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How to create white space so that you can hear your own Spiritual Guidance

The Best Way to Create Content by Nadhira Razack

August 19th, 2016 | no comments


Ever sat down to write that blog or create content for your audience and experienced writers block?

Me too!

Just like these string of beads, getting your writing out is a multi step process, I have found that it takes about 5 steps.

Just like these string of beads, getting your writing out is a multi step process

Just like these string of beads, getting your writing out is a multi step process

In order to Write Content:

 You need to be reading/listening/ taking in Inspiration 

This is Part 1.

Pay attention to what you gravitate towards. I would usually just intuitively be guided to read something or a podcast title will catch my eye and I’d just play it.

I have found that my mornings are where I do this when I wake up before the rest of the household.

 Then there’s Part 2 of 5 :That’s where it’s white space for me.  Just thinking time.. where those ideas collide with my own perceptions, filters and my beingness.  For me I noticed my biggest insights come when I am moving my body, just engaged in being.. doing life.. like “having my fingers in soapy water doing the dishes.. or out with the kids on the grass.. the matching of ideas and insights come when I am not forcing it… “

Which means I might have a few days in between consuming.. and then white space.

and then Part 3 of 5 – The creation piece. This is where you engage in the action of writing the piece of content or recording the video or audio that you want to share with your audience.

Here’s where I used to get hung up:

My mistake used to be expecting all of these steps to come out at once and then of course I experienced writers block! Understanding  my own creative process has given me so much freedom to just be me and kind to myself too. I learn that I need a lot of time to marinade : ) and that’s my own creative process.

When I wasn’t aware of my process, I would wake up early thinking some magical piece of content will just flow through me; not understanding that there were these sub parts that had to happen too. On the odd occasion I would just be in the flow and something would just come through..but I wasn’t consciously aware that there were these other steps that preceded it on the days that I was in the flow. Make sense?

When you link up these steps together like a string of beads.. you can then complete the loop.

  • Part 4 of 5 : Then comes the habit of doing these 3 steps consistently.

For me, the habit of waking up early is the underlying habit that even allows me to do this. Or doing the thing that triggers the habit.. like making sure my feet hit the floor when my alarm goes off.. instead of thinking I can shut my eyes for 5 more minutes.. because I know what happens then.. it hits 6am and my whole household is awake!

Then what do you need to Write? What preparation steps need to take place in order for you to be ready to be in Creation ? That’s Part 5 of 5

For me it’s definitely early mornings. As a momma of 2 little ones, my oldest is 3 1/2 and my little one just turned 1.  I am in response mode to them as soon as they wake up.. so waking up early is the only way I have carved out time for me to just be in Part 1 (just beingness.. listening to whatever I want, reading, journaling.. or just enjoying my coffee and company with myself.. enjoying the silence. Or I will just put Pandora on and have that in the background.

My morning prayers are also happening in these early hours..

So what needs to happen the night before so I can wake up early? I need to be in bed by 9:30pm! Most times my body is naturally ready to wake up at this time so I tend to wake up before my alarm goes off.

And sometimes folks,, I am not doing anything “creative” except really enjoying having a shower or washing my hair without the kids waltzing into the bathroom : ) And water is a really sensual element anyway so I get some really good ideas in the shower : ) Or people I need to connect with.. they come to me.. when I am not trying or forcing : )

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