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If you were in a relationship with Money – would it stay or would it go?

September 14th, 2014 | no comments

I remember saying to myself “I want to get really good with money so I never have to worry about it again”. Yet I know we create it because sometimes the drama of it is the only thing that will get us to “conscious” about our  money and actually look at what’s really going on with it and even pay attention in the first place.

With that in mind, my dear friend Tamra Mercieca invited me to have a chat about Money and our relationship to it. In this 30 minute audio interview we look at how you can connect better with money so it’s something that you invite into your life as opposed to pushing away from your life. We shared many nuggets of wisdom that if you allow to sink into your consciousness , it will be a great start.

Here’s the link to the interview where Tamra and I talk about how you can get some money love in your life

Tamra-Mercieca-Getting-Naked Tamra Mercieca is a Relationship Therapist, Author and founder of Getting Naked Pty Ltd  where she teaches people how to strip off the layers stopping them having the self-love needed to create a life they absolutely adore. If you’d like to learn how to clear the mental gunk keeping you from having a nurturing relationship with YOU, then have a listen to her 45-minute audio explaining how:

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