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How to create white space so that you can hear your own Spiritual Guidance

Experimenting and the Creative Process by Nadhira RazacK

July 6th, 2016 | no comments


What are you like when  you have an urge to do something new in your business?

Do you talk about it a lot in your head?

Do you action it?

What is your connection to creativity and ideas and how they go in real life?

Do you remember I began a Monday Morning Prayer Circle for Intuitive Soul Driven Women in Biz in my last newsletter?

To me . that Idea came to me and I was in the flow and went, “why not” .. I was in the energy of gifting and it felt like fun to me..

Well.. the way I imagined it and the way it landed were different to how I expected it.. and I enjoyed the whole process of it.

Part of me was so excited to share and have a non religious sermon or pep talk that I didn’t realise that for some.. more silence was what was actually required for them to hear their inner wisdom : )

The idea came to me as a way of starting up our week in a powerful way.

What happens when you put highly sensitive , intuitive , healers, psychics, together..?  sometimes we tune into each others stuff too  : )

For me personally the result was.. I was a lot more chaotic afterwards.. I couldn’t actually begin my week powerfully : ) and Mondays in my household.. I need a slower morning to get going after a big weekend with kid/family energy.. transitioning into my work week 🙂

Week 1 and 2 were great. Week 3 , our nanny’s car broke down on the freeway on the Monday so I had no childcare.. so I had to let it go and surrender.. Week 4, I hadn’t updated folks that I was still doing the prayer circle so I showed up and did the meeting with myself : )

The result ?

It was great because I completed a cycle of an experiment and realised okay… cool.. this idea in this format doesn’t actually work for me. But it did show me that community was something I wanted to experience more of in my business and bringing really awesome ladies together to connect with each other is something I am working on in the background : )

It also taught me : What’s really needed is silence.. and possibly the thing I Can do is create a meditation or ritual as an audio that my audience can play in their own time and get connected to that slip stream to get guided messages from their soul/higher self.

See? the solution came just as I typed it : )

My question to you is: How can you start to relate to certain things in your business as an experiment?

Would that help you initiate and launch things more quickly so you get a feedback loop quicker?

Would that help you emotionally because you won’t get too attached to whether it worked or it didn’t?

Let me know what you have been experimenting with  : )

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