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How to create white space so that you can hear your own Spiritual Guidance

What do you do when you suddenly find yourself off balance?

February 11th, 2016 | no comments

When life throws you a curve ball what is your default response pattern?

Do you just vent? Panic? Complain? Do you get snappy with the people closest to you?

A mouse in the house!

I remember calling my sister when I found out a little field mouse had gotten in our house and I was hyperventilating. My hubby had to get to work and I was in the home with the kids and I wanted to run. I didn’t feel safe.


I didn’t want to see the little guy.. I was tippy toeing in my own home and not feeling at home in a space that’s supposed to feel tranquil and alive and spacious. My things were caving on me because I wouldn’t want to put the kids toys away in the corner thinking I would get sprung on or I might see the mouse ..

He wouldn’t get caught to the mouse trap.. and I kept handing it over to God asking Him to please relieve us of this visitor and that I would learn whatever lesson I needed to learn..

The PLUS ++

I developed new habits.. wiping down every single dish and putting it away without leaving it in the dish rack overnight.. having a squeaky clean kitchen bench .. leaving cotton balls dabbed in peppermint oil.

My situation turned around when I applied the Principles I teach to getting clients in.. to this situation with the mouse.

I was communing with God and realised..

You know what.. I don’t Need the Universe to get rid of the mouse to be happy,  I certainly would really desire to have this little guy out.

What would I do if it weren’t in my home? Who would I be?

My soul whispered:

  • Well… I would go about tidying like I usually do. I would put things away like I usually do..
  • I would just be content and think happy thoughts and enjoy the kids and our home instead of obsessing about what wasn’t working.

I really desired to have this little guy Out..  and it’s the same with our businesses right?

We can really desire to create programmes we Love and work with our ideal clients… but we don’t Need them to be happy and make all our problems go away.

You can apply this to  your romantic life too yes? With Valentines Day around the corner : )

We don’t NEED our partners to fill some void in us.. we don’t Need them to be happy.. but we can certainly have Desires about what we want to have and feel in our relationship.

Subtle shift in perspective : ) Game changer! Read the above again xx

Once this sinks in.. and you really Get it..  you go about your business.. being the person you want to be in the moment and taking the action that gets you closer to the outcome.

This usually results in you actually getting your outcome by the way ; ) and we can be so content and excited whilst we are waiting x

A side note:

I realised this whole change in state.. this stress in my life.. caused me to let go of things that I knew always worked for me..

I just began to apply myself again to what worked.. which was my morning routine and rituals : my prayers.

Somehow my prayers started to slip and I wasn’t making time for them and showing up for them.. and piece by piece my life got out of whack.

So my question to you is what is your non negotiable that when you forget to do it or you don’t keep to your commitment , everything else starts to come apart?

Let me know in the comments !

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