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Part II – How to price your packages so they are aligned with your heart – Nadhira Razack

May 29th, 2015 | no comments

So On Tuesday I sent you an article about how to create your pricing so that it’s aligned with your heart and the assignment was to add up the figures for your needs and desires so you have a clear idea of your monthly financial number. Do this step so when you do price your packages the money actually has meaning. If you missed it you can Read Part I here

How did that exercise go if you’ve just done it? Watch out for what can come up to distract you when you get to the exercise.. any patterns that show up whilst you do it is really telling of where you stop. For some of you.. you  may have found yourself googling away at all your desires.. and finding out how much things cost.. but at the same time feeling like.. Oh gosh.. how can I receive that into my life?

Or you may have thoughts like “no matter how much I make it’ll never be enough” … no judging those voices.. just be a witness to those thoughts..

Let’s get rolling with Part II of this exercise:

Having a package for your services is One thing. Learning how to price them in a way that’s aligned for you is a Game changer!


To come up with the price of your packages for your service: here’s where we start:

  • Step 1: Think about your package and the time you have to service clients so you get a clear view of how many ideal clients you’d like to serve in these packages per month.
  • Step 2:  Get your Monthly Financial Number and divide it by the number of ideal clients you would like to serve each  month for a particular package. For Example: Let’s say your monthly financial number is $5000 and you want to work with 4 clients at a time in a 3 month package. $5000 divided by 4 = $1250 per month. This is your monthly rate you would be charging per client.
  • Step 3: See formula you can use to work out the ideal package price for your service. Here I’m assuming that there is only one package in this business.

The Math:

Your monthly financial goal number multiplied by the # of months you’d like to work with someone  , divided by the ideal # of clients you’d like to work with:

In this example: Monthly Financial goal number = $5000.     The duration of the package is 3 months. Ideal # of clients to have in your schedule at any time = 4.


($5000 x 3  months) divided by [ideal # of clients which is 4] = $3750/= is your package price.


So to allow the $$ in, you need to find 4 people you can help. If each of the 4 clients paid $1250 per month for 3 months, you receive your $5000/=.

Always make sure the value you deliver exceeds the investment you are requesting from your clients.

Your only job now is to go get 4 clients at this rate.

If you’re going.. “Great.. but How do I do that Nadhira?” – and you may have questions like “where do I find these clients?” or “how do I ask them to work with me?” or “I can’t possibly see myself charging those rates! Can people really afford to pay me that?” or “I’m scared that I can’t deliver that much value..”

Then I’d love to invite you to come join me for a One day workshop next Wednesday 3rd June where we will be huddling and getting this sort of thing looked at in your business. You can even apply for hot seats and laser coaching when you’re there so we can experience a breakthrough in this area.

Get your ticket here!: https://consciouswomaninbusiness.com/inyourelement-event/

You will have to get out behind your laptop and come join me for a day. Do what you need to do to create space so you can make it.

Can’t wait to see you and work through this with you!



p.s. contact nadhira@consciouswomaninbusiness.com if you have any questions.

Get your ticket here: https://consciouswomaninbusiness.com/inyourelement-event/

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