you will start to allow things to shift for you.


See if you can allow this statement to sit with you:


“I am valuable, and people appreciate and need and want what I have”.


Let that really land in every cell of your being because often times we run outside in the world trying to make sales, trying to get business yet there is no amount of action that can compensate for knowing your own worth in every fibre of your being.


So how do we let that truth in if we have difficulty allowing it to assimilate into our consciousness? You just need to breathe it in, allowing yourself to know that you’re going to be okay. That you are loved, you are valuable and you’re safe.  Even if it’s five minutes in the morning everyday sitting in this place of allowing, this place of self appreciation, truth and grace; let this be the place that you birth your business from. Not from stress, not from worry or scarcity, not from fear; but from a place of life, love and faith. From this space you choose a rate that feels solid to you and then go out with confidence to name your rate and claim it.



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