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How to Download Your Next Marketing Idea and Have the Guts to Implement it

April 13th, 2016 | no comments
This week’s blog is an audio recording x

Here is your link to the audio:

Here is a summary of the main points which I go into detail in with stories and anecdotes in this 1 hour audio. Good to take on your walk or sit n listen with a cup of tea : )

Lesson 1: What’s Your Main Thing? – You gotta know it.
Lesson 2: Find a Role Model
Lesson 3: Discover your unique gift
Lesson 4: Learn how to sell and transform your relationship with selling
Lesson 5: Find Your Ideal People
Lesson 6: Market Your Unique Ideas
Lesson 7: Make sure your actions are aligned with where you want to go
Lesson 8: Manage your environment, people books, thoughts
Lesson 9: Get Support and Be Wiling to Invest In yourself

Note at the end of the audio I let you know about my old website.. that is no longer in use, so emailing me to nadhira@consciouswomaninbusiness.com  is the way to do it if you would like some hand holding on any of the lessons above.


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