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It’s my Birthday + Interview inside

March 18th, 2014 | no comments

I mentioned a few days ago to look out for a video interview with myself and Luanne Simmons for your chance to win a ticket to The Gathering 2014 – the tickets were claimed as soon as the interview went on facebook live on Sunday and more people watched on Monday.

Here’s the link to the video interview (15 mins) where I shared some of my journey and I answered 3 juicy questions in relation to Pleasure, Power and Prosperity  with regards to Sales.

I know there are some of you in my tribe whom I might be seeing at the event next week so I’m really excited!

Today’s my 28th birthday and my husband had written in my birthday card to not forget where I started when I came to Australia : ) I remember “Trying” to balance 3 plates waitressing at The Pancake Parlour whilst I was in university. It took me back to the days when I remember smelling of maple syrup after my shift and a part of me knowing this was just a job to tied me over until I found that “thing” that I know I came here to teach and share.

My birthday got off to a great start : ) I was so blessed to get to connect with my sistermind buddies.. it was like one big world on a google hang out! Me in Australia at 2:30am , Folake, my sister in crime calling from Ghana, my buddy Sue from the UK and then our beautiful mentor Kat chiming in from sunny LA.

We were talking about our work,, you know when you have been called to be one of those Messengers and you have a big mission to share.. and we were talking about receiving criticism in getting our messages out and we prayed for more marketing ‘balls’ ; ) to unashamedly get our work out there.

My mentor was saying.. you know.. if you knew you had the cure for cancer.. would you hide it? Would you not want to sing from the rooftops about how amazing your work is? And here.. in my business.. I know I help women from experiencing a certain kind of ‘sickness’ in their business.. – when they aren’t getting the sales in, or the money they know is their birthright.. I help them value themselves so they can work with their most ideal people in a way that is magical to them. Sometimes we tend to forget what a difference we make..

Today I want you to take a stand for the work you do and take one action towards that – whether that is posting something in a forum, or calling that person you know who’s meant to work with you and you’ve been avoiding picking up the phone.. Tune in to your guidance about what needs to be done today and do it.

And every time we get our faces muddied.. say someone criticised you or unscubscribed from your list when you started to share more of yourself – then that’s when  you get more grit and that’s when you really work this muscle. Say thank you.. and goodbye and make room in your life for the right people to show up : )

So today I am thankful to you! Even if you’ve just read this email, read a blog post of mine, been sharing this journey with me in some way or watch me evolve as I shed brands that didn’t fit me anymore and started to wear different words, or different images to transmit what it is that I do.. if you’ve ever spoken with me in a 1:1 conversation or come to an event, been a beautiful client of mine, I thank you!

Have an awesome day!!




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