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How to create white space so that you can hear your own Spiritual Guidance

Coming out of my cave : )

July 2nd, 2013 | no comments


I kept getting visions of water before my trip to Minnesota for my retreat with my mastermind buddies –

my colleagues also in mission based businesses. I had plenty of that element Smile

My flight ended up being grounded in Sydney and I was put up at an airport hotel until the next morning  – the view of the runway from my hotel room – can you spot it?

I Asked for a room with a view : ) In my hotel room was pictures of water – and I knew that I was going to be in the flow and the sky to me represented unlimited potential and possibilities.


The mastermind I went to was all about Branding and Value. It was so much fun! We made time for play – you can see us paddle surfing below! We also had a mini exercise in running  booth with just 2 hours to prepare.

I realised I needed to go with my own formula and that was just to go within.. and so the way I prepared for it was to go for a bubble bath – I spent the last 10 minutes writing up my sign and still had a blast Smile


I didn’t realise that Minnesota is known as the land of 10,000 lakes. Thanks to my friend Barbara we got to see some the day I arrived!

Then – as a secret – my coach had planned for us to go paddle surfing Smile  I felt soo good being out in nature and just feeling like a water spider..

just cruising along with the breeze blowing. It was amazing. I had space to think. I felt so much more alive.



Paddle surfing picMinnesota trip collage



I am someone who’s really open to Signs and as the retreat went on I received more insights as to how I wanted to teach sales utilising the Elements Smile

So keep an eye out for that if you’ve been wanting to coach with me for a while. I’ve got some unique experiences coming soon.

It was wonderful to be able to be in a space for ideas to percolate.


I was thrilled to see my baby and husband after 6 days away. It was a huge step for me – leaving my baby behind – my gut said Yes and so I followed through.

We’ve grown as a family since I did that and I am so grateful!

In the blog I share a video of my newest indulgence – my red hiking jacket : ) – and what that means for you : )

Happy days!




My red jacket and what it means to me


I’ve had my share of hibernating this winter. I didn’t send out any newsletters for a few weeks.. and I made peace with that.

I felt like if I forced myself to, I would be doing it out of a sense of obligation and I did Not want to be coming from that energy.


Here’s a video I shot on my walk in our local reserve Winking smile


Red jacket video


One of themes that came up in my client calls was about resistance.

When you Know certain things are good for you – yet you resist them.

A big one has actually been resisting Pleasure! Yes.. you heard me.. resisting Feeling Good!


Here’s a list of some of my clients items for what brings them joy:

  • Painting their nails
  • Going out in nature for a walk
  • Enjoying a bubble bath
  • Going to the beach

Books in library


I found how much pleasure I got just from going to my local library and having the space to just walk down different isles and flick through different titles with no real outcome in mind.

I tucked away 10 books – and I just borrowed them just because they spoke to me.. not because I made a conscious effort to look for them.

Among some of the titles that I picked up were:

  • Simple Living
  • Divine Intuition
  • Your Sacred Self
  • Nigella Lawson – recipes



Just allowing myself a little space.. I got to know Me more.. how simple things actually bring me so much joy! I was ecstatic!

It was only after I borrowed the books did I notice a theme – about what I’m actually interested in right now.

I’ve certainly been a culprit – staying indoors when I know in my bones that everytime I go out – I would feel refreshed and energised.


So my challenge to you is to just do that thing you’ve been wanting to do for FUN!! Just do it!!


Much love



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