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My business was busy and I was overwhelmed. I knew I needed to make some change but I wasn’t sure what. I had put it out to the universe to send me someone to help and then Nadhira came along. She was very heart connected and I felt she understood me, my current situation and where I needed to go.

We created calm and organisation within my business and my life. We then set to work on changing how I work with my clients. From this my client VIP deep work day was born valued at $2,000 and I sold my first one within a week!

Since working with Nadhira my business and life are more organised. I have employed an assistant to help with the behind the scenes work which allows me to focus on continuing to take my business to the next level. I have created a wonderful package for my clients called 7 Steps Back To You where we work together over a 3 month period shifting out blocks to success, happiness and abundance and shifting our perception of how we see life on a day to day basis. I love this package and am really proud of it. Clients are already benefiting from taking this journey with me and I can’t wait to get it out into the world.

I highly recommend working with Nadhira. She is such a gentle and caring soul that creates the space for you to sit in and realise your own magnificence and potential.

Michelle Bean | | Melbourne, Australia.

I was stale, I was not getting the bookings I had hoped for, I had relied on Word of Mouth, and while that kept food on the table..I was not planning a holiday anywhere and hoped the washing machine did not break down! I was not the Midwife of Choice in Melbourne.

Nadhira is a bundle of positive energy. She is creative & generous with her ideas. I found she gave me direction, and nourished my resolve to keep going in this business. A business so fraught with regulations and stuff, that many times I thought that the answer was just to jump off the horse and find peace elsewhere. I realised that I needed help if I was to grow the business sufficiently enough to plan a holiday…Not Paris..just Torquay, nothing too extravagant! Immediately, I was seeing my way clear to fire up my engine. I had a purpose and a project and I was no longer feeling stale & defeated. I had new purpose & ideas for an event to arrange. Having ‘things to do’ made the process of moving forward easy.

My business is very ‘organic’ in that it is a traditional Women’s craft. So using the thinking of the business world is foreign to me

So the quality of Nadhira’s support in ‘holding my hand’ while I laboriously completed each of the steps along the way, meant that the job at hand was broken down into manageable steps.

I have hosted an event that was a raging success. I got a 100% take up rate and I am looking to repeat this event in 3 months. I don’t feel stale anymore and I am looking at other opportunities to use the skills Nadhira gave me to promote other parts of my business.

Just do it! Her energy & creativity alone will inspire you to get up off the couch and just keep doing stuff. The skills I have learned make it possible for me to use the same ‘scaffold’ to build up the business in more areas. I’d love to stop and talk…But this old steam engine is on a mission, so don’t get in my way. LOL

Belinda Henkel | Belinda Henkel-Mobile Midwife | Melbourne, Victoria Australia

Diana Bonwick

Nadhira held my hand closely as I created my new branding and 3 different programs in the space of 6 months. Since launching my new website I sold over 80Ks in programs.
Nadhira is a shining light. Her purity of heart and clarity raises women’s vibration of self-worth and self value up to a place from which they are able to see themselves. Thanks for EVERYTHING you have done for me. Without you it would not have been possible.
Much love to you Amazing Woman,
Diana Bonwick
Creatrix, Speaker, Mentor


Before I started working with Nadhira, I had a small idea I was almost too scared to tell anyone in case they thought it was ridiculous or they said, “Who do you think you are to say you can help people with that?” I didn’t know how to hear what my inner guidance was saying or how to believe in it even if I did hear it. I didn’t have cash flow at all, I hated the idea of “selling” and I had no framework of how to have a sales conversation that wasn’t ‘salesy’.

I decided to work with Nadhira because she felt so aligned with my beliefs. She believed in a vision for me that I could only see on a good day, if I squinted my eyes, and turned my head sideways… Nadhira believed in me and by me making the choice to invest in her, I knew I was showing the Universe that, even in a small way, I believed in me too. I liked that Nadhira wasn’t focused on strategies, she was focused on showing me how to follow my intuition and Universal laws to realise that I could follow my own truth to success in any field.

I borrowed the money for my first $1000 payment for Nadhira’s services, and 3 days later I got my first coaching client who paid $1000 for my services. I used the service conversation template that Nadhira had given me, and when I told her the amount of the investment I took a sip and stayed silent like Nadhira had told me. I still remember how it felt when she said, “yes that sounds great.” I was so surprised I wanted to ask if she was sure, but of course Nadhira had advised me to say “awesome, how would you like to pay for that?” so I did. It was an incredible feeling to know that people were willing to invest in my wisdom and heart, and I could really feel Nadhira energetically loving me through it.

I have now built a business that actually looks like a business! I believe in my value (so much so I’m wondering if I can start another business already) and I know I have something to gift to others. I feel connected to the Universe – a source of unlimited abundance, support, wisdom and guidance – that guides me in personal and business decisions in a way that feels effortless and in flow, rather than like I’m pushing my way through. Nadhira has given me the gift of coming home to myself to make all of my decisions, and allowing me to trust myself in business and in life. I had a $10,000 plus month five months after starting my work with Nadhira, after starting with only an idea. In 2016 I will travel four months out of the year, working hours I choose from my laptop. I have earned back every dollar I invested in Nadhira, and built a business that will continue to serve me financially while I serve others through my work.

Nadhira doesn’t work with you in a way that she gives you strategies and advice that you can only get from her so you have to keep working with her forever. She believes in you and provides a safe energetic space for you to believe in you too. She helped me connect to my own power in a way that multiplied my business profits but also gave me a sense of personal fulfilment that I can’t ever put a value on

Kiara O’Leary
DreamWoven Events
Geelong, Victoria

New venture:




Before working with Nadhira, I had an idea of what I wanted to do, but no idea of how to get there. It looked like my dream life and job were way beyond reach. I just knew in talking with Nadhira that she had a special gift and would be able to help me in her kind and gentle, yet strong and truthful way. I accomplished so much in working with Nadhira I don’t know where to begin.

My first big result was designing my first one-on-one private mentoring program “Finding Your Inner Compass.”

In less than a week of designing this I had my first high end client at $6000!

I still giggle because it all came at once in cash.. in $20s $50 $100 etc…spread all around her on the floor…and my client blessed it to help me create more…what a perfect client As this was coming to an end, Nadhira then assisted me with designing my “Women’s Journey of the Rites” which was my first group program, and I filled it in just a few short weeks! Both programs have been a huge success bringing in more income than I have ever made! My rates went up 150% and once I realised my own value, I actually attracted more clients that are committed to doing the work and these clients are desiring other programs with me.

Nadhira helped me to bring my ideas into the real world. I also created a Wilderness Video Journey so my clients could take a journey with me right from my website and Nadhira really helped me to get clear and create this journey in a week.

With Nadhira’s help, I was able to see who I really am, what my desires and passions are, and how I best serve others. Nadhira helped me to see my gifts and skills and to create programs and offerings that are in alignment with my higher self and easy for others to understand. Nadhira helped me to connect with my guides and held me energetically as I extended way beyond what my mind believed. Her support and truth helped me to believe in myself, so my clarity and confidence grew and through this process I really feel like the business that I wanted to create was finally birthed into reality!

Nadhira helped me to clarify exactly what I do and what my desires are and then she helped me to step into them gracefully. I now have clear programs that are exactly what I want to be doing and I am having fun and my clients are receiving amazing results!

Jaclyn Ouillette  |  Wilderness Wisdom Guide, Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner  |  Yarmouth, Maine USA
Wilderness Wisdom Journeys




Before working with Nadhira I had been in a rut for most of the previous year about which direction I wanted to take my business. Within one session, Nadhira brought to life a vision of what could be that I hadn’t envisaged possible for myself. She helped me birth my dream teaching situation, an amazing program & new business direction.

Within a week or two of completing my sessions with Nadhira I had 2 potential clients make enquiries with one signing up for my program.

I highly recommend anyone seeking to start their own business, even if you’re unsure of what exactly, to connect with Nadhira. She makes things happen by holding a space for you to believe in your dreams.

Natasha Tay  |  Founder, Pocket Yogini




I went from charging $70 for a 45 minute healing session to charging $2500 for a 3 month package called Unravelling The Mysteries. I’ve now got clients clamouring to work with me in these containers I created with Nadhira.

Kathleen Howard




Working with Nadhira has put me at complete ease in my business dealings. It has given me a formula to help me get results in my business. I went from having two enrolments in my new course to 11 in under a week!

Having a tried and tested strategy for dealing with clients and other business has given me the confidence to step out of my comfort zone more-so than usual, as well as a fun an flirty approach which is key to the feel of my company. I also feel as though I now have a much better understanding of the mechanics of marketing. Nadhira was able to uncover the deeper issues going on internally.


Tamra’s Question and answer session with Nadhira after her program:


What did you really love?

Tamra: You made me cry! (Tamra laughs). If a therapist can make me cry then I know I’m getting to the deeper issue and we covered that! I was able to put my prices up. (Tamra doubled her prices). I loved how easy  it was! You kept it fun and I actually started to Enjoy it! (sales and marketing)


How did you feel about marketing before working with Nadhira?

Tamra:  Before working with you I wasn’t interested in it (marketing). I had heard that you had to spend 80% of your time marketing as a rule but I didn’t want to know about it! I thought, Can’t I just hand it over to someone else? I really wasn’t looking forward to marketing. Before I hired you I thought it was enough to just have a great product – that it would sell itself. Now I know the importance of getting your marketing right.


How do you feel now?

Tamra: I feel good. I have a clear path on how to do it. I’ve learned how to make it fun for myself. The experience of sending that plastic lamp chop as an offline marketing campaign was incredible.  Initially there was some hesitancy thinking , do I have time to be creating this? The best part was I had a play with it. There were some giggles on the other end of the phone when I did my follow up call – so I know the marketing made an Impact! In the end I got a 50% conversion in booking a meeting. I only sent 4 packages out and I’ve built strategic alliances with 2 of those contacts.

Being able to double my prices was a big thing. I sold my first $5k package!

I had a sense of the value of what I did, but I doubted that other people would see the value – until you helped me make that breakthrough. There’s more content on my website now. The program forced me to work on the the back-end of my marketing with autoresponders set up and ready to go. I know have a template plan for how to do my marketing in the future.

Tamra Mercieca  |  Relationship Queen, Founder of Getting Naked Pty Ltd.
Getting Naked Pty Ltd.




Before my VIP Day with Nadhira, I had lost touch with my intuition: having been great at listening to it when I was younger, I had been programmed throughout my life to believe that ‘logic’ and ‘science’ should always prevail. But I knew it wasn’t working for me and I wanted that back.

Working with Nadhira helped me re-establish my connection with my higher self.

Nadhira’s own connection with her intuition is so strong, it really provided me with an excellent template for how easy it can be to maintain that link and begin to make decisions from a place that felt truly ‘right’ for me at long last.

I love Nadhira’s style: her enthusiasm and sense of fun makes every session one I look forward to. Now we are working on refining my niche, I am feeling more confident than ever before about attracting my perfect clients and offering them my services.

Working with Nadhira not only enabled me to get more in touch with my higher self and have faith in my intuition; it also enabled me to see a much bigger purpose for my life and to embrace my new vision with confidence and an enthusiasm I haven’t felt for a long time. Nadhira’s insightful coaching helped cut to the core of where I stopped and put me on a new and much better path. I am delighted with this new direction and highly recommend Nadhira to help you take your business forward.

Ann Brosnan |  UK

I was unclear what my work was worth, how to offer it to clients and how to approach a sales conversation. I was making very little money from my business.

Nadhira gave me focus and confidence to make changes.

Nadhira approached me and pointed out that I was charging much less than I could do for my work. I spent some time talking to her about what I could be making in my business. At that time I thought she must be a bit delusional, but in the 12 months since that time I’m making more per month that we originally discussed.

The first results were in opening my mind to the industry I was in, and the prices others were charging. Second was for me to restructure my offerings so that I could charge much higher prices for what I was doing.

I had 2 sessions with Nadhira specifically on my sales techniques. She gave me a clear template to follow and some ideas for how to talk to clients within that sales container. This gave me so much more confidence and allowed me to relax in the sales conversation. I was able to sign up almost every client I interviewed after that.

This month I have signed up $30,000 of work. That’s more than double what I made in the previous twelve months.

Nadhira is a joy to work with. She has a light magical quality, while at the same time offering really sound and practical advice. I appreciate her gentleness, and her capacity to see the best outcomes possible, as if they are effortless.

Kim Gould  |  Founder, Love Your Design  |  Nimbin, NSW, Australia
Love Your Design



I was wondering how to take my work to a more successful level, but struggling to work out how to make money whilst juggling home life, children, my husband’s small business and all other usual demands on women. Finances were always tight (really we’d been in crisis for a year and still in survival mode). Life wasn’t much fun even though I really loved my work and had a high level of passion for it. I had an underlying feeling that it wasn’t meant to be like that, but didn’t really know how to fix it.

I asked for Divine Guidance and Nadhira appeared to me in a meditation!

When she called me the next day I knew I had to work with her. My husband sensed the connection and has been incredibly proud of the results I’ve achieved since I started working with Nadhira. I knew I had to work with Nadhira (trusting my gut before I even knew her business name!) and haven’t looked back since.

I decided to work with Nadhira because I felt she really understood me. She gets consciousness. She gets wanting to achieve and express greatness and by putting the two together, she can help you achieve instant and phenomenal results.

I saw results Immediately. I made more money in my first week working with Nadhira than I made in a year before that.

I feel successful. I have more confidence in myself than ever before and it translates into my work. I am selective about who I work with. I work from a place of flow and balance all the time and so work life balance has been immediately addressed. I know that I can now make my dreams come true, that I can choose when to work and when not to and the best thing its helping me with at the moment is not giving up on myself. I’m now working approximately 3 days full time and that’s all I need. Nadhira helped me structure a plan that creates the income I need in those three days work.

I also love that I can work on different projects in my work, I’m not limited to offering one program. In this way Nadhira really understand me and my need to explore different offerings. I have support to go for the big picture and to dream bigger and bigger, knowing I’ll hit my targets and goals. Every week Nadhira helps me believe more and more in myself and my visions. Our weekly coaching sessions are a highlight of my week.

I love working with Nadhira. She comes from the highest aspect of herself at all times.

Do not hesitate, you will see instant results.

Working with Nadhira is the best decision and investment in myself that I have ever made.

Susan Mills  |  Founder, Soulology |