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Rock Your Routines!

November 24th, 2016 | no comments

Routines! BAH! You say :  )

Being a creative Rebel knowing what I’m going to do ahead of time doesn’t always work for me. I’m someone who does need to follow a feeling .. but how do you just lead with feeling when there’s stuff that needs to get done ?

I’ve been reading a lot about rebels and how they can function when it’s really hard for them to follow other people’s expectations of them. On the other hand they also resist keeping inner expectations and self made rules.

When it comes to business, routines are things in the business that need to be done on a timely basis. There are some things that need to  be done daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly , annually.

When you’ve got routines set up and  you know what they are.. life gets easier to manage.

Here’s a sample of things that need to get done to have things run smoothly in the business:

  • Client service
  • Sales conversations
  • Content creation/marketing/engagement
  • Admin/financials/paperwork

You can experiment with what you call each of the activities that run on routines to suit you. For example if you find that you constantly put off doing paperwork because inside you don’t feel it’s not that important.. then you need to find a way to use language to change how you feel about doing paperwork. You can name it something completely different  : )

Language > drives meaning > which drives emotion > emotion determines what you can/can’t do.

The best explanation I’ve seen so far is Tony Robbins taking this business owner through a process to help her change the way she views paperwork.

If you want more depth about this concept of helping you keep agreements with yourself check out Tony Robbins clip here >>  Scroll to 50 minutes into the clip. I love how he links the six human needs to help you find a pathway to do things you know need to be done, but you might not like to do.

Let me know what you found most eye opening : ) Can’t wait to hear your thoughts xx

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