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There’s Potential and then there’s Results – what to do when Potential doesn’t translate to results – by Nadhira Razack

May 15th, 2015 | no comments


Ever wonder why you may have great ‘potential’.. but for some reason it doesn’t translate into results in your business?

Here’s what I see with a lot of entrepreneurs with potential – yet they’re not seeing results on the outside.. like the clients and the money and the fulfilment.


Don’t beat yourself up – many people have the same problem especially when you’re making tracks in your gifts and bringing your full self to the table.

I know I did! I remember having completed a training to become a mentor in Universal Intelligence.. where I can tune into energy if I wanted to.. and I was being offered the opportunity to make a nice “side” income as a mentor of this company..

Note this happened exactly at the time I had decided I was going to take my business seriously and charge for my services in a way that felt good.

When it hit me that I was in fact ‘cheap labour’ and the energy exchange didn’t feel right,  I chose to get on the phone and let the company know I couldn’t follow through. I did get some fireworks at the other end of the phone.. and I knew I upset someone.. and whilst it was uncomfortable at the time.. it was the best thing I  did because the energy it freed up for me .. allowed me to Focus! And Focus my folks is the key to allowing things to come into your life at lightning speed.

Here’s where things start to break down:

It can look like : someone asking you to come work for them just as you’re about to uplevel and bring in clients of your own.

On the outside it might seem like the perfect ‘opportunity’

You’ll even convince yourself it’s a good decision by telling yourself:

  • Yeah I will get exposure to these people who might want to hire me later
  • I will get referrals
  • There’s the promise of payment etc..

And yet if you really look at it.. you’re working for free or almost nothing. The opportunity is really going to take up a lot of your time..

And the worst thing is.. you lose your Focus on what you’re creating and bringing about.

When you come to sit with  your own creations.. you wonder why there’s no Fire underneath..

Well my dear.. your energy is scattered!

The good news is you Can do something about it: )

Be like a detective and sniff out any projects you’re working on that you are holding onto as a back-up or back door to your own dream.


It’s a case of being like a detective and sniffing out any projects you’re working on that you are holding onto ..thinking “yes this will get me to where I want to go”  but asking yourself some clear cut questions as to the real motivation behind picking these projects:


  1.  Write out the project that’s holding energy for you.. where you might be working with someone else.. or you’ve done a course and now those mentors are asking you to make calls for them and practice your skills..
  2.  Ask yourself “is this taking me towards or away from my burning desire”
  3.  Is the energy I am gifting here being reciprocated. Is this a fair exchange?

If the answer is No.. then do yourself a favour and speak up and let it go.

You might upset people or make them mad..

It will be so worth it though because your freedom is on the other side.



You doing the work that God put you on the planet to do.. is way more important than you  having to bend forwards and backwards trying to please people or worry about how you would be perceived.

The key here is to say something if someone you admire/respect is getting you to do something that feels “off” to you or you feel like a boundary is being crossed.

Remember that if something is misaligned for you.. no matter how much ‘work’ or energy you put in.. the result will not have the same kind of fulfilment that aligned desires can have for you.

The difference is – one is rooted in Fear. The aligned desire is rooted in Truth and Love.. and where Truth and Love exist.. you are bound to be supported by the Infinite and all life.


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Much Love


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