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What the dolphins taught me about business : Lesson 1 By Nadhira Razack

November 14th, 2012 | no comments

Two weeks ago I embarked on an adventure! It all came about wrapped up in the form of having this desire to go away somewhere with my husband – just to take a break and go somewhere sunny and ‘beachy’. So what does a gal do? Research! I get on google and look up places we could possibly go to for a short break – Bali came up, Fiji, Northern Queensland. The more I researched the more tired I became. Nothing spoke to me. My husband and I couldn’t agree on a place we’d like to go. I had more of a villa in mind..  He wasn’t too keen on the idea – wanting to stay at a hotel instead.

In frustration I just gave up on the search and then remembered.. someone always knows the answer. So I turned it over to God (insert your word – Spirit/Source your Higher Self). I literally looked up and said “God..where would you have me go?” and in that second I received a flash – I saw dolphins.

Okay – so Now I have some direction. I needed to find a place that had dolphins! My google search had some focus. I looked for adventures on swimming with dolphins in Australia. I called up my friend Manchoon in Perth and picked his brain about dolphin swims in the area. Again not too much luck because of the season and it being cold – the place lost its appeal.
I then came across a video on facebook of two amazing fellow entrepreneurs Amanda Moxley and Christina Morrassi who had just been swimming with wild dolphins in Kona, Hawaii – that really caught my eye. A mermaidpreneur as she likes to call herself, Dana Richardson was leading guided tours for women to go out to sea and experience swimming with wild dolphins.  That was it! I kept getting drawn to the videos and photos from that trip and since then couldn’t stop thinking about the experience.

It took me courage to even reach out to Dana Richardson – http://www.danamermaid.com to even ask her about what it would take to get out there..I had no idea what it would entail to join Dana but I took the first step anyway.  (Hint: When something’s a real desire for your soul, you can often feel nervous about taking the first step).  I put my nerves aside and decided to send Dana a message on facebook to let her know I’d like to connect with her.

Here’s a picture of me and Dana on the boat : )

Dana Mermaid and myself on the boat 🙂



Lesson 1:

As entrepreneurs we sometimes think we have all the answers and push through to make things happen. That’s part of what makes us unique right – we don’t usually sit around waiting for things to happen. Yet it pays to slow down and tune into Source to ensure we are going with what our soul has in store for us – which is sometimes grander and more profound than we can imagine if we just relied on our own common sense of what we’d like to do and when.

How can you apply Lesson 1?

You can apply this to everyday decisions like “what do I do in this moment?”  – if you’re ever looking at a long list of activities you need to complete. Ask for guidance on what activity you are required to begin with first. It might be completely different than you had imagined. It might not even be on the list you wrote for yourself. You could get a message saying “Go clean the kitchen drawer”.  The lesson is in learning to not judge what you receive as being silly or not on purpose for you. Your soul already knows what you require in each moment to get you where you need to go.

Stay tuned for more lessons from my swim with the dolphins in the upcoming weeks..


Let me know if you’ve had a similar experience of having to hand it over to Source. Love to hear your comments!.

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