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I’m coming Out – not in the way you think…

January 6th, 2017 | no comments

With so many people lured into taking online courses to get them somewhere.. sometimes taking a course can  give us that feeling like we’re doing something..

But if taking the course isn’t making you take the action that actually gets you paying clients and allowing you to do the work that  makes your heart light up.. then it isn’t what you need.

In my 2.5 years on the phone cold calling business owners everyday in  my side gig whilst I built my business on the side.. I had to pick up that phone even after I got hung up on, got rejected multiple times.. even when I knew the guy I was speaking with really needed to get in the room with my  business coach boss.. but for some reason just gave me yet another reason why he couldn’t free up 3 hours at night to come to a workshop. I knew that everytime I picked up that phone I was winning.. each phone call taught me something.

I knew we had turned around so many businesses where our clients were taking extended vacations, exploded their business growth because they were implementing marketing strategy that their neighbours weren’t doing.. they walked a little taller, they were having fun in their businesses.. I believed in the work we did.. I also had an innate sense of the type of business owner it was for..

I think we can be sold all sorts “this will be really easy.. go this route..” to get paying clients. Often we’re sold ways of marketing online just so we can get away with not speaking to people!

In my experience, it takes more than that.

It takes being witnessed, being validated, in takes knowing what’s right for you..and how to allow you to be On a roll and Feel Good so you can put your best foot forward each day.

It takes talking it out with someone who only sees the best in you so you can align with your most high vibrating self and let the stories be heard and then dissolve.. so that the new stories can emerge..

Whilst I have planted my flag as someone who helps women find that heartbeat within their business , or that real jewel inside of them that’s so precious and needs to be valued. Yes I help my clients market themselves, help them sell to their most ideal clients, help them quadruple their rates or more.. yet underneath all that I’m coming out as a healer.


My clients heal their hearts, their creative centres, they start voicing things they used to keep hidden..   that frees up a whole lots of stuck energy.. energy that’s now available to dance with life..  they become attractive to themselves.. they feel turned on and people notice : ) and they’re not afraid of picking up the phone either or reaching out 1:1 and making offers to people they know they can serve. So  Yes .. they learn how to make good money doing what turns them on.

They have a kind of fiestyness to them and a bit of rebel : ) I Love ‘em : ) and they are just beautiful creatures who want the best for their clients and whose protective instincts to fight for what’s right is just part of their being.

I think the only reason you don’t often do what you’re guided to do.. is that you fear you’ll lose something.. what if that didn’t even cross your radar? What cool things would you get up to in your business?

Do you want to run your business from this energy? An energy that is creative, filled with joy, innocence, wonder and “I have nothing to lose” .. and go create that way : )

If that is you, I have a few 1:1 spaces for this special time of the year to get your energy aligned so you can be free to burst wide open and go get your favourite clients , and make some waves in your industry. Xx Hit Reply to me if you’re feeling the pull : ) I can tell you  more xx

Guess what … having fun in your business.. is so attractive that your people will notice..

Much love,

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