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How to create miracles in your business and life

March 6th, 2013 | no comments
How to create miracles in your business and life
Nadhira Razack

You know how we normally think that a miracle is something that can happen with Divine intervention – something that happens against all odds? When someone recovers from a severe health issue and they turn their situation around – people often say a miracle happened..and people actually pray for miracles in that area of their life..
But what about your business, clients, money? We don’t often get that term thrown around so much there.
Let’s look at the definition So what Is a miracle? It’s a change in perception according to The Course in Miracles. The willingness to see things differently
That’s all it is.. a change in perception! A change in how you look at a situation.
If you’re in a place where the clients needs to come in, you need to pay your bills, and you’re waiting for a miracle – guess what? You can create it – just by changing your perception!
It’ll also help to know that The Universe is set up to work on your behalf. We often wonder if we’re being punished for something or paying for past mistakes when we don’t get what we want. In actuality all The Universe is doing is self correcting and reorganising things to bring you that thing that you most need.
Your ability to see the Universe as a Friendly place is really going to assist you in bringing miracles in.
If you just Trust that your desires right now are exactly the same as what The Universe wants for you, it becomes easier to just trust the process.. and be in expectation that what you most need is on its way to you.
If you’ve gone through a major upleveling recently – meaning – you raised your rates and/or made Big changes to your life.. then allow for that.. breathe into that discomfort – things are reorganising and shifting themselves. You need to more than ever focus on really taking care of yourself through that period of what can seem like an upheaval. Say for example you used to charge by the hour for what you did.. $20/hr and then you went on to create a package of say $2000/=    Money is just energy.. so the person you are required to be to hold a $2000/= frequency is very different from the person that had to hold a $40/hr frequency.
The Universe requires of you to match that energy and be in resonance with that vibration so you can bring that client in.
If you’re finding yourself thinking Victim thoughts or thinking its all too hard.. your resonance drops..and you will need to start again.
The really cool thing though.. is that it’s all happening between your temples : ) It all starts with a thought. When you become aware of thinking negative thoughts of “Oh what if it doesn’t happen?” – then guess what.. you push that miracle away. The awareness to catch yourself..and then Change the thought though is a miracle..because you change your perception and see opportunities all around you. The thought “What if it doesn’t happen”  can be flipped on its head so you start thinking and believing “This Must happen because this is what I want – I trust that the Universe is a friendly place and is bringing to me exactly what I need when I need it – and I will be supported”
Need a miracle? You know where to find me.. Let’s practice bringing them into your life!.

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