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The Missing Ingredient “After you clarify what you want”

October 10th, 2019 | no comments

I did my last FB LIVE about the key to crafting a career you love if you’re a mom of young kids.. or anyone for what matter 🙂

Here’s what I noticed.. #1 It’s really hard to know what you want inside of a vacuum.. you really need to start talking it out, use your voice.

Listen to how your vision feels when it comes out of your mouth.. And to do this.. you need a sounding board. You can’t do this alone. The process isn’t as powerful.

You didn’t come here to be a hermit.. You came to this earth to be surrounded by a supportive community. Funnily enough, we’re connected to our phones,

But you’re not connecting with people!

I’m offering to be in your corner and be the person who gets to listen to that vision of yours and refine it.

Without clarifying your vision, you won’t even notice opportunities sitting right under your nose!

Let’s do this!

Email me at nadhira at consciouswomaninbusiness dot com, or comment YES and we’ll set up a time to connect Insha Allah. (The sound is a little choppy at one point in this Live..but it corrects itself after that..)

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