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Being Fully IN by Nadhira Razack

January 30th, 2014 | no comments

In my last ezine I mentioned how I was in my own deep winter during C’mas . I’ve come through it now so I can share the pearls of wisdom that those lessons presented.

I had a situation where there were plenty of people having conversations with me about working together and they would go through a process of saying Yes and then saying No.. for some reason or other they would back out.

Yes and No image

This started to get really pissing off after a while. After all, being a coach – I knew that it wasn’t “them” that was the problem. I was the common denominator in all of this.

So I had to ask myself that question of all time… “How and why am I creating this situation where people are mirroring back to me that they’re  IN and then Out..

and another question “Where am I IN and then OUT in my own life?

It hit me..

I realised I would get such strong messages from Spirit, (my intuition) about what I needed to do or not do..and I wouldn’t completely Trust it.. instead I would question what I was hearing or seeing.

Then the clean up act started. I began to see the feminine as fierce ..it’s that energy of “Are you “f***ing with me or what?”

Just look at mother nature and the sheer energy she can bring when she conjures up strong winds, tsunamis, storms.. you can’t tippy toe around her. She will look you straight in the face and stare you down until you “get it”

So that’s when I said “Alright.. life, the universe.. I am fully IN”

“ You speak.. I listen.. and this is how I live my life. “

From then on , it’s been so much easier..  I renewed my commitment to myself.. to have a 100% faith in myself that when I can see it, I can create it. It’s mine.


WHY then is it so difficult to trust the voice within – a voice that is our own?

If you’ve grown up having to be a certain way or learning to people please in order to keep the peace, it can be really easy to lose your sense of self and that connection to your own truth . It’s easy for other people to project their feelings on to you and being super sensitive you would absorb it and before long, you wouldn’t know the difference between what you were feeling vs what was someone else’s “stuff” ..

A serious case of Blurred Lines baby : )

Every time I’ve grown, there’s been pieces of my journey where I’ve had people mirror back to me my fear.. like when I was in a workshop one day and the person in front of the room said my idea for my business was not going to work.. : )  I didn’t even want to coach with her anymore.. yet I paid out my contract and just vowed to trust my own authority over anyone else’s. It’s how I knew my brand evolved from Comfy Sales to Trust Your Gut. It’s not been easy.. yet it’s been so worth it. It’s completely freeing.

I believe this year, we are going to be poked and prodded by our own souls to search for what’s truly meaningful to us. We can experience these nudges as some force just shaking the life out of us so we will finally listen and take notice or we can actively start to do the work, create the space to hear our own Truth and get a head start.

I reached out to a few people I had worked with in the past and offered them Truth Sessions. Something that I did at around this time last year that I was I intuitively guided to offer. It never came up after that, so I didn’t offer them.

Truth Sessions

More recently just with a few sessions I’ve been having I realised what breakthroughs are possible when you just have time to be Present. In one session, one client got present to something in her life that she was carrying since she was 11 years old and we cleared it.

In another session a client just took one action step after our session and she doubled her interest rate on an account meaning she was financially free because the amount would cover her rent each month – she began to get present to the fact that she needed to “Ask for what she wanted”

So I have been called to open up the offering to my entire list. I have a feeling there’s a handful of you out there who just need some space to churn through some stuff that has come up. You are ready.

If this calls to you, you can book a 75 minute Truth Session for $397/=

If you act quick, and book this week i,e. 31ts of January, you can experience it for $297/=, You need to reply and let me know you’d like to book in. That will save you the rate.

Your session can be utilized between now and the end of February.

Allow yourself to be a clear channel for the messages you need to hear so  you can start taking the action you need Now…so you can have a beautiful start to The Year of the Horse xx



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