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Saying YES even if you don’t know how it will turn out

March 13th, 2013 | no comments

Saying YES even if you don’t know how it will turn out
Nadhira Razack
You know what really bugs me? Seeing individuals waste time going back and fourth ‘trying’ to figure out how something is going to turn out before they step into it and say Yes.
I’ll tell you why. It’s really difficult to figure out how things are going to pan out when you’re standing at the starting block analysing every move from that point. Why? Because your awareness changes as you reach each stepping stone along the way. Saying Yes and getting started , gets you in movement, and when you move, you gain more awareness and that awareness helps you navigate your next step and the next one after that.
Sponsoring this event in Creswick and deciding to choose to be a Platinum sponsor meant that I was saying YES to being visible in a big way and showing up for my tribe. It meant that I had to invest at a level of sponsorship that is in alignment with where I’m headed in terms of revenue – (planning and decision making based on the future).
Often I see entrepreneurs stuck in making decisions because they’re trying to figure out how it’s all going to pan out before stepping in and saying YES. This can really slow down their ability to grow and quite frankly is painful! “When you’re not growing you’re dying” – I hated hearing this from my mentors.. and I finally get it. It is a Universal Law.. If something in nature is not carrying out its purpose and is not doing what it’s meant to be doing.. nature takes its course and removes that thing from the environment. It will decay.
You can’t really stay still.. you’re either moving forward or you’re going backwards. So what are you doing to keep moving forward? If an opportunity shows up and it will take you closer to your vision, what will it mean for your life if you just said Yes, by trusting your gut?
I’ve done this countless times! Sponsoring this event was a great example.. all I knew was one thing.. I wanted to Do it when I saw the opportunity last year. I signed up not knowing exactly how I was going to pay for it.. but saying Yes anyway and made a deposit.
What’s shown up for me since has been so amazing! Little did I know that I was going to be rebranding..when I was pregnant with my little boy : ) So Now.. I get to show up at the event with my new brand.. ready for the drum roll?? Trust Your Gut – Sales & Marketing.
I invested in getting a new banner done for this newsletter even when I didn’t know what my new business name was going to be. I just knew I needed a new look to reflect my Truth. I said Yes to that.
I said Yes to joining a mastermind group in September last year to step into my role as a Thought Leader and all I knew when the opportunity showed up was that it was a YES.. I didn’t know how it was going to go. As a result of particpating in it.. I’m being introduced to new opportunities to be featured in a Telesummit on Truth which will give me the opportunity to reach more of my tribe.. you will receive details shortly. : )
Could I have even imagined that this would come about when I first said Yes?  I couldn’t have. I didn’t need to know the details.. I just needed to know it was a Yes. The details work themselves out.
If you need help making decisions.. then speak to me ! xx I love supporting my peeps make decisions that are in alignment with where they’re headed..

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