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Don’t Skip This Step for a Business and Life that’s Ridiculously Engaging!

October 24th, 2016 | no comments

I’ve been in deep enquiry over the past week..and have learned not to push when I am in receiving mode.. just listening to the messages that are coming my way after having set a potent intention about creating something juicy and beautiful in my life.

I have been so creative over the past few weeks and last week I really wanted to share with you on a Facebook Live, something that I upcycled in my home that I was really proud of and what it means for your Visions. Didn’t get to do the FB Live just yet so below is a pic of it.


Okay so don’t laugh – the pic I had taken back then was on a day that I’d just purchased my favourite brand of chai in Melbourne.


A buffet table left on the sidewalk at my old place and I saw it’s potential so I took it in..

Gave it a breath of life with a sample pot of paint in Smoulder Red.. just through following my visions and the pictures in my head about the colours I wanted.. the kind of cabinet knobs and the look and feel I wanted in my dining/family room..

This was Creativity working through me.. really listening to what pleases me and how I receive pleasure and enjoyment in my life..

The weeks prior I had picked up a gorgeous book from the library called Casa Bohemia.. and it contained interiors of homes in Hollywood, New Mexico, and different architectural homes that had Spanish and Moroccan influences in their design.

And something sparked.

I got inspired then to purchase Dhurrie rugs for my couch in my office and for my bedroom.. and I knew I wanted to spend $200 on an update.. and the Universe delivered. I got 5 items for that price – and was so pleased with how warm and cosy they made me feel.

Why am I sharing this?
It’s cuz I want you to know that there is a Creative force working through you that can call you fourth to do some really cool stuff..

While doing this thing that had nothing to do with my business, I suddenly got the inspiration for what I really wanted to bring in the money for.. the possibly of owning a Tiny Luxury House on wheels : ) (This idea – inspired by daytime Television)

I could soo feel the aliveness in my belly at the thought of it.

If there was a phenomenon that I am deeply aware of.. it would be an epidemic of women who do Not know what their visions are!

How on earth are you expected to go create and bring in the money and the clients when you don’t even know what it is you’re wanting to create for your life and your calling in this lifetime?

This is where I believe a lot of business coaching and mainstream business advice can fall flat. It’s just a bunch of strategies to “grow your list” or “create and fill your programmes”  …

..but you know what I’m interested in?

I’m interested in why that even matters to you. So what if the people come for your event and they happen to become a client of yours.. WHY does that matter? WHY does it matter that you have a 1000 people on your list or 10,000?

Can you answer that?  – The answer will be in your Vision for your Life.. and Your Business.

Even if you haven’t got words to it yet, does it stir up a really strong feeling in you?

Does it expand you just thinking about it? Or does it just fall flat? Does it feel .. Numb?

Numbness, Apathy, Boredom, a complete lack of Focus and aliveness – they are all Symptoms.

Symptoms of a woman who hasn’t been taught or learned how to create deeply Compelling, Fulfilling Visions that move her forward.

Visions Pull You Forward. It summons a part of you that is asleep, to awaken.. THAT is stuff of potency my friends.

When you Create Compelling Visions…  the amount of Focus you will have! WOO!

The amount of energy output and what you get done in that time! Phenomenal.

The last 15-30 mins? I wrote all of the above.

The kind of output you generate when you’re on this stuff.. is just mindblowing.. and I want you to be able to experience it.

Imagine getting to your desk and knowing exactly what you needed to do that morning. A Higher self driven Priorities List  actually scratch that out.. It’s usually One Thing she gets you to focus on with so Much energy and intensity.. that the Thing.. done in a Certain Way.. creates the results you’re looking for..

More than any kind of headless chook kind of activity ..where you’re flitting from one thing to the next.. half arsed, spreading yourself so thin, Result? = Exhaustion. Worse than that? You want to Quit! And then after that ? Urgh.. Apathy..and what’s the point of this whole thing anyway?

You are So in the right place if this is you..

I want to show you a way that you can FLIP this thing!

And experience an opportunity to Vision like you may never have before..

I am going to take you by the hand and connect with the heart of you So deep that your Visions Have to fall off that shelf! They Will Appear.. in your Minds Eye..

Such is the Power of Joining this class.. my dear.

I want you here.. it’s a beautiful place. It’s a place of Peace, of All if Well.. and Your Soul, Higher Self, The Universe. God, Angels.. with you saying “We’ve got work to do .. “ Let’s get on with it shall we?
Meet me On Wednesday November 9th for this Epic Masterclass on how You can Vision your life into Being.. 

Pen and Notepad required. Your Presence – Required. Your Soul will Thank you xx

Click here to register and you will be sent details closer to the date.

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