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What my 3 year old taught me about handling sales objections

September 16th, 2015 | no comments
What can a 3 year old teach you about handling sales objections? This is my son who dressed himself for pre school, i just noticed he's holding play money in his hands : ) How appropriate since we're talking about sales : )

What can a 3 year old teach you about handling sales objections? This is my son who dressed himself for pre school


“Nooo I don’t want to go to bed”, “Noo I don’t want to go to school” – are just some of the phrases I hear on any given day by my almost 3 year old who’s dealing with transition into being a big brother, plus generally just being a kid.

I was so thrilled to finally stumble on some great parenting resources and I was struck by how the conversation between parent and child and the dynamic underneath it is so similar to sales and sales objections.

If you’re a parent and you remember how hard it can be sometimes to get your kids to do what you want them to do.. like going to bed on time, or getting in the car so you will be on time to school – we’re always wanting them to do something.. and as the parent we’d love for them to comply without too much of a fuss because it keeps us in control and keeps the peace right?

It reminded me that even in a sales conversation , the person providing the service would love to be more in control, would love to get a yes as opposed to dealing with objections.. yet dealing with objections is an important skill to learn and have in your toolkit because not every single person you talk to is a straight yes. I almost love it when someone goes through an internal process where they deal with their inner demons before they allow their higher selves to guide what’s truly right for them.

Here’s a scenario for you: Kid says “Noo I dont want to go to bed now”. As the parent if you start yelling at them, that they “have to” or think to yourself “not again”, the child feels that panic – they think it’s an emergency!

It’s natural for you to think thoughts like “Oh gosh if I don’t get this kid to bed now I’m not going to be able to get to that report I planned on working on” or “How am I going to wake up early for tomorrow’s meeting out of town?”

If you react and blurt out something from this energy space, you’re most likely going to both end up acting like kids!

The trick is to diffuse the state of emergency that the child is feeling – I got this parenting trick thanks to Dr Laura Markham of Aha Parenting.

NOTE:  you can totally do this on a sales call. How do you do this?

As soon as someone throws up an objection like “It’s expensive”   , you might have in the past had a situation where if a prospective client said that , you almost always lost the sale, you didn’t “get” the client.  All this wounding and bad experiences might start to create a somatic response and in your body you’re going to be feeling some sort of discomfort, whether it’s a pit in your stomach or your throat constricting. Just notice these things.. just pay attention and notice the messages your body is giving you.. there’s just emotions  behind all that.

Here’s what you do next time someone throws an objection at you:

  1. Self regulate: Stop , drop and breathe so you’re coming from a place of peace within yourself instead of an automatic reaction.
  2. NOTICE: Bring awareness to yourself and how Your Body is feeling. eg. “I have a sinking feeling in my chest”, “My throat’s drying out” [You might have a default pattern of trying to justify your pricing. Don’t do that.] Instead, notice the feelings in your body.. and from that place of awareness remember this call is all about relating to another human being and their concerns too.
  3. Change your tone of voice.. and almost repeat or name what the kid / prospective client is saying. See examples below:

“You really don’t want to go to bed do you?”  it’s soft, it’s calm.. it’s soothing. It validates the kid. It shows the kid, mommy is listening, mommy is really concerned about what I have to say too.

In a client scenario … You will just repeat “It’s expensive” in a different tone of voice.. just validating what the person said.

By doing the above, you diffuse the situation. You diffuse the storm. The kid no longer thinks it’s an emergency… he or she can relax. They get something better than late bed time, they get connection with mommy and daddy.

If we relate that to the next time you are in a service conversation and a potential client says.. “Gee.. that’s expensive” when you name your investment.. Remember to be like that loving parent who doesn’t go into panic mode and just stop drop and breathe and reconnect.

Usually once you validate what the client just said.. you open up the space for your prospective client to share more with you about what they are processing ..and usually that’s enough for their own higher self to guide the decision making process instead of a flared up ego or a scared inner child.. You don’t want your client making a decision to work with you from that space anyway. You want a conscious adult who’s connected to their intuition and inner knowing to make that choice..because when that happens you both win and it’s a blissful graceful client relationship.

Let me know your thoughts and comments and how your body responds to an objection : ) It’s interesting stuff!

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