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Connecting with your little girl

December 22nd, 2011 | no comments

If you’ve ever been feeling like you are missing something; like you’re not living out what you signed up for when you came on this earth, then you might find a clue in connecting to your little girl.. (Or boy if you happen to be reading this:)

I’ve had the most profound experience connecting with my little girl in an exercise I carried out recently. When I was asked to think about my little girl.. a picture came to mind instantly. It’s the one right here..

Probably four years old in this picture – I had found my way into a cane laundry basket in a mall in Malaysia.  Picturing her bright eyes, full of life – just wanting to take it all in – sights, sounds, people. What did she (my four year old) yearn for, before she had the concept of fear enter her reality? I don’t think she really knew what Fear was! She was just happy being herself.

I believe she longed to connect. To connect with people. She’s had a fascination for people from as long as she can remember – for what makes them tick. She was soo curious about everything! She loved make-believe : )

When I was around 7 or 8 years old, I remember walking outside our family home ; around the block – talking to the plants – imagining they were people! I was blissfully happy in my own company because I never felt alone – I was surrounded by my own little world. At one time I remember going for a ride on my bike and stopping by the gate for ‘petrol’ (because in my mind, I was on a motorbike!), and then stopping by some plants to get my ‘groceries’. I was already living ‘the life’ in my fantasy world :  )

Whenever I had to study subjects for school, I pretended that my bedroom was a classroom. I put mum’s heels on, wore a shawl, used my blackboard and began to teach all my ‘eager students’ science, geography – you name it! They had their ears peeled – listening to everything I shared. I was care free and fearless – I took the lead, I cared for my girls (my students) and wanted them to ‘get it’ so I would explain something and ask questions and make sure they understood.  Most of all; I believed in myself. I didn’t think anyone was watching me until one day I caught a glimpse of my parents peeking through the slit in the door because they could hear me talking to myself! I think they just chuckled when I saw them. I  stopped my eager explanation and became a bit self conscious.  I continued; slightly less confident  – lowering my voice. I didn’t want to be made fun of.

So where has your little girl been hiding? Is she waiting to come out.. and be rediscovered. What desires does she still have inside? Does she want to be famous? Does she want to become an expert in her field? Maybe she wants to be the best mother she can be for her kids or build that school in Africa for young girls.

I know what my little girl is longing for..and I’ve started to ignite parts of her already.. and I can tell you it’s the most satisfying, fulfilling feeling.. : ) One of the things my little girl asked me to do was to come out of hiding : ) So here I am – I’ve surfaced from my laundry basket – to say ‘Hi’ and have a chance to connect.

So I’d like to know what your little girl is yearning for. Would love to see your photos here and comments too..

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