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The Truth about Sufficiency and “Enough”

April 15th, 2015 | no comments

You know I was reflecting on this and communing with God, asking what needed to be said right now and it was really about sharing that we need to start with a knowing of what our Enough looks like.

This means.. being so clear about what your personal monthly expenses are. Your business monthly expenses..  and knowing that number off the tip of your tongue can be so freeing.

Contentment.. what does it feel like to you?

Contentment.. what does it feel like to you?

Here’s what my Enough looks like right now:

  • A clean decluttered space
  • Nourishing food to eat
  • Moments in my day when I get to witness the beauty of life unfolding around me.. like how Aqeel can be pottering around playing and I get to observe him and enjoy the musicality of his voice and tone.. the hugs!
  • Working with exactly the right people where I know we’re doing great work that’s shifting and healing the planet and our consciousness..
  • The space and time to commune with God and be thankful for everything that’s unfolding even if I can’t see Exactly what it looks like.. but just leaning and feeling it out each day and taking guided action..


My tips for getting to your Enough:

1. Get a spreadsheet out and list your rent/mortgage, utilities, groceries, car payments  / transport, insurances, any credit card or loan payments, childcare costs, haircuts, health/gym memberships and get a monthly figure and your annual figure.

Do the same with your business expenses, whether that’s coaching fees, memberships to associations, marketing costs, website hosting and maintenance.

List everything you spend money on.

2.You’ll then add to that any desires you have for the year, so if that’s travel, then add the airfares and accommodation and spending money you want to have on your holiday. If you want a new couch or you want to renovate your kitchen, or save for a special event or a deposit add that to the desires pot.

Get a total figure there.

Do the same for your business: if you want to hire support or get your photos done. Find out what that would cost and write it in your desires figure.

3.Add your needs number + your desires to get a total annual figure. This will ground everything for you.

When you look at that number don’t be afraid. You’ll start to see possibilities of how this could come in later. First you need to just have some clarity about what’s right in front of you and also what you’re desiring in the year to come.


You might find a couple of things happen when you sit in front of these numbers. Either a feeling of excitement to know that you  have clarity now that you have a number to aim for.

Or a feeling of overwhelm.. like it seems a crazy figure to you and you don’t know how you will ever hit it when you add your desires number in.

Or a feeling of “that’s not enough”,  “I need more!”  I really want you to be the silent observer and just witness what comes up for you. No judging it as good or bad , positive or negative. It’s just witnessing.

I remember my first Private Day with my coach and I had to declare the number that I wanted to create.. and I did.. and very soon after that my ego came in and started to judge it and say.. “that’s not enough”! It felt like an internal bully that said ‘no matter how much you earn it will never be enough..’

My question to you is: How much is your Enough? What’s that figure that’s going to give you that feeling of Contentment where you know All is Well?

It’s been four years since that day now.. and I know.. that in my system my feeling of Enough and that feeling of ease and sufficiency has clicked in.

That’s my wish for you.
Let me know in the comments what questions this brings up for you. What does your “Enough” look like?


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