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People thought I was crazy but..

January 11th, 2013 | no comments


The feeling of being supported can be a bit elusive – at least it was for me.  I was reflecting on how far I’d come in such a short space of time and it struck me about how much support I’d allowed myself to receive over the course of learning who I really am and building my business from that place.

Especially if you Are a visionary and create from nothing – just a seed, just an idea.. then the Universe requires you to step out in Faith every single time. You have to believe it before you get to see it – not the other way around.  That journey can be pretty lonely doing it all by yourself. Very often the people around you can think you’re crazy – when you let them know what you want to do.

Along my journey I have allowed myself to be supported by many people.Just tonight I was journaling and was overcome with a deep sense of gratitude as I reflected on all the opportunities that I said Yes to. I am grateful to my mentors for being able to support me and also grateful to myself for allowing myself to receive that support. For knowing I was important enough to warrant that level of hand holding and guidance from those who’d gone before me.

I am grateful that I allowed myself to put things on credit cards when I needed to without the shame attached to using credit to grow my business. It’s allowed me to take advantage of opportunities to work with a coach or join a programme I knew I needed to be in. I couldn’t even imagine what my life would be like had I not said Yes. I bet I’d still be working in a Job, my soul dying inside – just a little bit every day until I just lost my sense of self.

Rewind to 2010 I remember it was December and I knew there was something bubbling up inside me and when I received an invitation to apply for an opportunity to work privately with my mentor in France – I flew there to have a private day with her just to focus on myself and get clear about what I was creating in my life. I ended up creating Comfy Sales in early 2011 from that VIP day.

At the end of 2011, I reached out to another mentor to help me specifically with packaging myself because by this time I had accumulated experience and was very clear about what I wanted help with.  We had a virtual VIP day to start with and that really set me up for my success in 2012.

And this year is no different – I will be working with my current coach to have that experience again – because I’m in a new space and I’m preparing for a new year with my message that has deepened, bringing more of who I am to my business.

There’s something quite magical that takes place when you allow yourself to be supported. Just having a commitment to putting yourself first and being held in a space that’s designed to tap into Truth and being willing to see it.

I have a deep admiration for people who are willing to see the Truth. And I love nothing more than supporting my clients tap into theirs. I can literally hear my soul sing.. this is what I came here to do.  You deserve to know what’s in your heart. You deserve to have someone hold your hand so you can discover your reason for being here and allow your next chapter to unfold.

  • With all that I have done to invest in myself I have learned what works and what doesn’t.
  • I haven’t always been able to tap into my Truth as easily as I do now.  My intuitive knowing has always been a great guide. I just struggled to trust it.
  • If that sounds familiar, you need the right coach who can help you to not only see what you are here to do, but teach you to trust yourself and put it out there.  Putting it out there in a way that honours who you are and honours your unique journey.
  • I will make it safe and fun to explore what’s next in your business, and be tough enough to call you to play bigger and take the kind of chances that will have you looking back in wonder at what you’ve done!

I’ve been called to open up two spaces to work with me privately. If you feel like one of those spaces could be You, then I invite you to apply for a Free strategy session with me to work out whether this could be a fit for you.

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