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From my Wise Woman to Yours

June 12th, 2014 | 2 comments

Okay so here’s a little rant from me.
I was pissed off yesterday and I found myself shaking.. and then I burst into tears. It was just emotions running through my body.. and in the past I would try and run from it without just sitting.. allowing the emotions to pass feel the discomfort…to feel what I was feeling. Part of me was angry. Part of me started to question everything – like “maybe I hurt this person with what I said”.. and “maybe I was too harsh with my words..”

The context? It was a sales conversation – I teach this stuff. and Last night and this morning.. just reflecting back.. I questioned if I was right or if I was wrong about the way I handled the conversation. Did I get into my ego in the conversation ? Is that why I got angry?

Then I realised with what I teach.. allowing women to value themselves and create high end offers in their business.. maybe it’s not for everyone. Maybe not everyone is ready for it.

This woman realised that her high end package was around the $1800 – $2000 mark and then she said.. but I don’t want to be selling it to people who don’t have the money for it.. I want to just sell it my ideal people. I agreed.. of course you will only offer your stuff to the people who are right for it. It doesn’t mean though that the person necessarily has the money sitting in their bank account waiting for this package to land in their lap.  No one ever says “Ohh.. I’ll just keep this money aside and wait for the right package to show up so I can invest in it”  : )

The thing is, this person wasn’t willing to find the money to be shown another way.. a way that would be uniquely her way of reaching her ideal people. She wanted guarantees that my work would work for her. She didn’t want to be left in the lurch paying me each month and then what if she can’t bring in the sales to cover it? What if she ends up in financial distress and there’s no out from my contract?

Already starting to doubt … see?This is what stops people in their tracks.. that smallness.. that place of fear.

She said she couldn’t just accept something on faith that it would work..

Now I know what really pissed me off..the emotions I shared at the beginning of this post – it was because of the lack of faith that I see out there in the entrepreneurial world.

I felt like it was almost like mockery of every dreamer who ever had the courage to see something in their vision and then bring it to life through their courage and faith in the idea.. the possibility that they see.

It reminded me of that quote: Man cannot discover new oceans, unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore- Andre Gide

We are so scared to lose sight of the shore because it Is scary right? Just tuning in and listening to what’s given to you and then taking the next step and the next step. So instead, we hold on and hold on to what we know.. even when another way is shown to us.. we refuse to let go.. to surrender to what maybe.. if we just trusted in ourselves just that tad bit more.

And I guess that’s what my clients get when they work with me. My unshakable belief in their vision when we have tuned in and seen what’s there for them.. and then taking massive inspired action backed by faith – That’s what brings the results in! That’s what makes someone’s dream come true.

I got an email yesterday from one of my private clients and she said she made more money in the first week of working with me than she had in the entire year before that.. and whilst I was in awe when I read that.. I just salute her soo much and I have so much respect for someone who bets on themselves and freaking doesn’t give up. That is where dreams and visions are made. These leaps were taken because the path to this woman’s success was unique to her.. it wasn’t some formulaic thing that was dished out.

I realised who my ideal clients were and who my clients were not. One quality that sets them apart is that when they commit to something wholeheartedly they are there for the whole ride.. the messiness, the big wins, “the corrections” from The Universe, the journey of sharing their life with someone close to them like a coach/mentor who gets it.

My clients are not those who are there to see what they can “get” and then completely nullify the process and the patience it sometimes takes to allow something to land from their higher selves and integrate that in their beingness.

And the reason I love sales so much is because in these conversations.. I get to be in My element. I come alive in these conversations because I get to be witness to someone’s truth.. what’s working, what’s not working.. what they see for themselves and we also get to see how willing they are to actually change. Some people say they are.. until we start to talk about money..and then all their insecurities come up.. all their stories come up..and I just sit there.. a mirror.. just speaking out loud what I see for them.. and then they have a choice..

Are they going to get bigger than their fear and bet on themselves and commit? Or are they going to shrink back from their gut yes.. just because of the money.

Sales brings up a lot of stuff. Discomfort around money and how much someone values something or not. The possibility of rejection. The need to be right. The need to stay in lack and limitation. The need to keep their story alive. Who would you be without your story right?

I’ll be sharing more about high value offers and sales as that’s my backyard and I have been called to step into the spotlight more so I am leaning into that.. Stay tuned in the next few days for info about a livestream/webshow I will be doing to share more on this topic. Would love you to join the conversation here or on my facebook page :

What do you think?


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  1. I love reading your newsletter Nadhira every time every word. This week I learned a lesson about “trusting my gut”, because I didn’t listen to my gut and got stung.

    I know also that my connection about money has to change unless I want to continue to live in lack.

    That’s about as far as I’ve got so far. I won’t write anymore because it is difficult to write here on my phone.

    Thank you for sharing your newsletters with me.


    Lisa Dean

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