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What No One Tells You About Following Your Inner Knowing..

September 2nd, 2016 | 6 comments

I had a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach like something wasn’t right. My inner knowing had been feeling this in short bursts in the last few months but I couldn’t really put words to it. So I finally said it ,

“I feel like our relationship has reached completion” I just have this knowing like it’s not going to work.

And I was soo afraid I was going to be wrong… like what if my knowing is completely Wrong? What’s going to happen to the kids? Where would we live? Will my husband just suddenly withdraw emotionally and be just be cold as ice? I didn’t want all that tension in the house.

What happened next actually surprised me.. and I want to let you in.

Here was an experience of Saying / expressing what I was feeling regardless of whether it was right or wrong. (Your ego always worries about being right)

It’s a Feeling.

When we attach to whether the feeling is right or wrong.. we automatically go into judgement. Did I say the Right  Thing? Oh gosh.. now what’s going to happen because I said That?

The thing that really matters is that You deeply listened to yourself and what You were feeling so the feeling could be expressed via a unique sound.. which is your voice.

What this does to your sense of receiving.. is mindblowing.. it just opens you up.. because you’re following  the guidance of Source through your life.. deeply listening to your Higher self.. the way she speaks, the notes and the resonance will become richer as you practice Listening..

There’s no right or wrong anymore.. it’s just what’s Right for You in that moment.

It was funny because I felt like when I expressed the feeling.. I noticed that I was “Given” more love.

So I said to my husband.. “hmm.. I’m a little confused and curious. I felt like suddenly you were being all loving towards me after I said what I said.. so what’s up with that?”

But my husband just lovingly and matter of factly said , “My Love has actually been constant.. it’s just that you suddenly became more receptive.. so I wanted to give more.That was probably what you were experiencing..”


Breathe Nadhira..

It was one of those beautiful moments when I felt like time stopped just so I could sit still and Receive the Opportunity in that moment. It felt like I got something in my cells.. a deep knowing that I’d been yearning to learn and uncover for a while but it had alluded me.

I just lay there… going.. this is life altering for me… so deeply content in that moment that a deep realisation was just dropped in my lap.

So in the past few days I’ve been listening for the process around this and what it means for you as you navigate your business. 

Receiving has Everything to do with your desires and your business. If you cannot develop receptivity to life , your yearnings… then even when opportunities stare you in the face you won’t even know they’re there.. because you weren’t really listening in the first place.


You need to be In Receiving.. so you receive your visions.. How?

Through deep listening.

Phase I – Listening

Usually that means paying attention to the music behind what you’re actually saying or just getting quiet and still enough to hear the whispers and the tones and the melody.

All it requires is deep listening.. there’s no attachment or judgement as to whether it’s a right feeling or a wrong feeling.. it’s just a Feeling! Your feeling : ) it’s right for you at this time..

Here’s my scribbles so far of how I understand it..


Desire expressed via feeling needs to pass through the heart and up through your voice


You feel your desire/longing or Feeling inside your womb space.. this area is usually two fingers below your belly button..

You can access this space through your Breath and breathing in a particular way (I practiced this a lot with my gorgeous voice coach Maryanne).

The breath connects you with this feeling realm.. brings you down and into your body.

Action step for Phase I: In order to even know what you’re feeling.. you could practice saying “I am feeling this.. I am feeling Sad. I am feeling hurt. Tip: you may  need to talk it out loud.. so you can give Voice to the feeling inside.. a friend or a confidante or a coach might help.


Phase II  – Courage

Then comes the bit that can get uncomfortable, because It requires Courage.

Courage to have to take action.. like Voicing it to someone who is involved in the situation at hand.

I feel like courage is the realm of the heart.

Heard people say “Oh gosh.. I don’t have the heart to say that”..  it’s because the heart gifts you the courage.

The more you know who you are and what matters to you and that your intentions are clear, the more easily you will navigate this step.

Action step for Phase II – Courage:

You can write an intention here before actually letting the notes sing through your Throat.

Write An intention because it can gift you the courage.. and you can let go of the outcome and just surrender to the fact that you listened and took the step that was right in front of you, knowing that your next step and the steps after that will be revealed to you with more clarity.

So instead of feeling like you’re going to say the “wrong thing” or you’re nervous about it coming out the “wrong way” you can just gift yourself permission to express yourself with love and acceptance of yourself and your own truth in the moment.

Whether someone understands it, agrees with it or not.. is now not really in your hands.

If you would like help discerning what needs to happen next in your business and/or life by deeply listening and then having the courage to take your next right actions, I invite you to  schedule a session with me here where we will connect 1:1 to work out your exact next steps so you walk away with a plan after truly having listened to your soul. For a limited time I am offering these session at $197AUD, you can find out more by clicking here

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  1. Dear Nadhira,

    Thank you for your blog, I loved it. I’ll read the phases part later, when I have time.

    I have in mind to send you a letter anyway, thank you for your card. I love to tell you where I am at, and I want to write again, and speak further.

    But in response to your blog today, I feel that I am being called to listen to my voice, or my guidance.

    I feel I am learning, and I can have such abundance when I can trust my inner master.

    You know that I have been running my business using my head instead of my heart.

    So your blog speaks to me, luring me, transforming me into a spiritual space.
    It is a helpful reminder, and always nice to read your blog and enter into a higher frequency.

    God bless.

    Thank you for being brave enough to share.

    xx. Lisa Dean.

    • Lisa : ) I am so so glad you are being lured into listening to your inner guidance/voice again : ) It’s a beautiful thing isn’t it? I can’t wait to hear from you xx
      Much love
      p.s. thank you for taking the time to comment : ) x

    • Thank you so much Maryanne! I am so glad I went through an experience that allowed me to understand the work at a deeper level and be able to articulate it : ) Much love x

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