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How I manifested my dream home in 6 days

March 29th, 2016 | no comments

I’m not sure I even like the word manifesting – I know now it’s more about being a Match to that which you are desiring to come into your life.

I remember filling out the rental application and the question was something like “Why are you moving?”.. and all I had in me was deep appreciation for the beauty of this place and how much it had fit the images in my imagination of what I wanted for our family at this phase in our life.. so no matter how woo woo it seemed.. I wrote from my heart on that application like my life depended on it…and at the same time.. I was unattached to whether I got it or not .. like I wouldn’t have felt devastated if I didn’t get it.. I would have trusted that there was something in the horizon for me that I couldn’t see yet.

I loved that the home was right near my fav shopping centre that has a library that I love, a town square.. the vibration of the shops and cafes in that place with fresh herb boxes right outside the restaurants.

I remember a conversation with  my husband where I actually vocalised “You know what I can actually see myself living here”.. and at that point had no idea we would find our ideal home in this suburb.

Before this came into view, I had lived in the contrast.  I knew my time was up at this current place and we certainly didn’t want to renew and stay here.. it just didn’t feel right. We wanted more green space, and some place with a bit more character and charm. Definitely wanted a back yard for the kids to play in.

Then I began to pay attention to what I actually did like.. the fact that I cut out physical images of the things that I did like.. allowed me to Know what it is I loved.. so when I saw it in physical form it was easy to see that it was a match.

Day One – Thursday – I had been out with the kids. We had just been out, they had fallen asleep in the car.. it was a relatively cool day so I kept all the doors open in the car, including the garage so I could hear them.. and then took a nice deep breath.

I had 8 minutes of soul guidance.. where my soul said “sit on the couch and paste those magazine clippings” so I got some glue, got some art paper from my 3 year old’s stash and sat on my white couch and glued away for 8 minutes.

Here’s that piece of paper : )

Magazine clippings of things that spoke to me - somehow connected to our home x

Magazine clippings of things that spoke to me – somehow connected to our home x


Can you see the title? It said “Home for the Holidays”  : ) and when I pasted it.. I wasn’t even conscious about what it meant.. it was like my hands were guided .. and I just pasted it there as a title. Guess what our move and the whole move in date and vacating where we are now is happening in the school holidays.

On Saturday we went for the Open for Inspection and loved the home

We applied for the home by Monday

On Wednesday we were told the landlord had approved our application.

I knew there were quite a few other applicants too.. and everything was speeding ahead.

Funny that : )


Lesson learned in these words below:

Once you have practiced the vibration of what’s in your Vortex long enough that you own the frequency of it, and there is no gap between you right here where you stand and the vibrational reality in your Vortex – then those objects, those relationships, those desires, those answers, those solutions that you have been asking for will flow seamlessly , in perfect timing, into your experience.


I would be interested in hearing from you about how you’ve brought things into physical form.. and the feelings that preceded it : )

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