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How to create white space so that you can hear your own Spiritual Guidance

Where are you Settling? by Nadhira Razack

August 29th, 2013 | no comments

Being in Sydney was fascinating to see the stark difference between how we can tend to our personal lives versus how we tend to our businesses and our visions.



I’ve heard mentors talk about how you can often settle when you go to an event to be uplifted and then stay at a bed and breakfast down the road to “save some money”.


Not allowing yourself to be in the vibration that will truly allow you to feel supported and inspired.


When we were travelling to Sydney for my branding shoot and making a decision on where to stay I remember the whole accommodation experience being such a struggle.. it didn’t feel like there was Flow.


I remember having this insight to stay at The Shangri La for a night perhaps while we were here to gift ourselves the experience. Then my husband chimed in going “Maybe that’s a bit much, let’s just do that another time”.


With that comment, I allowed my logical mind to take over. “Yeah maybe that isn’t a good idea after all – we’re on one income right now.. we shouldn’t be doing anything this indulgent” and so I settled. I took on that sense of scarcity. We looked at different places on the internet. My one thing was being close to the water. I had stayed at Kirribilli when I attended some courses and thought that it might be nice to rent an apartment with a view so we had space with the baby etc. The short stay apartments didn’t have availability for the nights we were looking at.. so I settled on staying at a bed&breakfast that I had stayed at whilst studying life coaching and NLP etc and came to Sydney a few years ago.


I didn’t really look at the fact that shared bathrooms with a baby was not going to be very convenient!



We ended up getting to Sydney after 10pm.. the room assigned to us was on the 2nd floor and we had two flights of stairs to climb – it was an old style building so no elevators. I was tired from the plane ride, taking care of the home before we left (will write in another blog how I manifested a rat in my ceiling and how it affected my office space : ) – baby was crying for most of the flying time wlEmoticon-smile.png  My husband was tired and exhausted from carrying the bags up two flights of stairs and having to scout around looking for parking and having to walk back about 10 minutes. wlEmoticon-smile.png



In that moment I was up in this quaint room waiting for my husband to come back from parking, something shifted. I looked around the room, I looked at my baby.. and the tears started to well up. I could Not believe I was putting up with this. I looked into my baby’s beautiful big brown eyes and I saw Life. I saw Love.  He didn’t deserve to have a less than ideal first holiday.


My awareness shone so clearly- showing me the disconnect of where I allow myself to invest in myself in growth and development yet – in everyday indulgences like choosing a nice place to stay – I settled!


My baby was happy but he was just as tired as we were.. from not having a beautiful space to just chill… I hated having to go to the shared bathrooms down the hallway to fill up the kettle to heat up his food.  I did Not want to pass on any remnants of “Not enough” or scarcity to my baby.. it ended with me. I’m not passing the stories of a generation that told us lies about there not being enough or that something was “excessive”.



We slept at the bed&breakfast overnight.. grateful to have nice clean sheets and a warm place to stay.. I ironed my clothes in the guest laundry – there was no iron or ironing board in the room wlEmoticon-smile.png Went straight to reception and told them it wasn’t suitable for us anymore and booked into the Shangri La the next day. My husband had a turn of heart too.. he saw that we were settling and that we chose this place more from Fear than from Love.





Here’s the lesson…

For me personally when it has come to my business – I’ve invested thousands without thinking about it too much.. or going into my head. I got to see the stark difference of how I would try to do it ‘cheap’ when it came to my personal life.  I’d have hand- me downs in my closet, my office space had things that people donated to me when I was new to the country. I didn’t actively create my space and allow myself to have beautiful things.



Right now.. I’m changing some deep ingrained patterns of how I used to be.. to embrace this new part of me. Gifting myself new experiences.. – so when we stayed at the Shangri La – we paid for Valet Parking instead of having to have the hassle of finding a car park in the busy streets of Sydney.  The old me would have gone “Gosh that’s excessive! An extra $58 for valet parking!”  I allowed myself to order off a menu without looking at the prices and instead just going with what I felt like I really wanted to enjoy eating. I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I was still doing that.. but Hey..  if it helps you to become conscious of patterns that you are playing out right now – then I’m okay with sharing it  wlEmoticon-smile.png


Soo, I would love to hear comments on where you’ve been settling in your life..and what you’re doing to change it wlEmoticon-smile.png.

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