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When is it the right time to invest in your website? by Nadhira Razack

February 23rd, 2014 | no comments

Wow, the first blog post in my new online home “Conscious Woman in Business“.

So proud of it. Little did I know that I would be going through a rebrand Again! I had just changed my business name from Comfy Sales to Trust Your Gut at the beginning of 2013 and now another year rolls by and I’d already outgrown it. This business name and look and feel is so me. I feel really at home.

It’s a funny thing isn’t it, in business? It’s like a wardrobe edit when you’re going through significant transformation – you get rid of everything that isn’t aligned with the new you and start to buy pieces that are a better fit. I went on a Branding retreat with my mastermind group in Minneapolis in June 2013 and this new look, with the photos and the website was a result of a decision I made there to uplevel my brand. Investing in getting my branding photos and the new design of my site and a writer who found my golden thread through my story was a 10k investment altogether. The experience stretched me in many ways and below are some of the lessons I have to share with you:

The one thing I see happening with a lot of entrepreneurs when they are at the start of their journey is thinking they Have to have a great looking website before they can get clients.  My thoughts are below.

1) If you’re just starting out and you haven’t worked with many clients yet, investing heavily in design and branding might not be the smartest place to invest. I got away with a home made wordpress site and a little help from my tech husband and a low cost banner designed in India for the most part. Dont’ get me wrong – having a nice site does help with your confidence and you won’t suffer as much from website shame. What bothers me is when women in business solely focus on their website as a project and forget the day to day activities they need to do to bring clients in.

When I started in business, I didn’t allow the look of my site to stop me from having high end clients and group programmes which were a $10k investment and $24k investment to work with me. In fact I’d signed up clients before I even had a website or business cards.

What allowed me to charge for my services? It was a belief in what I did and becoming the person I needed to become in order to coach and mentor my clients that way and have sales conversations to allow someone to step into their deepest transformation.

I found that my message and the knowledge of my brand only got clear through working with clients 1:1 and having conversations with potential clients about what their struggles were and what their visions were. I gained deep insight about who my ideal client was and was Not ,through having conversations and actually being in the ring.

2) Invest in learning how to sell before you take on a big website makeover

You can get clients by direct marketing like going to networking events, sponsoring an event, meeting people 1:1 or speaking to a small group of people.

Knowing what to say when someone asks “so what do you do?” is another key skill to have under your belt.

Having a follow up system so you can choose to have a phone call with the person you just met to find out if they’re a fit for your services

This is the fastest way to get clients.

Usually the people who are ready to buy from you are right underneath your nose. That was exactly the case this month for my VIP client Susan. We had a VIP day together and she stepped into creating her very own high end package. She used to charge $85 upwards on a sliding scale for sessions. When we got crystal clear on what she actually facilitated for her ideal client, she also realised her clients were right under her nose : ) This happens All the time!

We had our day together on a Wednesday, I taught her in 45 minutes how to hold someone in a service conversation on Saturday. She had a sales conversation with a lady the following Saturday and boom, her first high end client at $3000/= on her first sales conversation. Needless to say Susan has a new reverence for her own work and healing ability. What’s more important is the person she’s needed to become on the way – that’s what makes my heart sing. I just know it’s my gift to help healers and creatives like Susan..and now I pass that knowing onto her and the circle goes on.

If you are a healer or coach in the transformation space and you know you want to add high end packages to your offerings, contact me to speak with me about the work that could do together.  You can complete the application form here and I’ll be in touch.


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