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It’s Time To Make Some Money Honey.. By Nadhira Razack

August 3rd, 2016 | no comments

If you’re a woman in a service based business and you’re challenge is getting clients in, i.e. you have no sales coming in and not hitting your revenue goals I’ve got something for you today.

You’ve got loads of passion and drive for your business. You may have even left a soul sucking job in order to dedicate your energy and resources to make your business work. You may even have potential clients coming your way but it just doesn’t seem to convert.

Either you have a conversation about what you can do for someone and they say “send me something” and you go back n fourth via email a few times and at the end of this, they say they’re not interested. Or people are quite happy to pick your brains when you’re out networking but when it comes to actually hiring  you  – they say no.  It’s frustrating and confidence destroying!

The biggest piece though is the sadness you carry that you’re not living at your potential.. like part of you is going to wither away if this part of your life doesn’t receive the activation it so desires.

It’s not like you haven’t tried though.  You’re smart and capable and got a huge huge heart! You’ve invested in your personal development, you’re probably even seeing a kinesiologist or acupuncturist. You meditate. You may even eat healthy and move your body. You’ve taken online business courses by the big wigs and done work on your “money mindset”.

But why isn’t it working then?? i.e. how come the sales haven’t flowed in or the clients? At least the kind of clients that  pay you well and respect your work.

It might seem glaringly obvious as I state this but mayybe.. just mayybe you never gave yourself an opportunity to learn how to sell!  Sales has just never been a Focus for you up until this point.

It’s not your fault either. Especially if you’ve shied away from focusing on it because you’ve seen it done badly or being in business is never really about the money for you but making a difference.

The thing is.. in order to make the difference you came here to make, you need people to work with. Without sales, you never get to make the impact you were born to make and that’s sad!

Here’s what I know to be true.

In order to have a business that works, you need to know how to sell.

There’s a couple of key pieces you need to know.

  • You need to know your Gift – Your one thing that can bring others the biggest results
  • You need to know how to package your transformation for maximum impact and big results.
  • You need to get it out there: finding the perfect clients and get them to yes (I.e. Sales)
  • And be able to tap into this flow and energy field consistently by being the woman and leader you were born to be.

If one or more of these steps is missing it can seem like hard work.

I’ve been helping lightworkers create a pathway to conscious profits in this way for four years now. Having trained to be a Life coach I then transitioned into working for a business coach in his sales team and made it a point to master sales. During this time embarking on NLP training and investing heavily in my own training by the best in the industry I developed my own style and learned how to tune into energy and an individual’s higher self for guidance. Whilst I shied away from calling myself a business coach , I’ve been nicknamed people’s business coach because of the results we’ve gotten and so have now embraced calling myself that too.

At heart I am a teacher and guide. I Love teaching people the language of sales and the art and energy of it. I find it an incredibly creative force and just as one would teach dance or performing arts .. I bring that to sales. I went from not having a sales bone in my body to a path of mastery and I invite you to step on the path so you can discover for yourself a way to sell that’s right for you. It’s not sales in a box.. it comes through doing.. and experiential learning.

Yes there are some fundamentals that you can pick up in a training call..  for the majority of us.. the real learning comes through doing.. through making a few mistakes and uncovering what worked and what doesn’t so you create your own template for how this stuff works. It’s with you for life. It’s a fundamental life skill.

My clients end up getting this transmission and use this information for life. You cannot unlearn it.

My absolute Love is teaching this stuff to hungry learners and getting to see the insights and the sparks fly. I believe that change can happen in an instant with a sudden new lightning bolt of insight. With the right training and the right guidance you Can Do this!

If you’ve been sitting and asking for guidance on how you can master this sales thing – consider this a sign.  I encourage you to hit reply so we can connect 1:1 in a complimentary consult. If I feel that a small group approach could work for you I can tell you more about it and you can feel into if it’s right for you. If on the other hand you are more a 1:1 type of learner, then we can discuss that option for you on the call.

Much love





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