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How to create white space so that you can hear your own Spiritual Guidance

How to deal with inconvenient truth and the flow of emotion by Nadhira Razack

March 2nd, 2016 | no comments

Today’s article is about a topic that has come up during my time away and also on coming back to Australia..

How we women deal with inconvenient truth..

And how that affects our energy and our life force to go in the direction it needs to go.

Being in an environment that was not home.. where I wasn’t busying myself thinking about what to give the kids to eat or what I was going to have for dinner that day or when the laundry needed to be done etc.. I could just be in complete stillness. We had beautiful food prepared for each of our meals.. and all I had was the company of myself.

The hot spring and my view of the mountains in Calistoga, California

Mayacamus Ranch

I didn’t feel like I wanted to put the radio on.. I didn’t feel like I wanted to hear anyone speak.. and in those moments of stillness.. tears.. uncontrollable tears kept streaming.. so much so.. that it became a full blown grieving kind of cry..

I hadn’t felt the depth of sadness I had been carrying around.. I held the heavy antique taps while they creaked at night drowned by tears in the water and let it run through..

Emotions and feelings are like that.. like waves.. needing to just flow. No more squishing.

It strikes me when I work with women and we’re birthing the programmes and offerings of their dreams.. that we face these parts of ourselves we’ve squished.. or made wrong or shamed. I love being that space of support for them where all emotions are welcome.. where their head hurts and they don’t know why Or they feel super frustrated or annoyed and they don’t know why..

And then it appears.. this terror barrier.. this wall that seems to be in our way.. that we bump against and usually just resort to going back to the way things were…

And in those moments.. as someone holding them.. I know .. I know they’ll get through this.. and pretty much every single woman Will go through it because they’ve got me by their side..and Spirit of course.

It’s that when we try n do things “all by ourselves” .. we tend to not be able to see clearly.. or we go straight into rationalising what we’re experiencing.

Never swim alone.. it's okay to be supported

Snapped this at my son’s swimming class.. Never swim alone.. all these messages that it is OKAY to be supported

And yet with some hand holding to be able to witness and have validated what’s going on.. we are able to get through.. and suddenly we can see again.. it’s kind of like this photo of me.. after the retreat.. I didn’t have all the answers.. but inside I was free and I knew that no matter what .. All will be well.. and I will always side with truth.. and never be available for self betrayal no matter how hard truth is to swallow.

And  I take that stand for my clients too.. I Cannot Wait till I run my own retreat this year and you are invited! Email me back and let me know you have an interest and I will keep you posted with dates x

For now.. you are welcome to apply to work with me privately in a 60 day container I have two spaces open for deep handholding to get you to the other side of birthing  your dream offering and actually doing the alignment work that it takes to be the person who is available for your clients to pick you as their person x : )

Email if you’d like to chat.


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