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Nadhira’s Response to a Reader’s Question

July 11th, 2014 | no comments

Article: How to deal with a potential client objection of “I need to be credible before I can  …”

Today I felt called to respond to a question I got from a subscriber regarding a sales conversation with a potential client. The potential client wants to train as a sex therapist and is debating whether to go to uni or not, because getting a qualification will help her be seen as more credible.

My reader  with the work she does, knows that she can get better results working with someone 1:1 than what she’d learn at uni.

Her question to me was: How do you navigate this concern and how would you handle it?

I love the question so thank you for asking : )

Where we fall down the most in these conversations is not digging around enough.. You would need to ask the person

  • What would having credibility mean to you?
  • What does that look like?
  • What would happen if you did have credibility – then what?

These types of questions especially a question starting with “what” – opens up the conversation.

This potential client might say:

  • Having credibility would mean that I will have more confidence in myself in putting myself out there in this sphere of sex therapy.
  • I would feel worthy of people coming to me because I have a qualification in what I’m doing.
  • People aren’t going to question how I can do this work if I have a qualification.

Once this person starts to reveal why it is that credibility is important to them.. we now have a clearer picture about what it means to them, their own filters for how they look at the world.

Their answers are quite revealing also.. if the potential client said having a qualification from a university would give her credibility and that would lead to having more confidence in putting herself out there..

It’s revealing something about her level of confidence in herself. Having a uni qualification might actually boost this woman’s confidence in herself and that might be enough..

But there’s a reason this conversation is happening between my reader and this potential client at this time.

I always trust in that as well.

The other thing to  be curious about in this conversation is the filter for this potential client.. she seems to be making her choices from an either Or point of view. I can either spend the money going to uni and learning how to become a sex therapist Or I could invest with this woman (my reader) and get to my result which is to be a successful sex therapist.

I’m not sure how much time was spent to hear this woman’s vision for her life and her business.. but these are the sorts of areas that trip people up. My reader could ask this woman:

Where else in your life are you settling with your choices and or choosing from lack instead of All there is.

It’s very likely that the perfect solution might be a combo of university And my readers coaching package where she will hold this woman’s hand and help her create the business of her dreams in this particular area of expertise that my reader has immense experience and knowledge. This is the sort of decision making and choice that is available to someone once the lights go on in the room and they can see clearly.

My final tip – once you’ve done all  you can to support this woman in making a choice and taking a stand for her – then surrender. Sometimes you have to fight for your clients and tell them like it is.. because no one else will. At least in the end, this potential client can choose from Truth and not falseness.



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