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Are you resisting promoting yourself in your business?

August 29th, 2012 | no comments

I had to create a video for you whilst I was outside today  because I needed to share with you what’s been coming up for some of my clients in the last two weeks. It’s been incredibly healing to watch them release some deep seated pain to really get to the activities in their business that will make the biggest difference in allowing them to serve the people they were meant to serve and also love themselves through the process : )

Here’s the video! :  http://youtu.be/MipZMzo-tV4

What are you resisting?

If you’ve ever found yourself resisting promoting yourself or sending those emails, getting on the phone – this might be for you : ) xx

Much love

p.s. reach out and say hello if you’re experiencing something similar x Would love to hear from you.

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