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How to price your packages so they are aligned with your heart – by Nadhira Razack

May 26th, 2015 | 1 comment

Pricing! Aah one area that can trip us up in the service space if we’re not careful.

Price based on what your package can do for another individual.


My take on pricing is pretty simple actually and one thing to note is that:

  • It doesn’t cause you to go outside yourself and look at what the ‘competition’ is charging before you decide on your rates. I say competition in ” ” because I don’t actually believe we compete with other service providers. Our biggest competition is inertia in our own perfect prospects who want to stay put when they know they need you.

Okay.. before you gasp and go “Are you serious?” I don’t have to go scouring the internet for other people who do similar work to me to find out what the going rate is for their services. Yes, you heard me : )

It’s okay for you to have an awareness.. but this is not about you researching and researching until you get into a tail spin and then start comparing yourself and getting nowhere.


So where do we start?

Step 1:

We need to start with your Heart.. and ask it what it wants for you in this coming year.

Before you delve into pricing, you need to know what your needs and your hearts desires are in the next 12 months:

You need a $$ figure, not just “I want to go on holiday for 3 weeks”

Get more specific, where is it that you would like to go? Asia? Europe? If so, what country in particular? Where would you like to stay?  How much spending money would you like to have on this trip to experience all the sights and sounds you crave? Here’s where the research comes in: google it.

Step 2:

Once you have a $$ figure attached to your desires. Then add that to your Needs Number : this includes things like rent/mortgage + utilities + car payment + petrol + insurances + groceries.. anything that you spend on per month to make your life run and your business run.

Step 3:

The other piece to this is knowing how much time you want to be working in the year. Would you like to be working 5 days a week? 3 days?

Factor in your time off in the year.


It’s only once you know the answer to all these key pieces can you be fully equipped to start pricing your packages. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog so you can put these pieces together x

If you want to learn more about how to do this with your individual packages , then I invite you to join me next week: June 3rd for a One Day Workshop: https://consciouswomaninbusiness.com/inyourelement-event/  where we will be going deeper into this aspect of pricing, so when you do set your prices, you know they are aligned for you. It doesn’t come from looking outside yourself. If you experience any hiccups in this exercise, I will be there with you to hold your hand through it.

Stay tuned for more tips on pricing tomorrow x

If you feel this is an area you need to nail in your business so you can create the kind of income that can sustain you and your family, then register and get your ticket here. https://consciouswomaninbusiness.com/inyourelement-event/

Can’t wait to see you!


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  1. […] So On Tuesday I sent you an article about how to create your pricing so that it’s aligned with your heart and the assignment was to add up the figures for your needs and desires so you have a clear idea of your monthly financial number. Do this step so when you do price your packages the money actually has meaning. If you missed it you can Read Part I here […]

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