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I really want to “do this programme”, “attend this event” but I don’t have the money

March 7th, 2012 | 8 comments

Is this you? Have you heard yourself say this?  ” I really want to do this, I feel like this is the right programme  for me, BUT I don’t have the money.”

I’ve been meaning to connect with you all to share what’s been going on behind the scenes here at Comfy Sales and I felt that this topic was waiting to come out!

It’s already been a month since I attend David Neagle’s event – the Be Free – Live Experience in Salt Lake City – Utah. Being at the event was life changing and I wanted to share with you what my process has been in evaluating whether or not an opportunity is right for me.

David Neagle and Nadhira - Millions Within - Book Signing - Salt Lake City


When the opportunity came up to attend this event back in October 2011, my whole gut was going “YES!!” – you need to be there. In my own template, my gut is my biggest authority no matter what anyone else says or thinks. If my gut says it’s right, then I trust it because that’s how I make decisions.  Externally though, circumstances weren’t ideal for me to book my ticket to this event as I had just invested quite heavily in my own development and already had a credit card that I needed to pay off. At the time I didn’t have the funds for my flight Or my accommodation but I booked my place Anyway.

I trusted that I was meant to be there for a reason..and had faith that I would have all the resources at my disposal when I needed it.  January arrived and I booked my flights on a second credit card, found an amazing room mate through facebook  and I was on my way all the way from Australia on a 20+ hour journey.

Being at this event changed my life! When I made the decision to be at the event, I didn’t have a crystal clear logical explanation of what this experience would do for me.. All I knew is that in my heart and in my gut.. I just knew I had to be here. It felt Right.

Snow capped mountains at sunrise - view from my hotel room in Salt Lake City


Sometimes the journey to where you want to go can seem like climbing a really steep summit. You know that you want to get to the top, but right now, you’re at ground level and you can’t imagine How you’re going to get there. When you ask for what you want, whether that be in prayer or just expressing that desire to yourself – God/The Universe/Source hears you.  The way the Universe works though is something that I have come to learn very well. It doesn’t just Give it to you! The Universe will put in front of you an opportunity , an opportunity that requires you to grow – to climb a  step or two outside of your comfort zone in order to embrace the opportunity. 

It may well be that the opportunity comes in the form of a programme offered by a coach or mentor, an event that requires you to take time off work, spend on flights and accommodation. Yet this is the very next thing you require in order to take the step in the direction you want to go so that you can have what you really want.

So next time  you catch yourself going “Oh I can’t afford it” or “That’s too expensive” or “I dont have the money for that right now” – I invite you to think again.. is it really the money? Or is it a willingness to do what you have to do to find the money? Because the money is there – it’s always there – if you have a desire – the money is there. It’s a  Universal Law – The Law of Polarity that implies that for every problem there is a solution, for every desire you have inside of you, there is a way to make it happen.

So remember, if you need to do something and it feels right – the money is there.  You cannot simultaneously have the desire for something without the way to make it happen to be there also – it’s the law. I am opening up discovery sessions again for the month of March – if there’s a summit that you’re desiring to climb this year or a desire in your heart that needs to be witnessed – then I invite you to go to and book a session with me. Allow me to be your guide to get you in the right direction.  xx





8 people have commented
  1. this is sooo beautifully said Nakdira. You perfectly captured
    the essence of the amazing four day workshop with David.

    And kudos for having done whatever it took to get yourself there..
    even if you had no clue how it was going to happen.

    that is INSPIRING!!


  2. Wow Nadhira, what a beautiful post – thank you for sharing.

    And so so true – and it’s great to be reminded that it’s a Universal Law – rather than just my experience.

    • Thank you Melina!! You’ve inspired me with your stories about what you’ve managed to do to call in the money in order to gift yourself experiences that you really want. The fact that it’s a Universal truth is just icing on the cake ha? Thanks again x

    • I know Ann we can both vouch for that can’t we 🙂 ?? Always trust and have faith that that voice inside is just gold! Thanks for being such a fabulous roomie n now client & friend 🙂 xx

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