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How to do what you love – Lolita Taub interviews Nadhira on The F- Show

July 9th, 2015 | no comments

Being a mum of a 2 ½ year old and one on the way as I write this on my due date of my second : )  I’m super grateful that I get to create the kind of space in my day that I wish to have, dial up my business up or down based on what I need and serve the people I know in my heart I was put here to serve.

Lolita Taub – Creator of the F-Show interviewed me on how I got to be doing what I’m doing and picked my brain on how I made the switch from working for someone else to creating and serving in my own business via entrepreneurship.

Click here for the interview which is live from July 8th 11:30am PST, July 9th 2015 – Australia. It’s under 10 minutes and you’ll learn:

  • Who I thought I wanted to be growing  up in school and then in uni ; ) (we all have those don’t we?)
  • My “temp” role that sparked my entrepreneurial journey
  • The secret ingredient in what it takes to have a business that works  – it’s so simple we miss it!
  • Specifically how I serve my clients through my lens of how I see sales and value and service

Lolita is petite and packs a punch! She travelled with her husband to 5 continents and interviewed 80+ female millennial entrepreneurs across 20 countries. I was in awe of this woman when I met her. Get connected to Lolita and what she’s up to in the world. This is a girl who’s asked the right questions in life and asked herself “who is my tribe?”and then just gone all in to serving them.  You can tell her work comes from a deep desire to serve up and coming entrepreneurs who do want to have it all. The dedication that it takes to put something like this together from world travel, coordinating and finding the right people to interview in each country and totally trusting the process is something that really resonates with me.

I also find myself fascinated that my interview is airing on the due date of my second baby and that when we met in Oct 2014 at the beginning of Lolita’s world tour starting in Australia.. I didn’t even know I was pregnant with my second : ) Seeing the unfolding of these interviews from around the world taking those 9 months is also testimony that when you do what you love, there’s a birthing involved and I’m so excited to share Lolita’s F-show birthing in the world too today on my blog xx

Catch my interview with Lolita here

You’ll also get to see other interviews coming up at this link: http://youtube.com/thefshow

I love nothing more than hearing Stories of how other women got to be doing what they’re doing. You hear the back story in a different way than if you were reading someone’s bio. Enjoy!



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