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Did you know I used to lie?

March 24th, 2013 | no comments

I wasn’t always at the level of business I am today. That may seem obvious, but the Truth is I used to lie to myself.
I went into business with a specific mission in mind, and was determined to meet it, and then in little ways I would hold back.
I now know I wasn’t alone – and you’re not either.
If you’ve ever (maybe even now) become frustrated and disconnected from the original spark that started your business, I’ve got a course-altering resource for you.
Darla LeDoux | The Truth Summit
Every business owner has their own unique Truth. They have a unique point of view and understanding of the world that unites their Genius and Mission in a way that has potential for incredible Profit. And, most importantly, the clients they serve are looking for the exact thing only they can provide.
I’m going to share my personal story of how I personally got brave and followed my Truth to design my business as you see it today. I’ll also be sharing about how you can use your personal truth to make money based on my personal expertise! Check out mine and the other inspiring talks here:
This free resource is part training and part inspiration, and is right for you if you know you are ready to uplevel your business and feel more peace and excitement about the work you offer the world.
This is for you if:
You dread getting on the phone with or opening an email from a client or prospect, because you’re afraid it will be “bad news.”
You miss out on clients and opportunities that you know you could have closed… if you actually wanted to deliver what you were selling.
You know you are keeping some part of yourself out of your business or marketing because you aren’t sure if people will like it or value it.
You’re spending time trying to figure people out so you can say what you need to say to get them to buy, rather than being you and trusting the right clients will come.
You love this Truth idea, but you’re not sure how to relate it to the actual marketing and running of your business and you need some expert advice!

I tell you, there’s no need to fake it in business, and if you don’t take my word for it, here are what some of the speakers are saying about Truth and the role it plays in their businesses:

  • “It’s vital to be able to communicate your value to the people that need your services in a way that is honest, authentic to you, rooted in integrity and gets you more clients. This is all about conveying what you have to offer to as many people as possible with an energy that naturally draws business to you.” – Heather Dominick
  • “Authenticity is the schiz — it’s what draws your people to you like a tractor beam, makes sales feel effortless, and keeps people who don’t value you far, far away.” – Kate Hanley
  • “Your truth is the basis of your message. Your life experiences, the challenges you’ve overcome, the lessons you’ve learned, and the strategies you’ve developed as a result of all of that is the core of what you have to share. Your ability to transform others comes from your own personal transformation and truth.” – Ava Diamond
  • “To really generate money, you have to be unique and persistent. Your uniqueness comes from your truth. Your stories. Your originality. Who you really are and want to become. You can’t fake that.” – Monica Shah.

A couple of cool things about this program…
While you’ll get special access to speaker opportunities when you attend live, the recordings will be available THROUGH THE END OF APRIL!
There are thousands of dollars in gifts available to those who register, and there is no upgrade fee to access these. AND they are just as juicy!
And, of course, I’ll be there!
Darla LeDoux, of Align and Profit, is our event host, and I know that her delivery is always top-notch.
It’s time to embrace How Saying What You’re ACTUALLY Thinking Connects You to Cash! Here’s that link again to register:

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